5 Adsense Tips to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

5 Adsense Tips to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Making adsense money is a dream for most of the fellow bloggers. A lot of bloggers get adsense approval easily just because there may be some good content. But the truth is that most of them make only a few dollars from adsense. Here are best 5 Adsense tips that will help you to boost adsense earnings.

Adsense Tip #1 – Focusing on Ad Format

Focusing on one ad format is really a good idea to attract clicks. Large Rectangle (336×280) worked for most of the webmasters because it looks good and professional. This format helped a lot of bloggers to have good Click-Through Rates. There is a reason why you should use this format out of other formats. These ads generally appear like normal links if you use text only links. You can choose others formats too. But make sure that it suits the layout and content.

Adsense Tip #2 – Stick On a Suitable Color Combination

Making your ads suitable to the blog layout is the most important thing. If you make the ad colors in a weird manner, visitors may not be interested. It not only ruins your blog, but also disappoints the visitor! Choose a color combination that suits best for your blog layout and colors. Using border colors are not preferable.

Adsense Tip #3 – Choose a Good Position

Placing your adsense ads on the bottom of the page may not attract clicks! Make sure that they are visible without scrolling down. If it is possible to place the ads on top, it will be much better! If you don’t want to place them at top, put them at the top of sidebar. Including ads inside your website content or post is good if you do it right. Try to make it suitable. Otherwise it will ruin the content.

Adsense Tip #4 – Focus On a Single Niche

Adsense displays relevant ads based your content. Choosing a high paying niche is the most important thing in boosting your adsense earning. You can see the most paying adsense keywords through Google’s Keyword Planner. Blogging and Internet Marketing niches are good ones that you can focus on.

Adsense Tip #5 – Do Not Flood With Ads

In order to make a lot of money, most webmasters flood their website with ads! This is a big mistake! The first and most important thing to attract visitors is to make your website or blog reader friendly. Who will click on ads if there are no readers? Always remembers that Ad clicks come only after visitors come!

While doing improvements to boost your adsense revenue, do not forget to follow adsense rules! If you are not following them, your adsense will be banned easily!

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