8 Golden Ways To Convert Your Traffic into Greater Profits

8 Golden Ways To Convert Your Traffic into Greater Profits

Do you own a website where you get a huge traffic every day? How about converting your traffic to a good profit? This may sound strange to you, but it is possible! Following are some of the best ways to convert your traffic into greater profits.

#1 – Sell Products and Services

If you have some good products or services to offer, you can make a good income from your high traffic website or blog. For most bloggers, selling Ebooks is a good source of income. Selling others’ products won’t give you much profit. If you have your own product, you get all the profit! It is better to sell digital products so that they can be downloaded easily after the purchase. Physical products are hard to sell because it involves shipping and delivery! And it will take more time and effort from you!

#2 – Build an Opt-In list

Building a mailing list will be a difficult task for most of the webmasters. But remember that there are a lot of benefits that you can get from a mailing list. If you build a wonderful list of subscribers, you can make them your customers! But it should be handled carefully. Sending useful newsletters should be your first move. Try to introduce your products in newsletters, but in a careful manner.

Most webmasters send email newsletters and introduce a product at the last of their email content. It is trick to impress your subscribers. You won’t lose them because you are sending useful newsletters! And it is useful for you because you can introduce your products in a tricky way.

#3 – Viral marketing

Viral marketing helps you increase publicity! Provide free themes, Ebooks or any others digital products so that your readers can use them for free. It is a good way to attract more readers and visitors. If they are interested with your free products, they will surely try premium products too! If you have no premium products to sell with free products, its still okay! Viral marketing increases the visibility and branding! Once you have a good number of visitors, you can apply some other money making methods.

#4 – Pay per click Ads

Pay per click ads are popular income sources! You can find a lot of advertising programs that pay you for each click. Famous PPC advertising Programs are Adsense, Chitika, Kontera etc. Google Adsense has strict policies and sometimes it is hard to get approval by them. If you have good content that follows their guidelines, you will be approved.

#5 – Sell ad spaces

Websites having huge traffic normally sell ad spaces to third parties. Third parties pay the webmaster upfront for a month based on the traffic and popularity of the website or blog. Most webmasters make hundreds and even thousands of dollars by selling ad spaces on their site. You can also create pop-up ads on your website. But these ad formats are not recommended because they will give an annoying experience to the visitor!

#6 – Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs will be a good option if you have no products to sell. Affiliates programs pay you a commission for each sale made by you. You can place banner ads or affiliate links on your website. There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet. Affiliate programs has a lot of advantages because you don’t need to know about the product shipping, customer service, issue of refund or any other thing related to affiliate purchases.

Having a website with huge traffic can be a good source of income if you done it right. You can try your own unique methods too. Above methods are popular, but your own ideas can make it wonderful!

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