Edit Flow – The editorial calendar for larger blogs

What is a Read action plan and why it is not wrong for bloggers, I have been in post: editorial calendar for bloggers explained. For WordPress there are several plugins that fulfill the functions of a response plan. Today is about the WordPress Plugin Edit Flow.

Plan the sequence of reaction with Edit Flow

I’m looking for a tool for editorial Plane in WordPress, is often spoken of the plugin Editorial Calendar. This allows for a simple overview of the contributions. In aforementioned post I wanted to compare the available plugins. When researching me, however, is Edit Flow noticed positive and therefore I put the plugin before individually.

As the name suggests, is Edit Flow handles the processes in an editorial. In an editorial, there are several people who are editors and a certain hierarchy that determines the quality and the publication. To view the image contents, photographers care. Edit Flow accepts these structures and transmits it in WordPress.

Phases a new post

A new contribution passes in a newsroom always several phases until it finally published.The idea for a theme is the birth of the latest contribution (pitch). These phases are included as post status and can be selected by users.

The phases at a glance

  • Pitch
  • Assign
  • In Progress
  • Draft
  • Pending Review
  • Scheduled

In the German version of WordPress unfortunately the name for Draft and Review Austehender not fit. But this can be fixed quickly in the Edit Menu Flow Custom Statuses.There is the possibility to adapt the names accordingly.

Setting a contribution

The procedure to create a new post, does not differ from the usual handling hab. “Create Post” On we will get a new post we can equip with title, url and content. Edit Flow brings a special Meta box (box in the back) with the name Editorial Metadata.

Within the Editorial Metadata date can be set when the contribution is to present content.(When the first draft needs to be ready.) In addition, there is space around the contents of the article to explain. In addition to the information about whether a photo desired, we will also find an input surface to deposit the number of words needed.

All are Informs

The Benachrichtungssystem when the status changes of the contribution, can all those involved at the cutting edge be.
So subsequent work can be completed in a timely manner by this information. It is possible to distribute the information according to user groups or to select specific user.

Comments and improvements

Not every post is perfectly first time and needed one or the other of correction. The comment function can be addressed quickly and easily to changes or errors. In addition to the text, there is also the person who wrote the comment.

Planning the editors

Edit Flow brings a calendar function, in which all contributions are clearly displayed. So posts can be changed quickly in date. This feature improves the scheduling of contributions enormously. The calendar offers in addition to the standard view of the ways to see all the posts of a special status. So fast you gain an overview of where are the individual contributions.

In addition, only individual categories can be displayed that helps larger newsrooms, where the employees are divided into different categories. The last selection is the list of posts per user. So I can see quickly when each user has already written his new posts or planning.

Conclusion with the editorial plan of Edit Flow

This tool can also be larger blogs operate professionally. By functions WordPress is suitable as an editorial tool for several bloggers. The division into different user groups brings a certain hierarchy. A big advantage I see in the Kommunikation.Durch the comments and notifications can be used directly in the contributions and all are up to date.

As the biggest advantage I see the calendar. This can quickly move posts. Individually adjust each variant on the topic screens makes it very time-consuming. By drag and drop principle, the contributions are quickly arrived at the right place

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