Google’s Hummingbird and Link Building Strategy

humming-birdGoogle released yet another animal into the wild, and to our surprise it wasn’t black and white animal like the Panda or Penguin. Hummingbird was released in late September, on the exact date of Google’s 15th birthday. The Hummingbird algorithm offers a more natural way for everyone to use search engines. With Hummingbird, search engines can now better understand the human language rather than specific keywords and keywords phrases. Why is this becoming the newest trend? The rise of mobile internet use has dramatically impacted the way users are using the internet and therefore, key phrases have changed as well.  So what does that mean for online marketers who have been using keywords and link building as the backbone of their campaigns?

Because Hummingbird aims to better understand human language and not just exact keyword matches, it is important for marketers to keep an eye with the keyword stuffing and exact match anchor texts. Not only should keywords be unique and relevant to the end users, but there should be a variety of keywords that are linking back to your site. As a best practice, marketers can stick to these long tail keyword guidelines:

  • 70% branded
  • 20% partial links
  • 10% exact match links

Understand Your Audience More

Because using the same keywords over and over again will no longer be as relevant for search, it is important for marketers to really understand who your audience is and what they are looking for exactly. By understanding the exact needs of your audience, you will be able to better tailor information that they are able to find quickly and effectively.

Use Your Words

We’ve all heard from our parents since we were young to ‘use our words’ and that could not be more true now for online marketers. Articles should now shift on an overall meaning of content rather than a specific keyword. Use a variety of different phrases that your audience could be looking for.

Become a Social Butterfly

Social signals are still in the hot spot with Google. The more your content is shared on social media, the more major search engines see your information as important and relevant. Also, become an active member in other communities and social networks that are relevant for your brand. Not only will this provide an opportunity to possibly  contribute content to other websites, but will also make you an industry leader as well.

Don’t let one of Google’s animals put you into hibernation and ruin your marketing campaign. Stay up to date with these trends and you are sure to build awareness for your brand through search.

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