10 Best And Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Fast

How can you make money fast? In this article we have compiled the 20 best ways for you and subdivided 10 online and the top 10 off-line options to the Top. Say ways to make money via the Internet and opportunities that can make money even without an Internet quickly. The individual possibilities we have put in addition a special ranking: Scaling beginning with “1 – make money for everyone and without any special knowledge” to “10 – Knowledge recommended”.

Top 10: fast money online

1. Paid Online Surveys

With paid online surveys can be used in a particularly short time to earn good money. Here the whole is also extremely simple: anyone can sign up easily and without obligation to market research institutes, and then if he wants to participate in the surveys and earning money immediately. And that’s the beauty of it. Never before has making money so easy.

Another extremely interesting and underrated by far way to really to make money fast, is as follows: With the right musical talent, you can en masse put people into enthusiasm. For this you should choose a corner, which is visited by many passers-by. Play something on your favorite instrument, sing to playback music or show a special feat. The more interesting you are to other people, the more attention you draw to yourself and can thereby earn a lot of money!What can you earn?

Of course you can not get rich with online surveys. That would be very strange, after all, it is when answering questions about a very simple activity. However, in some polls even up to 15 Euros in it.

Quick Money With market research surveys

  • Making Money  with Online Surveys
    The market research industry is a booming
    market and is constantly looking for new participants for  online surveys.
What to know

Win money on the internet

Too good to be true: The dream of the big prize tempted every day thousands of people to spend their money or to pass on private data to dubious enterprises. When it comes to winning money you should always keep your eyes open for black sheep – but there are also secure and free competitions.

The dream of a fast buck – Caution!

Who does not dream of easy money? A win in the lottery, and the concerns would be passé. But so easy it is not. Many companies know that the dream of fast money attracts many people and can be careless. They develop stitches, with which they can draw the money out of his pocket the unsuspecting victims. It emerged Lotteries and Casinos. Daily, millions of people give their money there and addicted to gambling that drives slowly but surely into financial ruin.

Free cash sweepstakes

If you want to win money does not always have to spend money! There are also plenty of competitions, where you can participate for free. It is important however that you can not participate in an unscrupulous lottery. Very often hidden behind the winning tender traps. The tender itself is often found not even take place – a real profit there is not even. But such an attractant is enough to run hundreds or thousands of people up the garden path and to elicit valuable private data – for example, e-mail addresses.

Reputable money sweepstakes for free: Here’s How!

There are not only black sheep. Some companies actually offer sweepstakes without a stitch at rogue. Often this is done in connection with the marketing of the company. To win example of notoriety, a company can organize small contests.

Such contests talk spread quickly and are also always good for an appearance at Facebook and Co! There you will find, moreover, particularly frequent smaller free sweepstakes. Check out nevertheless simply times carefully to! Here are some portals that free samples and contests Offer

2. Clothing and sell items online

This possibility is remarkably simple. However, you have to separate this from a few items out of your possession. But often this is not so wrong. Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? If you have jewelry, the only gathering dust on you? Or lie on your attic old technical devices that you have replaced with newer?

  • eBay

By far the most popular online market and moreover, the largest online auction site in the world! Here you have particularly good ways of getting rid of your old stuff. You can adjust your products with pictures and be in this offer or also set a fixed price, can buy your items for those interested. A highly recommended way to really quickly to make money quickly and safely. For more information on eBay …

  • momox

On momox.de You can also sell your used things. Unlike eBay, however, you do not sell to the end user, but to the company itself momox. You will receive per item also has a specific fixed price, which is determined by the item category. Similarly, it also makes rebuy.de the platform.

  • money gold

On moneygold.de you can sell your used jewelry. Which specializes in jewelry company always provides you a current price for your private treasures, congruent to the material price.

3. Site tests and Usability

When a developer brings new sites or programs on the market, then he needs to make sure that the buyer also easily possible rightly finds. This is known as “Usability”. That makes a developer as follows: He chooses subjects that are to test his website or his program. This is followed by a survey. How has rightly found in the menu? As one liked the interface design? The subjects are frequently observed by the developers via the Internet. In addition, the tester tells his thoughts. To learn more about usability testing …

What can you earn?

Frequently you will be instructed by the company to participate in a test. The important thing is always that one belongs to the right audience. In this case, you earn about 35 euros per hour. If we make the test of an appropriate provider on the Internet, you earn about 20 euros per order.

4. earn quick money as a copywriter

Where actually get all the texts from the Web from? Each text or article that one finds on the Internet, has been finally drawn up once. For this purpose there are usually so-called copywriters who write regularly texts. Namely, on behalf of certain persons who need it for their website. Who has always liked to write passionately, for this variant could be a particularly interesting opportunity for making money.

How to get a job as a copywriter?

You can write texts interesting and informative and are a veritable Search Genius? Then you just have to many clients out there to prove that you can compete with the competition. Portals, on which the contracting authority only so frolic, there are many. With a little research you can find on Google and to sign up in a few steps. Then it’s all about, to get a job.

What can you earn?

It is extremely varied: Depending on how good and popular are the own lyrics, you can also adjust his fee. Usual are often statements that relate to the number of words of text for a copywriter. Pro word one earns about 2-6 cents, in an article of 500 words that would be 10-30 euro.

Shooting location Rental - Earn money with your flat as a film location Money

5. Apartments and Rooms rent

They have a free place to stay or are away from home, even for a certain period? Then you can do this the best use in order to look for the time a lodger. The portals and Airbnb.de wimdo.de make it possible. The whole thing is simple, safe and above all extremely lucrative!

How does the rent exactly?

First sign up in a few easy steps on the corresponding website. You then take pictures of the property you want to rent this place, and shall set a time and a price. Then notify the interested parties of their own accord, and you decide who is allowed to spend the night with you.

What can you earn?

Depending on how big the rented space is how luxurious the apartment is and at what location the property is located, you can earn approximately between 15 and 100 Euro per night.

6. Earn money with your own Print Designs

If you are creative and the designer once was your dream job, then perhaps is the right way for you to earn money quickly: Spreadshirt.de example, it allows users to build a shop in shop. Free and without obligation. Many websites allows to design its members imprints for clothes to offer upload them and other members to buy. If a member chooses to print your design, then you will get a hefty payment.

7. build own online shop

Now it is already a little more complicated: But nothing should be too complicated for you, if you want to make money. And generally, the more complicated things and the things that bring a end up spending more. Even with its own online store, you can earn good money fast. A shop builds up in the blink of an eye. This is easy with a so-called website builder. The only thing that really matters therefore, the products that you want to sell are.

By the way, here is a series of very helpful tips that will walk you through different techniques on how to create an online store.

Creativity is in demand

Many people have always had the idea for a particular product, tinker or develop products, but do not know how you can offer it for sale. Here is the solution. To build online stores is very simple. And the corresponding Guides and instructions abound on the Internet.

8. build own website and sell advertising

Another way to quickly make money, is to build your own website. This is now just as easy as a separate Online Shop. Once you have realized set up a website that is regularly visited by many visitors, you can really easily advertise other companies turn. Prospects who really pay good money, there is currently a dime a dozen!

Here too creativity and ingenuity in demand

The key is to get as many visitors. So you should ask yourself, with any subject you can get visitors. The more visitors and more current the topic, the more money you can usually get by placing advertising on your site. This is called “affiliate marketing”.

9. Web designers and designers

Also known as the Web designer can earn good money. However, these are already to make money on an extremely high level. Without the knowledge, it is practically impossible to make money in this area. The web designer must eventually create websites and maintain them well. He is responsible for the organization, for the creation and for the user guide. A precondition for this is the mastery of different programming languages.

How to Start a T-Shirt Business: Make and Sell T-Shirts Online

What can you earn?

An extremely sophisticated way to make money – but who knows about the subject, which can earn extremely well. Even as young professionals you earn more than 30,000 euros per year

Make Money as a programmer

10 programmers and software developers

As programmers and software developers to work on the creation of software, ie programs for computers with. It can take several roles:

  • A software architect designs the structure of a program
  • A programmer is limited to the implementation of the software
  • A system tester checks the developed system on functionality and usability

To learn more about how you can earn money as a programmer …

What can you earn?

Extremely high requirements, but also very good earning opportunities: professionals earn quite 40,000 euros or more per year.

Top 10: Offline earn money fast

Sale 1. hair

Healthy, non-colored and long hair is worth more than you can possibly imagine: Not all people can look forward to a lush growth of hair, but really want to give up a considerable head of hair hardly anyone. Especially wealthy people are willing to spend a lot of money for a corresponding hairstyle. Extensions are special hair extensions, which can be bought for a lot of money, but also they must come from somewhere …

Where do you find buyers for your hair?

The companies that are specializing in hair purchase, you can either on the internet or look in the yellow pages, often it is also helpful to ask wig shops.

What can you earn?

For one centimeter length hair you can get between 50 cents and 10 euros. This all depends on which company you inquire and how your hair quality.

2. donate blood and plasma

Do good and thus make money fast? Absolutely possible with this opportunity! You can do this either to donate blood, or even to decide plasma donations:

Blood Donation

When blood donation an approximately 500ml of blood are taken. The blood is then made ​​available to people, which are essential to it. Every year you can donate blood approximately four to six times. This could be a nice extra income. When allowance is obtained 20-25 euros per donation.

Plasma donation

The plasma donation is taken by a special process only the blood plasma, which is virtually the liquid of blood. This allows a donor to donate up to 50 times per year. Here you get per donation 15-18 euros.

3. Quick earn money as an extra in films and television series

This way of making money is particularly interesting: In each film and each consignment persons are needed, the complete image to the actors around with life. Man sitting in the background, for example, in the café, running past the camera, etc.

How to get a job as an extra?

Special agencies take the so-called extras on to your index and convey this. So you have to just sign up, and you’ve mediated. Especially nice about this job is that everyone really can be used as an extra. Finally, the people must be as unique and diverse in the film as the motley life itself.

What can you earn?

As an extra you can earn per day of shooting up to 60 euros. In addition it is likely that any surcharges for night shoots or overtime.

4. Paid Surveys in Studios

Surveys can be carried out not only the Internet but also in specially designated Studios. At these premises here several participants are usually asked about a specific topic and led by a moderator. A survey or group discussions take just about one or two hours.

What can you earn?

The surveys are generally remunerated depending on the time spent. Here you can already get for an hour around 30 euros, which is earned money of course particularly quickly. There is also the money often even paid in cash!

Garden Job

5. Neighborhood Help

Mowing the lawn, take care of the pets, tutoring, budgetary and Shopping Help … This way is extremely diverse and a particularly good thing to come quickly to cash, because the aid is basically needed everywhere.

What can you earn?

Typically one expects from an hourly wage. Conceivable are wages 5-10 euros per hour. Depending on what service you offer to your neighbor.

6. Flea Market and Second Hand

Objects and clothes that you no longer use, you can not only sell online course, but also at the flea market or in thrift shops. You can also get good money usually. At the same time you even your old stuff to get rid of it. An optimal exchange so!

7. earn money as Family

For clinical trials to get a lot of money! This is not least because there is a risk – albeit low. For medical progress it is necessary that the products at the long end are also compatible for people and work. After numerous tests and experiments, and once the compatibility with human thing is, at least theoretically, should genuine volunteers test the product within a study.

What can you earn?

For a study to test usually over a period of several months, receives also depends on the extent of several hundred to several thousand euros.

8. Test products and earn money

Also known as homework possible: As product tester you will get from certain product providers devices or other products delivered to the house and to then use and test within a certain period these. Then you write a small report or answer some questions that will give you the manufacturer provides the product.

Where can I sign up as a product tester?

As a beginner you should look first of all to portals that enable an appropriate participation in product testing. Usually it starts with the fact that you create a profile and specify which products you are interested. Become then chosen for a particular product, you will be informed accordingly. In addition, there is also the opportunity to apply for a product review.

9. Very fast money with Uber

Uber is a smartphone app which you can easily install on their smartphones for free. Use the app to different people as you can find the driver in the broadest sense to use as a taxi. In this way, you can really make good money quickly added. Assuming you have a car and a phone.

What can you earn?

The fare is calculated automatically. For each city there is a certain base price. Then there is a surcharge per kilometer and per minute journey time. Uber receives as an intermediary 20 percent of revenue, the rest – all 80 per cent – is definitely for you.

10 musical and artistic talents

Another extremely interesting and underrated by far way to really to make money fast, is as follows: With the right musical talent, you can en masse put people into enthusiasm. For this you should choose a corner, which is visited by many passers-by. Play something on your favorite instrument, sing to playback music or show a special feat. The more interesting you are to other people, the more attention you draw to yourself and can thereby earn a lot of money



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