10 Easy Ways to Make Money On Your Blog


Everyone loves blogging today because it is much profitable! Still some people fail to make money on their blog because of they lack ideas. Here are the 11 easy ways to make money on your blog.

#1. Google Adsense

This is just a popular way of making money on a blog! A lot of bloggers are blogging just for making money with Adsense. One of the advantages of Adsense is that their pay rates are different for various keywords. If you have a good traffic on your blog, Google adsense is a good choice. Do not put ads in an annoying style because you should prefer the likes and dislikes of readers too.

#2. Selling Ad spaces

If your site ranks well for some keywords or if it gets a huge traffic, you can try selling ad spaces. This is really a good way to make huge money. Based on the traffic, you can sell add space for a huge amount of money! Today a lot of bloggers are making thousands of dollars by selling ad spaces. Banner ads are best to sell because it is much easy to place on your blog.

#3. Affiliate Programs

You can find a lot of affiliate programs related to your niche. You can place banner ads to include affiliate links on your blog. Otherwise you can place affiliate links in posts. Do not fill your blog posts with a lot of affiliate links because readers will not be interested in it! If you lose the professional approach, visitors will never return to your blog.

#4. Paid Guest Posting

If your blog has PR1 on more and good traffic, you can allow guest posting. Some guest bloggers are lazy! Take this seriously because you can make money with these lazy guest bloggers! You write the content for them, you post it on your blog and you get paid! This is how paid guest blogging works. You can make a good amount of money from this method. Normally this method can generate $10/post or more. It depends on the traffic and ranking of your blog.

#5. Sponsored/Featured Post

Enabling Features posts is another method to make money on a blog. Today a lot of bloggers display 3 or more featured posts on their home page. This is a paid method. Advertiser needs to pay them a price for making their guest post featured. This methods works only if your blog is really good at traffic and ranking.

#6. Selling themes and plugins

If you are good at developing themes and plugins for wordpress, you have a good chance to make money on your blog. Selling themes may not be easy for you. But if you have a wonderful blog, you can add a section like “Wordpress themes” and provide free and paid themes. It is a good idea to sell themes.

#7. Selling Ebooks

If you are a good writer, especially if you have copy writing skills, you can try this method. Write a stunning Ebook related to your niche and sell it through your blog. You can place a page describing your Ebook, post links in your author bio etc to sell it. If you take a look at some bloggers, you can see that they are selling their Ebooks on blog!

#8. Freelancing your skills

This is how you can bring clients from your blog. If you have some skills to freelance, put a label on your blog like “Hire me” or “Work with Me”. If your blog is really good, people will be interested to hire you.

#9. Job Boards

If your blog is about freelancing related niche, you can place a job board too! Here is where you can ask people money to post jobs on job board. You can accept payments via paypal. If a person wants to advertise a job opportunity on your job board, he or she will pay you and the job will be published once the payment is collected by you.

#10. Donations

Do you have a blog that provides free tools and resources to users? Can you make your visitors say “Thanks”? Then you can place a Donate button on your blog! This works only if you have a wonderful blog that is useful to others.

Now you are on the road to make money on your blog! Above methods are proven by a lot of bloggers and you can do it too.

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