Contact Form 7 – A True All Rounder and The Best Contact Form Plugin For WordPress

In WordPress there is for me only a contact form – Contact Form 7. In addition to this very good plugin are other plugins for contact forms. Why I can recommend Contact Form 7 warmly I show you like.

Contact Forms in WordPress

In addition to the imprint the contact form on normal blogs and websites is to take the most common point of contact with the operator to contact.
Who operates his side with a business idea and want to generate attention thus contacts. To convert a visitor at a later customers is very important the possibility of contact. This interface between visitors and you can be prepared using the contact form.

The plugin Contact Form 7 from Japanese developer Takayuki Miyoshi is my favorite.

10 reasons why I would recommend Contact Form 7 (CF7)

The list is to be understood without judgment order.

  • The developer is active

    A plugin without constant development will die with no new features.Increase the risk of security and known gaps are not closed.

  • Expandable with Hooks and filters

    Who has unusual ideas with a contact form or must implement its customer has a good basis for expansion.
    The expansion by Hooks remains the actual code intact and updates do not destroy your hard work.

  • Several receivers and is easy to use

    Sometimes a contact to multiple recipients must be sent. This feature is supported by most plugins.
    However CF7 also offers various design possibilities for different recipients.

  • Multilingual

    The plugin provides the voice files for many languages ​​of the world with.Those who love the features and want to use them in other languages ​​has it a free hand.

  • Compatible with Tracking Tools

    If need terms like conversion optimization, CTR and Co come in tracking tools are used. Instructions such as Google Analtytics is used I have already written.

  • Easy to style

    Each blog brings his own style, so there is a contact form must also insert in accordance with the overall picture.

  • There are very useful addons

    At this point I’ll detail later.

  • There is widespread

    Error in plugin be found quickly and remedied quickly in interaction with the active developer with the proliferation.

  • It is multisite compatible

    The support of the multisite feature of WordPress is still supported insufficiently. In my experience in this area CF7 was none of the problem-maker.

  • There is documentation and FAQ available

    In case of problems, the documentation will help, in addition you can have your questions answered in the FAQ.

Expand Contact Form 7

Having praised the plugin so I’m With the extensions with plugins explain this as well.
So far I was able to realize all the wishes and ideas in order, it was not so easy at the beginning but with the correct knowledge is everything.

Useful Addons

Through the proliferation already exist to expand finished plugin to Contact Form. 7

Really Simple CAPTCHA

I do not believe captchas because they hinder the contact but some people already plagued by spam and need this plugin.


Flamingo provides an alternative to sending the messages via email. It stored the information of the form in the database.

Contact Form 7 DatePicker

The Date Picker (date and time selection) is very common. With the jQuery UI, a date can be determined very easily. In addition to the date and time information can be selected. It is also possible to exclude certain period, for booking requests within the opening times of this extension is ideal.

Contact Form 7 Modules: Hidden Fields

This plugin is more for programmers. The hidden fields values ​​can be transmitted invisible to the normal visitors.

Contact Form 7 Modules: Send All Fields

If that individual choose the modules too strenuous is able to read and store it in the email with this plugin all the values ​​that were stored in the contact form.

This 5 plugins expand the possibilities enormously and all compatible with updates of the main plugins. The good programming and integration of hooks and filters allow for such extensions.

Expand CF7 itself

The plugin now offers the possibility to create your own marker. Thus in addition to the standard components, individual solutions can be customized to create your needs. How to do this is available in a separate blog post.

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