7 Tips Awesome Headlines that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers

Let’s be honest. If you plant a lot of value to your headline? Or you write more easily rid of it. Publish your contribution. Lean back, relax and wait.

You wait that you visitors beat a path to the door. You promise you more readers.And more feedback. But nothing happens. Silence. The only thing that happens is the chirping of crickets … and a hay bale, which blows slowly across the screen.

Why is that? At your headline. Your headline is the most important element of your blog article.

Lars reader sees your heading in his RSS reader, in his Google search results and in its social media timeline. He sees them everywhere. And he decides there only on the basis of the headline. He thinks to himself: “If the promise of the headline worth my time?”. If you do not convince here, then you’ve already lost.

The good thing about headlines right now is that it is not art, but rather a science.That’s why I’ve been here 15 headline formulas that you just have to fill out to get more visitors.

1. How do you [coveted thing / property]

That’s classic. And I’m a big fan of “How are you” -Überschrift. I would advise you always to start with a “How are you” -Überschrift. Why?

Because it forces you to automatically provide a benefit. It forces you to think about what Lars reader has it.

He gets more money? More beautiful experiences with his family? More sales?Less stress? A guide on how to change the air conditioning in his Audi A4 B6?

Let’s look at this time three simple examples:

  • As you earn more money with blogging
  • How do you get more time with your family
  • How do you change the air conditioning of your Audi A4 B6

2. How do you [simple task] and [benefit / desire]

That’s almost the same heading. But copywriter David Garfinkel points out that there is a hiding importance here.

Thus implies “How you win friends and influence people” this: It looks like that when you reach the first easy task (to win friends), automatically the second utility or desire achieved (human influence).

Even though it is not necessarily logically makes sense. The order of the words and our perception are to blame here.

But let’s look at more examples:

  • How do you write blog articles and get plenty of visitors
  • How do you breathe correctly and are less stressed
  • How do you write 1,000 words every day and a best-selling author will

3. How do you [action] while [other act]

OK. This is the last “How do you” -Überschrift. Promised! (You see, I am a true fan.)

In this “How do you” -Headline’s interesting how you do something while you’re doing something else entirely. Even more exciting is when you make it a bit controversial.

Look at you times the following controversial examples:

  • How do you write blog posts while you sleep
  • How you make money while you surf in Australia go
  • How do you get more visitors, while you hang with Facebook

4. 7 ways [to do something / result]

This is the classic List Post. Whether you now “7 Habits …”, “7 Reasons …”, “7 tips …”, “7 Tricks …”, “7 Methods …” or “7 Otherwise what …” take.

“List Post” and headlines with “How are you” are headlines work best. They spread virally. This is evidenced by  this study.

List Posts work because they deliver a specific promise. Lars reader knows exactly how much time he has to spend about and what it exactly expected.

They provide bite-sized pieces. Lars does not read your article and word by word.First he scanned him … and then decide whether it’s worth reading. A List Post helps him as enormous.

Let’s take again a look at our examples:

  • 7 ways to write better headlines
  • 10 Reasons Why List Posts always work
  • 13 WordPress plug-ins that you bring more shares

5. 101 paths for [event / thing / process]

This is again a List Post. But one particular. That’s a real Klopper!

So an article is rather no articles, but a resource. Lars reader will get link to share the article, bookmark and call him again and again. So a resource simply provides a real benefit and is “worthy of sharing”.

As a guide, can you remember that to 20 still read all points. Everything from 20 is more than just flown over. And almost no one really reads all 101 routes.

Meanwhile, can you piece together themselves already. But anyway here are three examples:

  • 101 Ways to Get More Traffic with Your Blog
  • 101 ways to get more traffic
  • 106 quotes about entrepreneurship

6. 37 [phrase] for [audience]

In this “List Post” -Überschrift is particularly pleased that we involve the audience.Werbetext legend Claude Hopkins said in 1920 already that your headline should choose the audience.

And you choose automatically with a specific headline audience. (If you are more blog visitors are describing, for example, in your headline, then you will attract the attention of bloggers.)

But here you choose the audience directly and mention it. That makes it more specific and thus more appealing for Lars reader.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • 37 Tools for Smart Blogger
  • 13 safety tips for motorists
  • 10 ways to look good naked – for men with beer bellies

7. The 10 best [phrase]

Here we have a list post of a different kind. The entire chart shows on RTL function according to this principle.

Here you make a preselection for Lars reader. The title communicates that thou hast made thee trouble and the best 10 Something has picked out. This also demonstrates your knowledge in this area.

10 is also a small, manageable number. It is a hand-picked selection. It is the tip of the iceberg.

Wunderbar a headline is so even if you make other bloggers to your attention and praise kassieren want.

Here again are three examples:

  • Top 10 bloggers who write via blogging
  • The 10 best SUV’s
  • Best 10 Pancake Recipes

Bonus: Do You Make These 13 errors with your [term]

This is an  old title, the copywriter Max Sackenheim wrote. For 49 years to beat this no other Test-headline. But what makes this title so enticing?

At first glance, it is a specific question. That is in itself good. The inconspicuous little word “these” in combination with “Error” make the difference here. Lars reader automatically raises the question: “Am I making these mistakes?”. His attention is aroused. Because none of us likes to make mistakes. Or?

Let’s look at a few more examples:

  • Do You Make These 10 Mistakes with your blog?
  • Do You Make These errors during strength training?
  • You do this 3 Error setting your goals?

Bonus: If you want more [benefit / desire]?

This is a classic again. The Wall Street Journal has “Everyone who wants to look like a movie star?” Taken the original and “Who wants to be promoted?” Made it.

This enticing headline worked for 47 years. But what makes them so special?

The inconspicuous little word “still”. The “more” implies  Social Proof. It implies that it makes everyone. Just not you. Although we do not want to admit it like, we humans are herd animals. We do what the majority does.

And here the last three examples:

  • If you want to make money with his blog?
  • Who wants this summer yet a six-pack?
  • If you want even less stress and more peace in your life?


No matter how perfectly your text may be. If you put your focus on the actual text (while the headline forgets), then you have little chance. Because if your headline is not convinced, then your class text is simply not read.

Therefore attach great importance to your headline.

Then it is more likely that you visitors beat a path to the door … and you get more readers and more feedback.

Oh … and one more thing. Of course, your headline must also deliver what it promises. But I think that’s clear anyway.

But now you’re turn. Give you the formulas to write better headlines?

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