22 Important Blogging Tips for Beginners

I’ve been blogging for years on different niches. In all the years I’ve learned a lot. Obviously in the hard way. Today from my experience I’ve check listed most important tips for aspiring bloggers.

The best Blogging tips for beginners


Who is blogging in a particular niche, which should be up to date? Therefore, bloggers should also read a lot. Of course, above all other blogs. This also improves the own writing skills dramatically.


No man is an island. And for bloggers it is very important to socialize. Of course, especially to other bloggers, but also to companies in the private sector. Finally, you want sometime sometimes free review submission; or the like.


“Who does not know the destination, for which there is no way of right”. So the saying goes. And that’s true of course, blogging. Only if you have a target or multiple targets, you can deduce the correct measures. And of course you can only measure success if you have previously set goals.


What content I write where I try to get links, what marketing tools do I use which target audience I speak to, to when I want to have achieved what etc.

A good plan also facilitates the daily work.


All kinds of blogs have been around enough. To be successful, you should look for a thematic niche that it can operate optimally. Since the target group may indeed be first small, it fills them optimally addressed and is loyal. This would also advertisers.


One should start without at least 5 articles a blog. First impressions count and who finds an empty blog, which most likely comes not again.


Many aspiring bloggers have concerns about whether their products are good enough. This is completely normal. Free yourselves having to be perfect from the idea. Would only perfect blogs are read, then the internet world would be very empty.

Unique Content

The contents are the most important criterion for success of a blog. So do not just ruminate any news that there are so read on a hundred other blogs. Let in your products incorporate your own experiences and writes purely your own opinion. Power your products unique.

Search Engine Optimization

Many do not like SEO. It is not about any common actions, but in order to optimize the own blogs. That also recommends Google. There are as free WordPress plugins. I’ll write in the blog here still much to blog SEO.

Frequent Update

It is very important to blog regularly is. Whether this is every day or once a week, that’s up to you. But who is blogging intensely 2-3 days and then back a month nothing writes, is rarely successful and not land in many feed readers.

Own style

To get a better your readers in mind and stands out from the mass of other blogs, you have to develop your own style among others. Your “voice” has to have a recognition value. This usually goes through a nice, friendly and communicative style. There are bloggers who get a lot of attention. But that’s usually not permanent.


Errors are important. And despite all the advice you will also make mistakes. But that’s very good because it you learn more than from successes. And only those who always learns, will be successful in the long term.

To link

Many bloggers are very economical with links to the outside. That’s a big mistake. Only those who are hard-working and with no regrets (ie without “nofollow” 🙂 links) to other blogs and websites, get back links also. Then you need not begin with link exchange or so.

Social Web

In addition to visitors from Google today come very many readers via social sites like Furl, Yahoo, hype! etc. This should make use of it by setting her your good articles there and ask your readers to vote for you there.

Reader Feedback

Every comment and every email is worth gold. Respond to questions in comments and thanked you for praise. Whoever comes into contact with its readers creates a personal level, the unique visitors, recurrent regular readers makes. In addition, you learn a lot about the needs of the target group.

Your eye

It took me a while. But at some point I have an eye for themes developed which can be interesting for my blogs. Go with open eyes through the (online and offline) world and take the wishes, problems, worries, etc. on the people in order to turn it into good articles.


The competition can be very helpful. Learn from the competition and sets the learned into your own blog. You do not have the best of all blogs. It is enough if he is better than the blogs of your competitors. 🙂


To earn money blogging is a beautiful thing. But who is blogging just for the money, will eventually lose interest. Money should be motivation blogging never numbered 1. Otherwise, the chance is very high that it will enter your blog not long.


Forget the whole “Get rich overnight” gurus. Build a blog is hard work and rich, most are not of it. But who has the necessary patience and motivation, can someday live from blogging.


Keep your blog software up to date. WordPress released eg regular updates. Or do you want that your blog is hacked? Who uses a blog service, the consumption is about worry.


The appearance is important. It’s like in real life. Since your contributions can still be as good, if your blog looks bad and is bad usable, you will not find many readers. At best, you’re looking for you a suitable free template (eg for WordPress out) and fit it to your concepts gradually.


Who wants to write regularly or even everyday items for his blog, which has to have the fun of it? Who has not write a fun, which will find it difficult in the long run?

Are any tips?

Certainly not. There are subjective tips I’ve gathered here together.

But since I also to learn every day, are also always new experiences and new know-how to do so.

That’s why I’m sure in future times also write a second article Tips to grab budding bloggers under the arms.


Happy blogging.

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