17 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online

More and more people seem to pretend it one: making money on the Internet is not a science. You have to be based only on those who have already made it, and month after month can more or less make money with it. We provide you in this article the best ways you can earn money on the internet.

How to Make Money on the Internet?

There is an almost infinite variety of ways to earn money on the internet. The merit of methods themselves can be mostly grouped into a few. Specifically this means that you can do many creative things on the internet. To make it in the end money but there are certain proven models. This we would like to present in this article.

How do you recognize merit serous offers on the Internet?

On the Internet, many earning opportunities are advertised. But unfortunately, not all earning opportunities seriously. But How can you recognize serious offers?

  • Respond to any offers vague described. If you do not get completely detailed information on what to expect, you should not take a job on the Internet mini, still spend money for a performance.
  • Check the company with which you want to work together. This is extremely important to make sure to whether the company is reputable or not. Appropriate information should abound on the web.
  • Pay attention to the reviews of a company. Not every vote is genuine. Who is attentive, the quickly ascertain whether it is an authentic comment or not. Piling up the inauthentic apparent comments, so you should look for other sources on the web.

Money on the Internet: These are the 17 best ways

So what are the best ways to earn money on the internet? We have researched for you and the best 17 options compiled in a ranking. Those are the top 17 ways to make money on the Internet:

Place 1: Paid Surveys Online

Explanatory video about Paid Online Surveys

By far the best and safest way to earn money on the internet, is to participate in paid online surveys. The advantage thereto is that you do not need any qualifications that you are totally flexible in time and can earn money from the very beginning.

Online surveys are regularly carried out by various market research institutes. The participants of a survey can simply turn to online, answer a few questions and earn money.

The tasks as a participant of paid online surveys

  • Making Money with Online Surveys

    The market research industry is a booming market and is constantly looking for new participants for
    online surveys.
    “homework with market research online surveys is a lucrative and
    respectable way of earning money from home.”

  •  The market research industry is a booming market.
    Employed participants are paid for online searching polls.
    Ipsos in 2008 according to Wikipedia sales of realizing more than 970 million euros
    can (Wikipedia, Ipsos).

  • A portion of the profits goes to the back of participants online surveys
 If you want to earn with online surveys money on the internet, then you have to log in to the market research institutes initially once. This then load a fact regularly to the paid surveys a. It is easy then participated in the polls, if you want. For each survey, we obtain a remuneration.

What can you earn with paid online surveys?

For each survey, to which you have participated successfully, you receive an appropriate reward. This varies and depends mostly on the size of surveys. In some surveys, you can earn up to 15 euros.


Place 2: On the Internet Making Money as a product tester

Another way to make money using the Internet is to be operating as a product tester. What makes this income opportunity is that you can while remaining extremely flexible and deserves a very varied way money.

The tasks as a product tester

As a Product Tester you are applying in various Internet platforms on a product test. Proves it to be suitable for the test, so you will be selected from several candidates for the test and get the product and a detailed instruction to test home or sent directly online. The test in this case provides the most that you used the test product for a specified period and extensively tested. After the trial period, the product testers to submit another evaluation, which he then sends via the Internet to the product manufacturer.

As a thank you to the product testers may keep the product either or even receives remuneration. The nice thing about a job as a product tester is that you first einsteigt as an occasional product testers and can earn so every now and then his money. Those who participate regularly in a test which can be done with a bit of skill this opportunity job to his main job. The objects are of course more and more extensive and payment always better!

What can you earn as a product tester?

Opportunity product testers usually earn significantly less. More often it is even, that one can simply keep the product to be tested. This is for example in beauty products or technical equipment of the case. But even that can be quite nice. Much more interesting, but it is if you regularly participate in the testing and established itself as a professional tester. Of these, one might then even his livelihood deny. Up to 40 Euro per finished product test are possible.


Place 3: Flat or room using the internet rent and earn money

This option is perfect to if you have one or more vacant rooms: Use of several online platforms can be one’s own room rent in a jiffy to potential short-tenants. Even for just one night are usually found enough candidates. For an additional income which is of course ideal.

To rent your apartment or your room

On the Internet there are numerous portals which enable one to set an ad for his room or his apartment. The time you want to make the accommodation available over which is irrelevant. Only the price per day or per night, you must specify. You will then be contacted by interested tenants. And you earn by using the marketing opportunity through the internet money.

The best portals: 

  • AirBnB
  • Wimdu

What can you earn by renting?

How much you can earn per night depends on how high the market value of the rent-free property. If the rented rooms in a central location within a city, so you can already ask for more money. Also the size and quality of the property to determine the price. Mostly you can achieve up to 100 euros per night for a rented accommodation. And that, without having to work really active. An extremely simple money earning and all that thanks to the Internet.


Place 4: editor and translator on the Internet

For voice gifted this variant is especially recommended: The services of proofreaders and translators are needed more than ever in today’s world. Here one must not even be professional qualified to earn money on the internet. Even with average language skills can already make good money. We show you how to do that:

The tasks as an editor

Lecturers are proofreaders. They usually receive an order to correct texts. This may be schoolwork or articles that have been written and must be checked for spelling.

The tasks as a translator

Translators have the task of translating a document from one language into another.

In both variants merit one generates its orders via the Internet. On online job portals you can find smaller contract tenders and apply for these.

What can you earn as an editor or translator?

The payment usually depends on two factors: Firstly, the text length, which should be translated or corrected, and secondly on the quality, in the happening the whole. The higher should be the quality, the qualified course must be the contractor. Usual are about 10 to 15 euros per hour, and at relatively expansive work. Because you will be paid, of course, per executed order.

Place 5: On-line sales of goods

Even in this way you can make good money using the internet: Often one hoards in his household things that has not been used. These can be technical items or even clothing – as well as jewelry and the like. All these items can be sold on the Internet, thus making money!

So you make money on the internet with used goods

The Internet offers a number of portals on which you can adjust as well as new cars or objects with pictures and a little description. In what way you eventually get money on the Internet, depends on which portal to sell their items. So there are for example numerous buying and selling portals, where you get a fixed amount of money depending on the garment. Moreover, there are portals where auctioned items and can be sold to the highest bidder. But even simple ads can be simple and uncomplicated to adjust.

What can you earn by selling items on the Internet?

What ultimately obtained for a sold object, depends (like at a flea market) depends on how popular the object is to get to see him how many people and how well to realize it. However, there are portals that offer a fixed price. For example, a certain amount of X for a jeans market Y.


Place 6: data collection from your home

The data acquisition in homework is one of many good options to earn money via the internet.

What are the tasks as data entry?

The data logger has the task of bringing a lot of records in a certain predetermined order. Often, the most activity from the digitizing of data sets that are already available in paper form. This may for instance be the case when profits competitions are to be transmitted in paper form in a database within a network. The whole thing usually happens in connection to the Internet, because it can be accessed in this way on a company software, working with the.

What can you earn as a data logger?

The merit as a data entry operator may vary from client to client. Usually you will not get paid per hour, but with a fixed price for the acquisition of a complete contract. Jobs as data entry operators are often found on mini-job portals advertised. In this you have to be constantly re-apply.


Place 7: describe Apartments online and earn money

A dream job for those who can write well and also love Apartments! For this job you look at photos of apartments that are to be put on-line platforms to the public and written a melodious description. And so you can earn on the internet with this extraordinary opportunity money:

The tasks involved in apartment Describe

Whoever accepts such a job, which receives from its clients always a link that leads to the apartment, which will be described. Based on the photos present there, you can then post a striking yet seductive description text with a total length of around 200 words. If the task is well satisfied, we obtain from the principal payment.


8th place: earn as perfume testers via the Internet Money

Every year new perfume creations to market. Some perfumes are experiencing a true breakthrough in popularity, while others are barely bought. For this reason, perfumes need to be well tested. The assessment of how well received a perfume, of course, must be carried out by many different noses. But not only the fragrance has to be right – the design should fit. The contracts for this income opportunity can be found naturally nowhere else than in the Internet.

The tasks as a perfume tester

The tests can be extremely different. Sometimes it may be that you get perfume samples sent, or it may be that one should the perfume packaging purely optical rate. It is enough to look at via the Internet photos of perfumes.

What can you earn as a perfume tester?

Worldwide, there are only around 2,000 perfumers who have made this task to their main job. If you want most but only now and then try receiving the orders for market research companies that offer product testing. Thus one also to the possibility to make money on the Internet. Although the merit is not great, but it is interesting, of course, when you get the product gifts or discounts for the next purchase.


Seat 9: Virtual Secretary

Virtual secretaries are now used in a variety of businesses as a support. Virtual here means that the secretary does not sit on the spot in the company’s office, but is switched on via the Internet. This allows the virtual secretary for example, from your home to work on the Internet as a secretary and saves the company money at the same time for additional jobs.

These are the tasks of a virtual secretary

A virtual secretary can take over all the tasks that can be outsourced by companies using the Internet. For example, could it be the writing of reports, the settlement of important calls, or as well as the processing of records.

What deserves a virtual secretary?

As a virtual secretary on the Internet you can earn 6-15 Euros per hour. The varied always a bit with how their qualifications are and what tasks you get.


10th place: Write an eBook and sell online

You write passionately? Then you might this possibility particularly liked: Even with the writing of books you can earn good money on the Internet. It does not matter what you write. Whether it comes to novels and stories or reading specialist. The main thing is, you will find some buyers for your book.

These are the tasks as an eBook Writer

Actually, it’s all about, to regularly post new books and to market well and specifically the internet. The more books are sold, the more you can earn. Hardened Lotteries are sold by quantity.

Marketing can the eBook using newsletters or wholesale sites such as Amazon, etc. If you want to write a book, then you should perfect the following areas: Meaningful title, professional cover, strong Sell text, compelling content, confidence building on the site, on the is put your book on display (for example, by reviews, etc.) and the most important thing: Traffic.

What can you earn as an eBook writer?

The merit of an eBook Writers depends on how many of his books to buy. Is it something successful, one can earn his base salary with this activity also without problems. To recommend this income opportunity, especially for people who want to write from passion.


Place 11: Games Tester

Even with the testing of games you can earn good money on the Internet.

In the gaming tests, it is all about, to test for a games developer games that are not yet on the market. So they are selling efficient, the games must be extensively tested for errors, and other inconsistencies. To this end, the game developers commissioned some playtesters.

These are the tasks as a game tester

The playtesters get an accurate schedule of how the test is run and the tasks to be assigned to a case. Mostly you have to play through a particular passage in a play dozens of times, taking care to critically fun factor and inconsistencies. The whole is then recorded exactly. If one finds, for example, an error, you have to realize as a game tester also when and how this error comes.

What can you earn as a game tester?

When testing the games is an informed before attending the test, what is there to earn. In addition to many unpaid tests, there are also tests in the Internet that are very well paid. Assuming, for example, participated in a hour tempered test, so you can earn up to 15 euros per hour.

 12th place: web designers and graphic designers

A web designer created primarily sites. He assumes the visual design and the construction. Of course this also the user guidance is taken into account. A graphic designer creates a variety of graphics. Frequently, for use in the Internet. Both options represent a very good source of income on the Internet.

The tasks as a web designer

The web designer is not only responsible for the layout and building a website, but also for the targeted orientation of the site and the ongoing maintenance. He receives his orders, for example, companies that need a new website.

The tasks as a graphic designer

As a graphic designer you get a variety of contracts for design of graphics, images, or in some cases even logos. These are then constructed with different editing programs.

What can you earn as a web or graphic designer?

Here it is primarily a rule to the order situation. Depending on the scope of the web designer can get about 1,000 euros for a website sometimes. A simple graphic can bring between 10 and 100 euros. More complex graphics on the other hand let the graphic designer also earn much more. With both options, you can make big money on the internet good. However, one needs a sound education even in two variants.


Place 13: Youtuber

Granted: Almost everyone wanted to become a TV star in childhood. With the many video platforms on the Internet is now an absolutely tangible dream. A Youtube-Star earned in 2013, for example, no fewer than four million US dollars. So much normally get only real actors. It maintains the largest channel on Youtube and earns money on the internet. And the best part is: Anyone can imitate it basically.

The tasks as Youtuber

As so often, it is also about the magic word traffic. As Youtuber you must ensure that as many people watch your videos. The more the better. You can do this by the fact that you promote your old video well and besides, of course, always upload new videos that resonate with your audience.

What can you earn as Youtuber?

As Youtuber it all depends on how often the home videos are watched. Starting with some euro may extend the merit to many thousands of euros. However, you should also have a lot of patience as Youtuber. A well-attended Youtube channel builds not happen overnight.


Place 14: usability testers

Translated from the English, the word “usability” otherwise “usability”. In a usability test, it is all about

new apps, websites and programs to test its utility and usability. The tests must be carried out, before the app, the internet site or the program is launched or launched. As usability testers the possibility to earn a lot of money for the testing of these things.

The tasks as usability testers

For scope of duties of a usability tester to examine sites and programs and apps on their usability belongs. During the test, the tester gets usually a website or a program presented. By this he is to navigate. Possibly also special tasks can be assigned to the tester. Then, the tester wrote a comment to the test and gives suggestions to. With this work, the tester can then make money virtually via the Internet.

What can you earn as usability testers?

When merit it depends on whether you test directly from the company site, or via the Internet. If you ordered the company itself, so the earnings usually not less than 35 euros per hour. If one makes the usability testing via the Internet from your home, so you usually earns 20 euros per test order.

By the way: In some tests you receive additional remuneration for finding errors.


Place 15: Texter

Another extremely interesting method to earn money on the internet is writing texts. The so-called copywriters or content writers to come on the Internet in all applications, where you will find shorter or longer texts. You write concise advertising paragraphs, crisp headlines or even entire texts and articles and thus earn in an extremely pleasant way money.

The tasks as a copywriter

As a copywriter or content writer is carried primarily conversations with the client or with the client.

Because: The client decides which type of text he with what content needs for which topic. Then, a fee is agreed, which often is measured by the length of the contract. If the client is satisfied with the result, so the copy writer gets the payment.

What can you earn as a writer?

Texter be paid as mentioned by the text length. That is: The longer a text is, the more money you get. Either per word or per letter. For an article of 600 words circumference you can already earn 10 to 30 euros.


Place 16: Earn money with your own website

Third place our ranking has its own website. With your own website you can, if the traffic is good, do a lot and earn good money. However, it all depends, as so often on the traffic. The more visitors you have, the better. And it also is your main eye noted should be addressed.

The tasks at a own website

If you want to earn money with your own website on the internet money, then it is all about, to have as many visitors to your page. And as regularly as possible. So you need to consider first of all, by what topics you want to inspire people, and how you can provide visitors with the greatest possible added value for yourself as little as possible cost. Then you have to decide only for one or more variants with which you can make money from the traffic to your page. The examples can be found at the beginning of the article.

What can you earn with your own website?

The spectrum of possibilities ranges merit immeasurably. However, a lot of diligence and patience are required if you want high. One page piece by piece developed. It starts small and poses no profits from the beginning. Gradually develops under persistent maintenance and expansion. Eventually you begin to earn his first money with your own website on the Internet. By the time you finally increases until they brought a a passable income.

Make Money From Creativity

Basically turns the Internet initially all about one thing: the traffic. The traffic here describes the “traffic” on a site or a channel. With a high traffic can also do a lot of meaningful, in order to make money. One has, however virtually no traffic, so it is also difficult can make money. And a high traffic you usually get with a good idea and good marketing of the site.

Internet One can similarly imagine such a lively shopping street in which already countless people frolicking: If you have a shop, the people are not interested, then helps you also the best location in the most frequented shopping street nothing. Do you have a shop on the other hand, in the happy go passersby, so you can earn with the right strategy really good!

What you need then, is an idea of ​​how you can attract as many people in your “business”. And you get out with a good theme. Whether for the masses or niche topic it once no matter: It is important that you generate a lot of visitors.

To make money from your visits

In Germany alone, surfing more than 45 million people regularly through the net. That’s more than half of all Germans. With the right idea, you draw some of the many people who cavort daily on the Internet, on your side.

This could, for example, be a website, an own shop, a dedicated Youtube channel or the like.

Step by step you will increase your traffic, because from the beginning and by itself is not usually do. If you notice that your site is visited better and better, then you can take the next step: Start to make money out of your site.

You basically have the following options:

Affiliate Marketing

Translated into German does the word “affiliate” as much as partners. The affiliate marketing basically means nothing other than that one makes advertising for a distribution partner. The remunerated on a commission basis.

The whole thing might look like this: The fact that you have many visitors to your site that will advertise on your page more interesting for other companies. These want to direct the traffic you generate with your page on your own site, for example, to sell a product. That could be the case with online stores. The people that come from your side of the Online Shop, be recognized and observed. When these people buy something, then you get a commission.

Advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • High earning potential
  • wide range of affiliate partners for all kinds of issues and products
  • requires some patience, but is ultimately one of the best ways to earn money on the internet

Pay per Click – Advertising

This variant is extremely simple. One builds the advertising of a its affiliates and earned every click that a visitor makes on the advertisement, money. It is important that you have a lot of visitors.

Benefits of Pay per Click – Advertising:

  • simple to set up
  • suitable for all types of websites
  • no minimum requirements
  • no maintenance required
  • The more traffic, the higher the earning potential

Sell ​​Links

If you have a really good running side with many visitors, then it pays to sell links on your own site.

Example: Another company wants to put on your site a link so that visitors can find on your page on the company’s side. For the placement of the links You will be paid. Please Identify the links as no-follow.

Benefits of Link-sale: 

  • barely effort
  • very good revenue opportunities

Paid Articles

If you have a lot of visitors, then other companies will also be keen on your page article to be published, which are read by your visitors. So do other companies, in principle, nothing more than good publicity for themselves.

Here a small example: A comparison portal want on your side is an article for comparison portal even published. Of course, this article tells us only positive things about the comparison portal. Your visitor will then have a good picture of the portal and view this possibly the next time, if there is something to compare. For the publication of the article on your side, you are then paid. Sometimes there are even several hundred euro for an article. Depending on how many visitors your site.


  • little effort
  • Good receipts
  • The more traffic, the more you can earn

Sell ​​advertising

Of course you can even sell advertising space on your own site to other companies. The advantage is that you do not have to share with any middlemen profit.


  • one can keep the revenue completely
  • little maintenance once the advertising is installed
17th place: make money as a blogger

Another variation on the internet to make money is to run a blog. A blog is basically a downward sorted list of entries on one site. So there are, for example, blogs for fashion, travel, etc. on which the blogger regularly post new topics. This series is always at the top again. Again, it comes to the highest possible traffic. According to the topic you can then place advertisements or cooperate with partners from matching industries to generate its income.

The tasks as a blogger

If you want to earn money on the internet as a blogger who has to publish on his blog regularly new posts and messages that go down well with the visitors. Gradually it becomes more and more subscribers who follow the new entries regularly. The traffic thus obtained can be in a variety of ways to earn money. Advertising, product placement, etc.

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