Backlinks – How To Create Genuine And Quality Backlinks To Your Website

How To Create Quality And Genuine Backlinks To Your SiteBacklinks are the links which you get to your site through various sources. Having an army of backlinks from quality sources is one of the best ways to get huge traffic and sales on your site.

Any link placed on other sites with a reference to your site may be called as a backlink. It can be either blog comment, an article posted on ezine articles, a guest blog posted on related blogs, a press release, other blogs linking to your site etc.

The question of why to have quality backlinks arises when we are dealing with the search engine optimization. The search engines check whether your site gets backlinks from other reputed sites. The assumption is that if your site is being linked to by other reputed sites then probably your site is a genuine one and reputed as well. Therefore your site will get higher ranks in the search engine results.

Many internet marketers try to get quick backlinks by purchasing them from some other websites. These are not natural backlinks and are being bought for the purpose of artificially increasing the count of links. Earlier this strategy worked well. But with the recent Panda and Penguin updates to the Google search engine algorithm this trick has become obsolete. All the sites which used such a way of getting backlinks have seen a drastic drop in their search engine rankings.

Many genuine websites which have been building their reputation from quite some time have seen a considerable improvement in the search engine rankings. Google now gives more importance to the authority sites which are highly informative in nature and add value to the users visiting it.

Since creation of quality and natural backlinks cannot be automated it has become difficult now for the webmasters to rank up high in the search engines. Many people do strive hard to use other means to get quality backlinks, but as far as it is not a natural link it is not worthy to be tried.

Usually if an individual can provide immense value to some authority site by helping them out with some stuff or adding something extra to the already beneficial content on their site, chances are, he will get a natural link to his site.

We find many websites where people do guest blogging and in the author box they link back to their site. Although guest blogging can be quite tedious when you are writing an entire blog post between 350 – 500 words just for a link back to your site, it can create loyal followers from that authority site. People will start recognizing your authority in the topic being discussed and will naturally want to learn more from you.

Helping other huge websites to find out some flaws in their structure can also be used to get a link back from them as a thank you to you. So, say, you find out some dead link on their site. It is a bad sign to the site’s visitors that there is a dead link on that site. It shows carelessness on the site owners’ part. Therefore if you can give him better option to replace that content to the content on your site, you have a quality backlink there.

Some of the authority sites like Youtube, Wikipedia etc all can contribute in making your site more authoritative in nature. If you post a video on Youtube, Google will see that your site is being linked to by Youtube which is owned by Google now. Therefore the search results will be more inclined towards giving you higher ranks on the search engine. Moreover, say, you have uploaded a video and you are linking it back to your site on which there is more content, chances are, your multiple pages get higher ranks on the search engine pages.

Apart from the creating backlinks manually you will also have to create a very informative content on your site. When other people find that your site is helping many people find what they are searching for they are naturally inclined to link to you. It makes them genuine in the eyes of their readers. Sometimes people will want to quote you in their articles. So, if you can give proper linking and some catchy phrases people will definitely want to check out your site.

Backlinks are next to factors such as unique content, site-speed and low bounce rate continues to be one of the most crucial criteria for a good ranking in search engines. But where take if not steal?

That question was raised quickly, as soon as one looks at the search engine optimization. One would like to quickly and as inexpensively as possible to build many and influential backlinks, wherein each time deal puts his own strategy and with different methods makes good or bad experiences.

For me it was no different. Even though I would not describe myself as a SEO professional as SEO makes up only about 15% of my actual work, so of course I looked for meaningful sources for my link building, when I automatically made me 5 years ago. Since then I have collected some free sources, which I myself like to call as a Link Building Basics. The great thing: they are all for free and if it is done properly, highly relevant topics.


Like so much in life needs the Link Building a goal to be successful and measurable.This objective may, for example, you would like to come up with the keywords “SEO link building” among the top 3 Google Sites. It is often useful to bridle a target from behind to reach the individual steps which are necessary to achieve this objective. In the specific case:

  • Continuously build content-relevant follow backlinks with different link text from different sides and this deposit at best, with about matching unique content.

For this link building you can use the following sources (other ways of backlink building, such as a linkbait are similar not discussed in this article, for these appear separate article):

Press Releases

Press releases are very suitable for link building, as they put the links in a topic-relevant context and there is also the possibility that editors take up the press release and write an additional linked to your website articles. Press releases should of course be issued only for really important things. A guide to writing a press release you can find here.Free press portals where you can post your message: openpr, dailynet and Companies Press. Of course there are many more, but these are the ones with the highest German reach and the messages of dailynet example are partially also listed in Google News.

social media

If you participate in social media, you hit two birds with one stone: first, you go with the zeitgeist, which is in particular to thank you, the younger generation of your visitors.Secondly, you will receive with each of you written post a backlink, which is greater, the more he at Facebook geliked and shared or Twitter is retweeted. Some Twitter pages also achieve quite quickly a very high Pagerank. Also Google+ brings you free backlinks.


Forums are very well suited for your own link building, since not only the signature often follow links are allowed, but own links can also be accommodated in the thread, if they are relevant topics and refer to good articles or site areas. It is however important that the Forum posts are solid. Spam submissions recognizes Google now quite well and evaluates the links accordingly. Meaningful forums for link building are eg GoogleGroups, and Seitenreport Forum. Important here is mainly the content relevance of threads to their own pages.

Comments in blogs

Even Blogs are a good way to accommodate through our own (sensible) comments backlinks to their own pages. If you want to operate with your comments incidentally link building, it is important to make sure that the links in the posts have no rel = “nofollow” attribute. Depending on the topic, there are many good blogs in which the Comment worth (including here in blog).

Social Bookmarks

The inclusion of social bookmarks, eg with Digg and may also be very helpful. Here, however, you should make sure that you choose effective keywords and a meaningful description of your Bookmarks. The more members bookmark your site, the higher the link power.

Social News

About social news portals you make your news and articles quickly known and reap the same time a backlink, which is all the more valuable, higher up is your contribution and how long he can keep up (how many times he is so rated by other positive). The most important social news portals are: t3n social news, Furl.

Web catalogs

Web directories(R-TT Directory,So Much,Directory World,All The Websites,) are link building rather out as an entry in this no longer has the benefit that he had once. However, there are still web directories, in which an entry is worth, for example, when it is very thematically relevant catalogs.

Web Directories

For directories, it behaves similarly to the web directories. Votes can here an entry in DMOZ and even at websitewiki be. However, you should give these also do not promise too much. It makes more sense to find local web directories (eg a directory with websites of their own city, business directories, etc.) and to sign them. Here you have then direct a local assignment to your left, which is especially useful if you’re working regionally. If you run a blog, you can also make you in blog directories like technorati submit.

Classified Ads

If you free classified ads unlock, you can of course also there to accommodate your backlinks. Depending on in which categories listed your ad and how relevant topics is your ad to your website, can also achieve good results here. This method is of course only if you’re already active in the classifieds section. Spam should be avoided in every way, because this is not only no benefit, but would actually hurt you in link building. If in doubt you should always consult a professional installer who is familiar with search engine optimization.


Even eBay is good for your backlinks, if you’re there and active, for example, are running an eBay Store. This additional link building is particularly suitable if you are running an online store and cover the products and topics of your auctions with your online store.

Backlinks are still one of the most important factors for a good search engine ranking.This will change not great in the foreseeable future because the major search engines Google, and Bing have built their algorithm on the review of linking structures. While many additional factors (eg the inclusion of in recent years Website Performance)added to the importance of backlinks but this has not changed.

On dealing with the tips

The following 5 strategies are partly a bit more time consuming than the methods of the previous contribution, but provide for backlinks that long endure and potentially more LinkPower can deliver. Important is the backlink building – like everywhere in the SEO sector – especially their own perseverance.

Public User Profiles

Many portals offer to the public user profiles that can be indexed by search engines (among other Page Report). The trick now is not easy to write a backlink and hoped that the page of Google is indexed, but fundamentally, once and detail out the profile. Due to the low density and content of similarity to other user profiles, the Profile page can otherwise easily get stuck in any of Google’s relevance filters.

User profiles are mostly related to contributions made. Regular (in forums) contributions, “friends-with” and similar opportunities to improve the degree of relevancy addition. Another service that is well suited for profile backlinks is Flickr. This relies on the profile pages a no nofollow attribute and thus provides good backlinks.

Write Guest Article

In almost every area, there are editorial portals that look forward to a guest article.Guest articles (editorial texts, which are published on a foreign site) are an ideal way to get free backlinks. At the same time they help to build an expert status and bring traffic to your own website. It is important to write guest articles always in areas where it knows himself very well. So the writing is slightly out of hand and the free backlinks is no obstacle.

Publish Extensions for popular CMS

It often happens that is written for clients or for their own use CMS Extensions. These may be useful extensions for TYPO3, Joomla or WordPress. If they are designed from the outset so that other can be used, can be very easily collect backlinks with Extensions. The simplest method is to deposit the relevant backlinks in the documentation or as an author info.

Publish PHP and AJAX scripts

Also PHP scripts work well for the backlink structure. They can be both free and available for a fee on various portals. Backlinks there regardless. Known portals for the publication of PHP scripts include php-resource and php-free. The better a script is evaluated here, the earlier it is listed on the portals. The more value is then also obtained backlink.

etc. eBooks, Templates, Icons give away

There are many bloggers who like to talk about Freebie actions like giving away eBooks, Templates or icons. These may be things that have been developed within the framework of its projects, experiences or even new-builds, which serve the sole purpose of backlink acquisition. Good freebies spread almost of its own accord as soon as the starting signal (eg, was given a post on Twitter).

Organize Sweepstakes

Contests are the same marketing campaign as backlink suppliers. Above all, the raffle of virtual goods, it is well suited to the backlink structure, since it apart from some time cost nothing. Examples are “gains 1 question to our experts,” “Win a free test account” etc.


There are many ways to operate an effective link building. It is important to keep at it and expand the backlinks is more resistant. More importantly, however, are good content, fresh ideas or great services. Because these are sometimes linked without your intervention. More on this in another article. Subscribe also to Article Feed to be kept informed about new products or subsequent page report on Facebook. In this sense.

A final word on creating hoard of genuine backlinks is to provide value to those sites which are already receiving heavy traffic and linking back to your site. Smaller sites will link to you by themselves, but to make the authority sites link to you, you will have to provide something in return.


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