Top 10 Affiliate Programs Every Webmaster Should Know

Top 10 Affiliate Programs Every Webmaster Should KnowTop 10 Affiliate Programs Every Webmaster Should Know

Affiliate marketing has been one of the easiest ways to get into the world of online marketing. Any person with basic computer skills and access to internet can start earning money online through affiliate marketing. Since the entry barrier is so low, affiliate marketing has become one of the most competitive in the world on internet marketing.

Many people have got into affiliate marketing and making huge money online without any technical skills or expertise. In fact, most of the online marketers who are earning a full-time income through affiliate marketing have been known to have no particular technical skills.

This blog post is written to shed light on some of the core aspects which the affiliate marketers will need to have in order to make it big in the online world. Although the things discussed are not mandatory to earn money online and anyone can do away with almost any of the things listed below, the goal is to provide an idea as to what the top affiliate marketers have in order to succeed online.

1. Irresistible Offer – If you have been interested in affiliate marketing even for a while it is apparent that you are on the email list of scores of affiliate marketers. The offer they made to you was so irresistible that you couldn’t ignore that and gave your email address in return for that information.

Once you are on their email list you become their lifelong customer to whom they can send promotional emails. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time but the idea behind giving you such offer is; you give them your email address.

An irresistible offer creates a very favorable situation to the affiliate marketer. Although he gives away something for free, he is actually saving a lot on advertisement and traffic generation. As long as he is giving you good content and information you will be on his list. Periodically you may also purchase some products which he recommends.

2. Landing Page – A landing page is one which a visitor sees on his first arrival to the website. This page can be the index page or any other page which the affiliate marketer has decided. Usually landing page will be a squeeze page which is designed solely for the purpose of capturing the visitor’s email address and other contact details.

This page usually only has bare minimum information with a contact form. The page is solely focused on extracting some value from the visitor. Although, the visitor feels that he is getting great information free of cost, in actuality, he is becoming a customer to whom the affiliate marketer can promote unlimited number of times in the days to come.

3. Auto-responder Account – An auto-responder is a system which automatically responds to the emails received by you. If, for some days, you are not going to receive your emails, or you are on a vacation, you can set up a custom message which will be sent to the person who has sent you an email during that time.

In affiliate marketing auto-responder plays a very important role in creating a good relationship between the affiliate marketer and the subscriber. The marketer can set up auto-responder sequence in advance and decide when a particular email should be sent to the subscriber. The present day auto-responders work on rolling basis; which means, the messages will be sent to the new subscriber according to the interval period set by the marketer.

Ex: John subscribes to the list on day 1 and the sequential messages start for him on day 1. Jane subscribes to the list on day 2. Now, although Jane has subscribed on day 2, she will get email of day1 whereas John will get the email of day 2. The internet marketers usually load up their auto-responder sequence for almost a year with weekly intervals.

4. List Management System – A list management system is a program which takes care of the subscribers in the list, their preferences, the subscription rate, the click-through rate, the unsubscribe rate etc.

The affiliate marketers can track the emails sent to their subscribers and know whether the headings and content are working or not. They can know how many of their subscribers opened the email, how many of them clicked on the links provided and how many took action. This helps the affiliate marketers to split test and decide which strategy is working best for their business. Aweber is the leader when it comes to email marketing. It does an excellent job of handling multiple lists of clients with 99% delivery rate. Check out their insane one month trial offer for just $1 here.

5. Affiliate Program – Once the marketer starts building his list he can start promoting his own products or some affiliate products. Since it is easier to be an affiliate to someone’s products usually the affiliate marketers never have their own products.

It is essential that there should be scope and large variety of products to be promoted to the subscribers. If the market doesn’t have any affiliate programs it is not profitable to enter it in the first place. It becomes difficult to find the right affiliate program and the product to promote as there are millions of websites. Clickbank has been a pioneer in segregating thousands of products under one website with an awesome affiliate tracking system.

Most of the people begin affiliate marketing from Clickbank as it gives them a variety of tools and data through which they can better optimize their marketing campaigns.Clickbank also takes care of the calculations and the disbursement of commissions to the affiliates. Neither the vendor, nor the affiliate has to worry about the


6. Keyword Research Tool – A keyword research tool, as the name suggests, is a program or website which gives the services of researching the keywords used by the common people while searching something on the search engines. Google Adwords Tool has been used for ages by the marketers to know whether the market they are entering is hot or not.

The keyword research tool gives detailed data on the number of searches a particular phrase has per month, the number of searches globally and locally, the amount of competition that particular phrase has in terms of Google Adwords etc.

If the affiliate fails to research the keywords properly, then either he will get into a highly competitive market and fail to generate any income as the top places on Google searches is already taken by some of the industry experts, or there is no market and most of the people are seeking free information.

Keyword Spy is one such tool which takes the keyword research to a completely new level with real time data, affiliate intelligence and scores of other useful services. Sign up for their free trail here.

Keyword Elite 2.0 by Brad Callen is another tool which can do wonders to your keyword research activities and affiliate marketing campaigns. For a one-time payment of $97 Brad is handing you his most powerful keyword research tool which is known to generate $1,766,807.20 in a year alone. Check out the offer here.

7. Traffic Generation Techniques – Any online business strives on the traffic it gets from various sources. Although Google sends a good amount of traffic which is called as generic traffic, any sane marketer will never rely totally on the search engine traffic. Due to the volatile nature of search engine updates and algorithm changes it is advisable that the marketers have a solid traffic generation strategy in mind. Check out this post which deals with various sources of traffic a website can make use of.

Traffic can be generated from various sources. The affiliate marketer has to make use of as many sources as possible and create such systems where the word spreads like wild-fire throughout the community.

There are various plugins in the market today which do the work of spreading the word throughout various web networks. This helps the marketer to solely focus on the important aspects of marketing and not get caught in monotonous activities of posting the information on every traffic source of his choice.

Head over to this link and discover how anyone can generate huge traffic and sales without any technical skills, email lists or fancy websites. The system is called Free Traffic Boom which generates $21,459 in just 10 days.

8. Cheap Outsourcing Avenues – An affiliate marketer in the beginning may do all the work all by himself. But after some time it becomes necessary to outsource most of the work to freelancers and concentrate on other important tasks. Most of the veteran affiliate internet marketers get into product creation after some time. They usually hire some freelancers from various online sources or create a team which takes care of most of the routine things.

Odesk, Elance, Craigslist, Guru, Freelancer, Demand Studios, People Per Hour etc are some of the freelancing platforms where people can work as freelancers and take projects from people who are outsourcing the work.

9. Professional Webpage Builders – Affiliate marketing is a full time serious business done by many individuals across the world. A shabbily created webpage will not only have a negative impression on the visitors but it also creates problems in the search engine results. With the present day tools which have WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface it has become a piece of cake to create professionally looking websites in a matter of hours.

A person can be highly successful in affiliate marketing without knowing even a line of coding or web designing. Although some basic knowledge of code editing is required to customize the website, but usually the default appearance will be just fine. Download this free software called Kompozer which works on graphical user interface and helps you create a professional looking website.

10. Search Engine Optimization Tools – Search engine optimization (SEO) is to make our website more favorable to the search engines by understanding and implementing their criteria in selecting the web pages to display when the user searches for something. Since there are millions and millions of pages having some content which matches the search request, it becomes a rather difficult task for the search engines to make the selection. SEO aims at making the search engines give more credibility to our website rather than other websites.

Although SEO is highly technical stuff, it can be done even by the beginners by understanding some of the things which are prioritized over others by the search engines. With recent changes to the search engine algorithms it has become clear that useful and informative content which enriches the reader and makes him more knowledgeable is given more importance in the search engine rankings than those websites whose sole intention is to sell something or make money through advertisement.

You may hire an SEO specialist and pay him thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to stay on the 1st page of Google or you can exploit this software called Search Engine Sniper made by Casey Costello for just $147 and be on the 1st page of Google for ever.

An affiliate marketer has to make use of most of these things, if not all, if he wants to be successful in the online marketing arena.

What are your thoughts on making affiliate marketing a serious full time business and tools and resources required to be successful in affiliate marketing?

Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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