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More and more people these days choose not to be tied to an office, a schedule and a steady paycheck. Some seek to offer their services to various companies, while others choose to be entrepreneurs, perhaps with few resources but a lot of creativity. Working as a freelancer for such companies has now become the latest trend among the young professionals.

Taking a professional activity on a freelance basis is something that scares many, but with the increasingly professional crises, most of the professionals have been encouraged to establish their own businesses or take up freelancing works. Definitely, a monthly salary in a company may seem more attractive, but nowadays, with high unemployment and economic crisis, working as a freelancer has a number of advantages that cannot be overlooked.

Here I will briefly review some of the advantages of working as a freelancer.

Advantages of freelance work in the Internet age

First of all, one of the most attractive advantages of being a freelancer is to be your own boss. That is obvious, that no one escapes from working under someone who will be paying you, but here you have your own liberty how you want to work! This is something that you should try once in your lifetime at least. It will be us, who will have the option to choose to work where, when and how! Of course that may be more cumbersome, because we have to be commercial, and accounting workers while but today more and more tools that facilitate the task.

If you are a designer, architect, developer, editor, community manager, or someone who can do the work from a distance, Internet will make the task a lot. In fact, it is a great resource.

Another advantage of being a freelancer is that it can cost very little money. Working online can be pursued without investing much money and time. Here I am talking about virtual desktops, cloud computing or real-time communication, such as those Google offers.

Some of the job profiles, which you can take up as a freelancer globally, are!

Content Editor

You can work for online newspapers, news portals, bloggers or websites specialized in some issues. Are you an expert on any subject? This could be your opportunity to make money online. In this case, you should always be motivated by advertising on your blog, the same way you can promote third-party products or even if you demonstrate your expertise on a certain subject, you could sell your own products.

Web Designer / Programmer

Web design and programming jobs are highly demanded in today’s Internet world. SMEs require people capable of creating their online presence, whether an e-commerce or web page. Today almost anyone can design a website with CMS like WordPress, Shopify or any or ecommerce software.

Community Manager

Social networks like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook have opened completely new field oriented professions, which have marked their profitable online presence that companies have in these networks. Today you have thousands of online and offline profiles of the community managers.

Web Analytics

This comprises everything related to obtaining and measuring the results of a site, and designing strategies to optimize the website in order to improve results.

Virtual Assistant

The job profiles include carrying out tasks such as web services, email marketing, and reporting of results from a website or online business.

Other professions

It includes other professions that allow you to sell your services online, as a photographer, personal shopper, or in general any profession in which you can develop your personal brand, have a very powerful Internet channel. Such professions straddle between being a job and a business.

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