22 Awesome Blog Topic and Content Writing Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters


The content of a blog is the most important thing. Since you can not so much care of the marketing and optimize the technology, without good and regular content will not be successful blog.

But often get bloggers after the starting phase problems. The first products usually do not fall so hard, but then go many bloggers quickly topics.

This need not be. Who makes himself a set of “tools” and ways of working as its own, which go Articles ideas from anywhere.

Therefore, I present today a total of 22 tips on how you come regularly to interesting new products ideas.

There are plenty of ideas out there

There really are enough ideas for new posts. You just have to develop a certain amount of attention.

Who usually cramped to the search for a new product idea goes ran, who has no success. Therefore, it is important to maintain on a daily basis the way for new ideas out.

I’ve trained myself over the years, constantly look for new product ideas. But not running under the motto “I am looking for a couple of times a great idea”, but passively. So I have no idea generation phase or extra brainstorming in the classical sense.

During my normal working day and during my free time my brain raises an alarm when I come across something I can handle in an article.

But you have to train yourself. And I have 22 tips for you taken together.

So place your product-ideas

Below I list a number of tips on how to find their new and interesting article ideas can. The order of the tips is more random.

Best you begin to order, implement 2-3 Tips and internalize. Gradually, you can then use even more tips.

These tips should you pass ideally after a certain time in flesh and blood. Your should then simply no longer need to remember, but it should happen of its own accord.

However, you do not have too look, what tips do you and what. Not every tip is suitable for everyone.

    • ThinkThe first thing you should learn to think himself. Which item would itself like to read or could have been, as you have yourself begun liked to read. What headline would click in his feed reader immediately.

      Who goes so push new blog post ideas, makes you ever for one important thing: New Products should be interesting and worth reading. What you yourselves would not read, are other not read.

    • Read BlogsFind article ideasThe vast majority of bloggers read other blogs. This is important. However, you should because not only consume but read with open eyes other blogs.

      What topics are covered? What was not treated as fully as you would have liked you? Where you have a different opinion? How can you apply this to their own industry?

    • Search keywordsWho monitors his blog with a statistics tool (eg Google Analytics) (which you should do absolutely), which can usually also look there, with what keywords found on a their own readers.

      Most often this will be the case on Google.de. If you look at the search terms you already usually comes to ideas for new blog posts. Possibly fall a yes, then more terms one in which you want to be listed in Google.

      Or you look at the top search terms and writes articles.

  • Internal Blog SearchBlog Post IdeasBut also in the blog itself is wanted. A search function is so hopefully your blog.

    With the WordPress Plugin Search Meter can look you which search terms were entered in how often one’s own blog search box and whether this results found.

    Especially for keywords that have led to no result, you should write articles.

  • Social news sitesFind products IdeaWhether you regularly Furl, Yahoo vorbeischaut or another social news site, you will find product-ideas abound here.

    Of course, since particularly the lists of the most popular products are interesting, since you so well equal a sense gets whether a particular topic attracts interest or not.

    Of course, it is worth special social news sites for its industry to use (egseoigg.de or hype!). However, one should look out every now and then at the bigger picture.

  • Comments and email inquiriesReader feedback is very useful. Certain questions of your own readers may indicate potentially interesting products.

    One should therefore be in close contact with their own readers and show them that you read their comments and enamels and takes seriously.

  • Affiliate programsContributions Article PostsFrom time to rummage again in affiliate networks can be quite informative. The listed there programs offer not only a lot of inspiration, but also sharpen the sense of what can be profitable.

    And there are plenty of blogs that want to at least bring in the overhead again.

  • AdSense adsWho has installed AdSense in his own blog, need to look at this myself every now and again.

    There one sometimes finds inspiration for new products. Be it from a positive or negative view.

    But please do not click on the AdSense ads because Google such “self-clicks” considers fraud.

  • MessagesLatest news from our own industry and beyond bring me often on new products ideas.

    Especially for blogs that are spreading also many news current news, of course, interesting. But other bloggers can write based on news good background article.

  • Read interviewInterviews IdeasInterviews I always find very inspiring. The opinion of another person and their point of view often shows new ways and approaches to which one would not have thought of yourself.

    So you can itself also conduct interviews, which again ensures a product. But you can, of course, inspired by interviews on other blogs and websites.

  • Talk to NoobsOkay, that sounds a little in common. But just when you have long engaged in the own matter, you lose the questions and problems of the beginners in mind.

    I can think of in a conversation with an outsider always several Item ideas.Some ideas are just very close, you can not get it just alone.

  • Forums and CommunitesIn forums on specific subjects areas is mainly made of, it is talking about problems.

    You can sign up in a forum where it comes to your subject area. Your not even need assets. Just by reading along, you will come a lot of ideas.

    However, the posts and the direct answering questions does not hurt. So it establishes you as an expert on specific topics and thus gets back traffic to your blog.

  • competitionOther blogs that deal with related topics, you should always have in mind.

    What works very well there and what less? What will you do there that is missing from me?

    The comments in other blogs can be a good source of inspiration.

  • Use TwitterTwitter IdeasI’m just about Twitter for me to discover. And even though I’m still not convinced one hundred percent of himself but Twitter has asked for one thing to be optimal: Tips.

    Seek out expert blogger or your industry and follow this for a while in Twitter. I have already received so some very interesting link tips that I would otherwise not likely to get.

  • MindMapFind ideas for blogA mind map is a certain creativity technique that is relatively easy to perform.

    With the help of software or on paper so that you can quickly and easily find new ideas.

  • Change of locationIf you have any ideas helps it often, just once to move to another place.Who for days does not come from his office out who should just go to the park, to the beach or in the city.

    Fresh air and other impressions often work wonders.

  • Postrank.comPost RankA very nice tools isPostrank.com

    There is one a the feed address of a blog and gets displayed which items are most popular and were. This can of course also make with their own feed.

    Successful topics provide naturally for their own products very well.

  • own experiencesReaders want to hear stories, not just gray theory.

    Writes articles about their own experiences and give stories from your life the best. This has the added advantage that such a product will always be something special and the reader feel the bloggers closer.

  • Success StoriesSuccess stories, whether their own or others, arrive always very good.

    Writes about successful examples and analyzes. This can eg be successful blogs from their own industry. But also their own projects.

  • PollsA blog is very good, to conduct surveys. I I set my blog “self on the net”regular questions on specific topics. Often just along with the content of my blog. What is desired and what is not?
  • ConferencesMeet up with other bloggers! Such personal discussions often provide the necessary boost creativity. Whether it is a conference or a small Blogger Stammtisch does not matter.

    Personal contact and discussions usually bring me many new ideas.

  • Print mediaOf course, even magazines and periodicals suitable for brainstorming.

    Magazines also aimed at beginners often in a matter and as you walk through these basics articles often good own product ideas.

    But publications from other themes can be inspiring. So I often fall even by good article headlines own post ideas.

Write it for you!

At the beginning of my “career blog” I tried to remember my new ideas. Especially if they were not yet very mature, I still prefer thinking for a while about it.

Unfortunately, I have in this way forget some good ideas again and was not as receptive to new inspirations.

Therefore I recommend every blogger to write down new ideas immediately.Leveraging the design function in WordPress and you listed links, keywords, headline ideas, pictures etc.

So you have to you when writing a new post never put in front of a blank sheet, because that’s certainly the biggest hurdle for many.

I have in my two blogs “self on the net” and this here hundreds of Item drafts. And there are more every day.

And now a lot of fun ideas find.

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