5 Search Engine Optimization Tips that Still Help

seo-tipsSEO friendly blogs and websites are superbly rated and dream of every webmaster. How to get a website SEO friendly? This is the posed question even for most of the experienced webmasters. There are simple and fast solution to the problem, making your website apt for the search engines is an ongoing process and needs constant research and updating in the process. There are no basic in the concept of search engine optimization. If you have read several blogs and sites about SEO, you will notice that is no inter relation between the tips offered by them.

Although, I studied and presented here in this post the most effective and simple tips for SEO friendly blog-

Content- Write and Update regularly

Writing good and quality content is key to any blogging success. Gone are the days when quantity of contents prevails over quality. Nowadays, number of posts does not matter. Actually a matter is the quality and ease of reading materials for your readers. The better write up you provide, there are better chances of getting your blog indexed faster. Only writing is not enough. You must also update your contents regularly as it helps your readers to get updated information timely and not the stale one.

Keywords and its Ratio

Use effective and relevant keywords for your blog posts. You can try out Google Analytics for selecting good and low competition keywords that suits your posts and website niche. You must use the keywords that have low competition in the Google search engine, so that your site gets unique recognition. Also the ratio of using keywords is important. You must use the words in the density of 2-3% which is generally considered effective and recommended by many experts in the SEO and PR marketing field.

SEO friendly WordPress themes

If you are blogger on WordPress than you must consider trying SEO friendly themes and templates which offer great and unique look to your web site. The recommended Premium WordPress themes are Genesis and Thesis which offers you professional type of blogging look which give your blog a perfect look. The themes are developed with care so that you get the security as well as SEO features with the look. The after selling services are great and worth using. Though, the free themes are somewhat ignored for obvious reasons, but the premium themes are always kept under consideration and useful at times of need.

Hire a SEO Consultants

If you are new to the blogging and naive about the technical aspects of the search engine optimization, then consider hiring a SEO guy that develops your websites and blog and help you to understand the process. However, you need to be sceptical in the process and ask them all the questions you need to know before and after hiring. Most of the SEO companies have expert in their team which help you to get index on Google in better way and keep the flow of traffic steady in the site. However, you need to do some research about the company you choose before investment. You don’t need to hire the company to do SEO, just hire them to learn SEO!

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