8 Great Ways To Get Free Quality Traffic To Your Site

8 Great Ways To Get Free Quality Traffic To Your SiteTraffic generation is one of the most important aspects to any online business to be successful. Many blog owners think that once the blog is up and running the visitors will come on their own and start spreading the content on the site. But, in reality, this is not even close to truth. Such thing happens when you have created a reputation in the niche after giving a lot of quality content to your visitors and created a respectable stature in their minds. But for the beginners it is other way round. No matter how good your blog content is, it is apparent that you have to drive traffic to your site and keep it coming continuously.

Here are some of the greatest ways through which we can drive free traffic to our sites and monetize it.

  1. Facebook – This source of traffic has made the first on my list of free traffic sources because it is one of the easiest places where most of the people hang out and interact with each other. Most of the social media sites are a great place to begin driving traffic. Facebook, in particular, has many features which makes the sharing of content very easy and viral. If you have got great content which will be liked by some people, chances are, it will be liked by many other people as well. This liking and sharing of information creates a viral effect and your site gets tons of traffic for creating and sharing content for once.
  2. Blogs – If you are a prolific writer you can create various free blogs on wordpress.com or blogger.com and connect them to your main site. This will create dozens of sites linking to your site and driving traffic. Moreover, the search engines will also rank you higher as they see various sites linking to your main site. These are called backlinks. Search engines like content filled sites. When these sites link to your site, your site’s ranking will go up in the search engine.
  3. Google and Yahoo – The search engines are know to bring huge generic traffic. Although it is a great way to bring in free traffic by anyone, it usually is perfected and exploited by many seasoned marketers to get their results on the top page of the search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization and requires some technical knowledge and expertise to implement. Nevertheless, if your blog takes care of some basic SEO, it can surely show up on the front pages of search engines and bring in some good amount of traffic.
  4. Forums – Forums are a great place to start discussing about a certain hot topic and then diverting other users to your site. There are various rules which you need to comply before being a member and posting on forums but if you keep providing value and solving problems of the other users they will definitely reciprocate and may become your regular readers.
  5. Yahoo Answers – People will always have questions and there are always answers to those questions. If you are into a particular market then searching for those topics on yahoo answers which deal with the aspects of your market will help you drive traffic to your site. Some people will post questions on yahoo answers and other users will answer to them. The mantra is to provide value or direct them where they can find the solution to what they are searching for.
  6. Slideshare – It is one of the presentation sharing sites from quite some time. People from all walks of life share their power point presentations on this site. This site is free to join and users can freely download the presentations posted by other users. This gives a great scope of presenting your knowledge and linking them to your site. A small 10-15 slides presentation will make the viewers perceive you as an expert in that field and will want to learn more from you. The slides can contain a footer with your web url or you may just add the url in the description box.
  7. Youtube – Video archive site are one of the major traffic generation sites for most of the websites today. People love watching videos rather than reading a long text. They want the practical application of concept of a thorough step by step process shown to them through a video. Depending on the market you can make a small research on what people are searching and make an informative video on that. The search engines too show up videos related to the searches on top of other webpages.
  8. Squidoo Lens – This is one of the sites which create lots of backlinks to your site. The user can create individual lens on a particular topic. The website is quite interactive and other squidoo users can post a comment on your lens. This gives you a scope to reach thousands of users and promote your site.

So folks, these were the 8 great sources of free traffic which can be better than paid sources. Your visitors already have perceived you to be an expert in the field and as such are more likely to become your subscribers and customers. The rule of thumb is to keep giving quality content to the users and then giving clear call to action. There are definitely many more sources which I have left out.

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