5 Ways to Get Genuine Comments on Your Blog

blog-commentingDo you always wonder that you get visits to your blogs, but no one leaves comments and feedback for your posts? Comments works like wonders, it helps you to get improved with your writing and expressing style, plus you also get room of fresh ideas and scope for superior quality posts and write ups.

Believe me, when my guests’ readers and subscribers leave comments and feedbacks on the blog posts, I feel modest pride for my creation. Same thing you can derive when you see that your readers have left compliments in the comment posts or feedbacks on how the matter was presented which needs rectification and clarification.

Here are five useful ways to get more comments on your Blog-

Write excellent posts

A high quality posts help your readers to get updated information about your blog niche. Posts are required to be grammatically correct and should contain fresh and updated information. With help of good posts, you can attract your visitors and get more traffic for your blog. It is rightly said that content is king, and you must ensure that quality of bog posts matters lot rather than quantity of posts.

Add CommentLuv plugin

CommentLuv plugin is a new sensation in the WordPress plugin lists, as it is useful for bloggers who wants to offer their readers an advanced plugin and enable them to socialize the comments. This plugin is available for free in the WordPress, though you can also acquire a premium copy of plugin which will help you to make your post viral. It will also help you to increase interactions among the readers on your blog, which is good way of gaining real traffic for blogs posts.

Add KeywordLuv plugin

Another effective tool for getting more comments to your blog posts is to have premium copy of KeywordLuv plugin. It helps your readers to add keyword in their name links when they leave comments to the posts. You can reward them with this anchor keyword and let them benefit something in return.

Be responsive

Many bloggers do not understand the value of answering to the blog comments. When you see a blog comment,spend some time to respond them. Make your visitors feel special and let them know that you value their comments and feedbacks. Responding to comments is a positive thing that helps you to get to know more about your readers and increase interactions among many visitors in the blog. However, it is recommended that response should be brief and concise.

Never approve Spam Comments

Many times spam comments fill your inbox. Spam comments not only spoil for your SEO of the blog but also make your blog look like low quality site with no superior thing to offer. You can control spam comments and should not approve them if you are manually moderating comments. WordPress itself has a Plugin named Akisment to prevent spam comments. You will need to register with Akismet and get the key to activate it. And it is completely free to use. Also approve only good comments and make the readers feel the quality of your blog.

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