11 Tips To Create Effective Content For Ecommerce Websites


Effective content can draw visitors even when they’re not shopping. You can build a reader community, create trust and build your brand and start selling. Your dedicated readers already trust you, so they’ll buy from you and come back for more. That’s the power of effective content.

#1. Get Creative With FAQs

Don’t provide boring text answers to your FAQ questions. Make them shine; inject some personality, humor and throw in several videos. Use your FAQ pages to engage your visitors and demonstrate your expertise a bit more. Most people visit the FAQ pages only if they want to know something. If you make your FAQ pages really interesting and full of valuable know-how, you can use them to attract quality traffic and aid your content campaign.

#2. Face Controversy Head On

Take controversy on to demonstrate that you’re not afraid to question set concepts. Question what’s happening in your industry. Welcome discussions from your audience; open the doors to criticism and honest debate. Don’t be afraid to take a stand where it counts; this is what builds respect.

#3. Create Dedicated Topic Content

Create a ‘resource page’ for each important topic in your industry. Curate content on these topics and add your own thoughts, images and videos to the series. Be sure to include some good quotes and credit other authors for their parts. Use tools such as Silk, Scoop or Storify to leverage existing content, integrate your own content and create resourceful, topic-dedicated pages.

#4. Consider Content Curation

Search for top-ranking niche content on Google, Google+ Communities, Alltop, Twitter and LinkedIn News. Don’t forget Q&A and How-To Sites such as Mahalo, Grovo and Quora. Also try online publications and rich media sites; look up content posted by other curators. Subscribe to RSS feeds of top blogs and use social bookmarking apps such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pocket, Delicious, Instapaper, Bitly and others to find and share content.

#5. Create Big Lists

People love lists – for example, List Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth. Load them up with magazine-quality pictures that take their breath away and you’re good to go. You can come up with some innovative lists – just go over your archives and curated content with your thinking cap on.

#6. Ask Users To Contribute Content

Post user-generated content on a dedicated “Guests Page”. Look up product reviews, funny pieces, local business reviews or even detailed comments by your readers. You can also directly ask them to contribute articles or videos too. Be sure to publish their names and profile them positively as a reward.

#7. Create Infographics

Infographics are quick to scan, offer a great deal of information and are nice to share. Create beautiful infographics – focus on the colors and images along with the facts. Keep an eye out for valuable quotes and statistics when you read stuff. Clip them away for later and then sort them out to create your own data-driven infographics.

#8. Go Social

You can easily curate social content and embed them on your blog. For example, look for Twitter updates, Disqus Comments or Facebook Comments and use them within curated posts to impart additional credibility, depth and validity to your content. Include screenshots

#9. Create How-to Videos

Get hold of a good digital video camera and use your understanding of what your audience wants. You can put up your videos on your blog, on YouTube, Vimeo and others. Give your customers every tip, every bit of information they need to use your product to the very best.

#10. Get Some Mag-Quality Images Out There!

Not everyone can imagine how a product looks based on a textual description. What you need to jazz up your product pages are a series of high-quality images to back your descriptions. Take a look at HSN.com, VivaLaJewels.com and HauteLook.com. Go 3D with your images; allow users to view multiple angles and a variety of sizes in breath-taking, magazine-quality images.  Add some wonderful images of your products in your blog posts as well.

#11. Start Publishing!

Become a serious subject authority in your niche. One you’re ready, start your own media publishing outlet. Become the sole source of authentic and information on the latest industry news and updates. You can get a lot of traffic and build customer trust by publishing events and news as they happen.

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