5 Tips to Make Your Fanpage More Active

make-fanpage-activeHaving viral facebook fan page is something that every blogger dream of. However, this is not that easy as it sounds. The bloggers nowadays use Facebook extensively as it is a famous mode of attaining online and have real blog followers. Creating facebook fanpage is relatively easy, but you need to keep it happening and active to retain your followers and maintain traffic to your blog. With more active users on your fan page, you can create aura for your blog that will attract more visitors per day and better ranking in the search engines.

For making your Facebook fanpage active you need to active and use effective tools so that you make most of the technique. Some of the handy tips to make your fanpage more active are-

Interesting and Fresh Content

You must post fast and fresh contents to your blog as well as on your fan page so that your readers always find something new and updated on your page. The page should reflect that you are constantly moving and updating and this gives your visitors a reason to come back and check the latest updates and information. Keep your fan page updated with little extra effort. You can also link the page with other social media websites whereby the feeds can be received and your fans will come to know about your popularity.

Welcome new visitors

The visitors are source of fame for any blogger. Hence, you should welcome the visitor visiting your page for the first time. Although it is not advisable to direct your first time visitor straight to your fan page wall. Instead the visitors should be directed to your blog page where he comes to know about our blog and viewpoints. Let him be first your fan and then compel him to like your fan page. The landing page of the visitor should be the about page of your blog or direct it to the link which contains your blog videos, introducing you and your blog to the viewer.

Participate in the Facebook groups

Facebook has lots of active groups containing large number of visitors. You can target groups on the facebook and participate in the discussion and forums. Being active is very important as it helps you to get notice among the mass and more people know you, more they will follow you to your fan page and then your blog. You can target those groups which relate to the topic of your blog. Hence, you can target readers of like interest.


Being responsive is ultra important to have an active facebook fan page. You must be assured that all the comments and queries should be answered well and in a timely manner by you. This motivates the visitors to visit your page repeatedly and they will have more interest in the discussion, rather than only dry reading. Also add photos and links to your fan page so that more people like and share your stuff online and on facebook.

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