Google Chrome Extension to Check Dofollow, Nofollow Links

Google Chrome Extension to Check Dofollow, Nofollow LinksHow to check a link is no follow or do follow in a website automatically with help of a Google Chrome Browser Extension / Plugin?

Are you link builder or blogger who will spend time with building links? Then you have already heard about 2 type of variations in text links called as “No follow and Do follow”. If you don’t know, check about them below.

Do follow: If a link is do follow, then all search engine bots will follow that link and that link will get link juice and ranking in SERP.

No follow: If a link is no follow, then search bots will avoid that link and its not helpful to improve ranking of your site. Practically no follow links are useless but may be some times useful to get traffic. Definitely No follow links are not useful to increase Page rank or rankings.

I hope you got the point how important link type is, so whenever you building links make sure your link is do follow. It will take tons of time to check a link do follow or no follow in manual process, So I suggest you to use a Google Chrome Extension which is able to check a link is having do follow attitude or not. That extension / plugin Called as Link parser.

Note: Link parser is available for Mozilla Firefox also.

Install Link Parser for Goolge Chrome Here

How to Use Link Parser In Google chrome to check link type? 

  • Once you have installed linkparser in your browser, Next you will get a icon added to your browser (Top Right)

google chrome plugin for dofollow

  • Open the page which you would like to check links.
  • Now click on that icon, it will show all links in 2 different colors.
  • Red color Indicates ”Nofollow”, Green color Indicates “Dofollow”
  • So if your link is showed in Green, then its do follow 🙂

Nofollow linkdofollow link


It will automatically shows the attitude of all links in that web page, So its very helpful for you. I used this chrome plugin to find blogs enables do follow commenting system. If you contributed any guest post in any blog? then you should check they make your link nofollow or dofollow.


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