How To Become a Product Tester and Earn Money From Home For Product Testing

As product tester can be relaxed working from home and either make money or keep the products tested. In this article you will find daily the best product tests and online surveys listed by category. Here it goes directly to the active product testing →
The premium product testers portals can be found as always “whole” at the end of the article.

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Toluna (recommendation)
Toluna (recommendation)

As a Toluna member you get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. Toluna has more than 4 million members.

GlobalTestMarket (recommendation)
GlobalTestMarket (recommendation)

As a member of GlobalTestMarket get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. GlobalTestMarket has already paid out a total of over 22 million euros to its members.

Nielsen (recommendation)
Nielsen (recommendation)

You get a free hand-held scanner with which you can scan your purchases. These are transmitted to Nielsen and you will ensure very high reimbursed. Only for Singles  under  29 years  possible.

Ipsos (recommendation)
Ipsos (recommendation)

As a member of Ipsos get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. Ipsos would like to express the views of consumers in experience. (recommendation)
recommendation (recommendation)

As a member of get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. You get points, which are then later exchanged for cash.

GfK (recommendation)
GfK (recommendation)

As a member of GRP you get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. GfK is Germany’s largest market research institute.

MySurvey (recommendation)
MySurvey (recommendation)

As a member of MySurvey you get daily new product tests and online surveys. They are paid for each attendance. The registration is free of charge. Lightspeed has already paid out over 12 million euros to its members.

50 induction kettle of Petra
50 induction kettle of Petra

50 induction kettle of Petra. Active until 06.12.2015.

6 testers for skincare of Noreva Dermocosmetic
6 testers for skincare of Noreva Dermocosmetic

6 testers for skincare of Noreva Dermocosmetic. Active until 30.11.2015.

500 Tester for Palmolive soap
500 Tester for Palmolive soap

500 Tester for Palmolive soap. Active until 11.29.2015.

Tester for skydivers animals
Tester for skydivers animals

Tester for skydivers animals. Active until 11.26.2015.

Tester for pirate masks made of foam
Tester for pirate masks made of foam

Tester for pirate masks made of foam. Active until 11.26.2015.

Tester for Dollar Ring - Gold Deluxe
Tester for Dollar Ring
3 quality "Dream Team" calendar 2016 Edition of PEIX
3 quality “Dream Team” calendar 2016 Edition of PEIX


3 Tester for personalized style guide from 3compliments
3 Tester for personalized style guide from
3 Tester for Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfums
Tester for board and card games for children and adolescents
Tester for board and card games for children and adolescents

Tester for board and card games for children and adolescents. Permanently active.


Why is there product testing?

The name makes it an idea ready: product tests are designed to test products. The tests are usually initiated by large companies which manufacture or distribute the products.

Use the product testing, the company can find out how the product arrives at its target group and if there is something to improve. This is important to align the production and development of new products accordingly.

 How is the product testing?

Test design by the company

The company that wants to get tested one of its products, is the test procedure follows: In the case of cosmetic products for example, the product is used regularly over a specified period by the testers. For technical equipment, it is the proper use. At Essen, however, a single or repeated tasting.

Application of the product testing

Then an appropriate target group is selected for the test of the product. In Cosmetics for women as an example that would then, of course, women, who deal regularly with cosmetics. The audience is then informed of different platforms on the forthcoming product test. Anyone who fits the target group, may subsequently apply to the product test.

Performance of the test

If you selected as product testers, so the product is a mailed. Along with the product to be tested, you also get detailed instructions on how to perform the test. In most cases the product is to be used as normal. If the test period expires, you will be tasked to submit a review.

Remuneration and Payment

Once you have completed the test successfully and sent the report to the company, it receives a fee which was agreed prior to the test. Either may keep the tested product easy, but you will receive a payment.

How can you earn money product testing?

Earn money, you can use the product testing when you participate in a paid test. Whether it is a paid test, learn fundamentally in the test description. So if there is mainly comes to you to make money with the product testing, then you should also pay attention to the paid product testing or to look around at the following institutes of market research

Important Product Tests find indeed held regularly, but it is difficult to secure an income that can be planned so. This is mainly due to the application process. Much better chances of tempered Minijob activity has, for example, in online surveys.

How can you get with product testing Gifts and Free Products?

The product tests that have not been paid, you will usually receive a gift or a free product. Very often one may just keep the product that you have tested. But there are also product tests in which you deliver the product tested again and will receive a thank you coupons for online stores or other gifts.

Also in the online surveys there are in addition to the paid version, the possibility to receive instead of money gifts and vouchers. Which companies are the one you can see in our comparison:


Benefits of product testing at a glance

What are the benefits of product testing? We have researched all the benefits for you:

  • exceptional secondary activity
  • nice perquisite or interesting coupons and gifts
  • to product testing can take, when you want
  • anyone can join

To provide product testing, especially for the following persons an extremely good and especially varied possibility is to casually dazuzuverdienen something:

  • Full-time employed persons
  • employed persons in part-time or part-time job
  • non-active persons
  • Mothers and fathers (including single parents)
  • Students

How to become a product tester?

As a Product Tester you have to register for free with a product test portal. All tested and reputable product test portals can be found here ↑

Example for Product Test target groups:

A cosmetics company wants to test how well received a new face cream with the public. Numerous tests have already proven the compatibility of the product. Now should only be tested, at which target group the product will resonate best, so that the campaign can be aligned accordingly. For this reason, the cosmetic company decides to carry out a product test, where 1,000 women are allowed to participate at the age of 20 to 40 years. Thus, the target group is intended for the test.

Once the target audience has been determined for the product test, the test will be advertised on the internet. For this purpose, there are many different ways. In this product test tenders can apply if you are interested then.

Where can I apply for product testing?

Need to be product testers you first of all find a reputable authority. Unfortunately, all is not gold in this industry that glitters. To experience should no nasty surprise you sign up exclusively with trusted companies. An overview reputable provider can be found here:

How do I know reputable product testing?

Before you apply for a product review, you should consider whether the offer is actually reputable. Unfortunately, many deals are namely anything but trustworthy.

These tips will help you to differentiate between serious and unserious product testing services: 

  • Afford not advance. Not even if explicitly requested by you. Reputable product tests are in principle free of charge for the tester. There is no registration fee and no other hidden costs. Many dubious providers on the Internet luring unwary test enthusiasts with tempting offers and can transfer money. If you follow the money order, so you never hear anything back from the company let alone of his money.
  • Pay attention to the seal that identifies a company on the Internet. Not every seal is genuine and meaningful strengthens. Meaningful seal come from large and well-known companies such as consumer protection.
  • Respond to any product tests in which the deals are formulated only spongy. It is safer to apply for product testing is described in detail.

Here you will find an overview reputable provider for paid surveys and product testing:  Click here for the recommended company ↓

What can you earn as a product tester?

How much you can earn as a product tester, depends mainly on what product you test and whether to participate in a paid product testing. Often product tests are remunerated at an hourly rate or per tested product. Providers who do not use financial compensation, offer the product testers coupons and free products as a thank you. This one can choose from a special selection is mean.

Testing electric products: To be product testers for electronics

TV, sound systems, cooling systems, etc. – also for electrical products is carried out now and then a product test. Although the tests for electronic products have become much less common, but if you look around carefully on the market, which can be chosen with a little luck and skill as a tester and even keep the device under test after most.

The tasks as a product tester for electronics

Who wants to test electronic products, which should enjoy a strong basic understanding of technical products. Most all starts with the fact that the tester must apply for the product test. The profile of the tester should be on the product, which is to be tested, tailored. Someone who applies for example for a DJ mixer test, which should be at least like a passionate amateur DJ who is familiar with the necessary equipment.

The task of the electronics product tester now is to use the product to be tested by a most precisely defined test procedure. Often the test foresees that makes the tester already during the entire test period notes on his observations. At the end of the test it, then again to a final evaluation. For this, special evaluation sheets are provided usually received by the tester at the beginning along with the test product.

How to become a product tester for electronics?

Most product testing for electronic running now starting in a professional setting, so that no single product testing be offered for this. One or the other test you will find, however, can certainly still. Potential test provider for electrical appliances was until some time ago, for example Conrad Electronics Shipping. To be able to still participate in the relatively rare electronics product testing today, you should log on to good information portals for product testing and keep regularly for new test offerings out.

Find out more …

Test cigarettes: To be product testers for cigarettes

Even if it might seem a bit strange … But even for cigarette product testers are sought. Finally, it goes straight in molluscs to ensure that this very well arrive at the consumer. This product tester job it goes around the tobacco smell, tobacco and tobacco turning Tasting …

The tasks as a product tester for cigarettes

Every year the roll billion turnover of the tobacco industry again. But as in any other industry even billions of competition is particularly high here. For this reason, tobacco companies product testers who have a nose for real tobacco. And in the truest sense: In fact, it goes in the testing of cigarettes not just about the taste of cigarettes, but it starts much earlier – namely the smell.

Depending on the test, it may be that different aspects of tobacco should be assessed and evaluated. Would be possible thereby a product test based on the smell of the tobacco, a test for the taste or also a test in which it comes to feel the tobacco. That would for example meadow important for those who want to turn their own cigarettes. A test can therefore be very diverse …

What is important is that one is a passionate connoisseur of cigarettes. Only in this way you will be able to judge the quality of taste, smell and consistency enough.

How to become a product tester for cigarettes?

Particularly common are currently two main variants: On the one hand there is the possibility to occasionally can test cigarettes deliver (several packages) home, you can then test in peace for several weeks. Finally written one review, which usually takes place in a multiple-choice method. A payment does not exist in this variant usually. For but one saves by the money for cigarettes.

Another option is to pursue a bona fide part-time job in which you will be operating as a product tester for cigarettes. Here we encounter tasks such as sensing and smelling of tobacco. Three to four times per week one goes in this variant to the test site and receives per test hour around 10 euros.

To be product testers for cigarettes, you should log on to test portals that announce new product tests regularly.


 Test cosmetics, personal care and household products

The company Schäfer is one of the largest and best known market research company in Germany. The Shepherd Market Research GmbH is specialized to test together with its product testers consumer. Together and on behalf of other companies test these among other well-known markets in the field of cosmetics and personal care as well as in the field of housewares, of foods, perfumes and many other.

The tasks as a product tester for Shepherd Market Research GmbH

Three different ways are there to act on behalf of the Shepherd Market Research GmbH. Firstly, you can take part in online surveys. To correct, physical product testing it is not here, however. Then there’s the product testing, that are linked to an online survey. The test product is a case mailed. The questionnaires can be found in front of the Internet. The last variant is to get sent to the test product and the questionnaire by mail. After the test, you send the evaluation just returned to the Shepherd Market Research GmbH back.

By the way: The products you can of course keep as a thank you after the test.

How to become a product tester for Shepherd Market Research GmbH?

You have to register only online To become product tester for the company. To register on the portal of Shepherd Market Research GmbH, however, you must be at least 18 years old and also lives in Germany.

Games test: To be product testers for Ravensburger

The company Ravensburger is one of the best known companies for board games, as well as for books, puzzles and other products. A total of around 1,600 employees are constantly working on ideas for new products. How this is to arrive at the end of the consumer, of course, incredibly important and must first be tested by a reiteration of product testers.

The tasks as a product tester for Ravensburger

As product tester for Ravensburger a regular basis new products of the company Ravensburger will be sent. This should of course you anschließend- mostly in Community – try. It is important to ensure that the games have a target group-oriented level of requirements and that the games are fun. Of course, there also a lot of criticism is needed. After testing a product, the tester should reflect his opinion as neutral as possible and can bring this to make the opinions of his teammates …

By the way: Who makes a particularly large and good product testing, which has at Ravensburger even the opportunity to become a VIP-Tester.

How to become a product tester for Ravensburger?

The product testing Ravensburger has even set up a special website. Here, interested parties can apply for the next round of testing. In the first round of testing, there were at least 7,000 people who wanted to take part in a product test for Ravensburger. New tests are in regular cycles – approximately every one to two months – published.


Test chocolates, cookies and other goodies: To be product testers for Milka

The variety of product testing seemingly knows no bounds: For confectionery products new product testers are regularly searched. In this case, it is the well-known and established confectioners Milka.

The tasks as a product tester for Milka

Product Tester of Milka received by mail a sample pack with all sorts of interesting variations of the chocolate variety. It is, however, not just about the taste of a delicious, because the test begins much earlier. Already on the packaging must be observed. At the end of the test, the tester should namely deliver its opinion on taste, texture and the product’s packaging.

How to become a product tester for Milka?

On the website of Milka is available to visitors of the horsemen “cow-munity” available. Here you can register as a prospective product testers for the newsletter to be informed regularly about the opportunities product testing. It may also make sense to look at the Facebook fan page. Again, it may be that new product tests are announced, to which one can apply.


Try different sweets: To be product testers for Nestlé

Even Nestlé can taste his latest creations of product testers, and then evaluate. And even here the product tester as a thank receives numerous tasty test products free of charge to home sent.

The tasks as a product tester for Nestlé

As product tester for Nestlé They are one of the first people who are allowed to pounce on the latest goodies the company. Nestlé is one of the best known manufacturers of chocolates, chocolates, cereals, drinks and more. Product Tester this brand can look forward to very much diversity test accordingly. The only cost to you as a tester is, at the end of the tasting make a small review of the tested product.

How to become a product tester for Nestlé?

Who for Nestlé products most want, which must go only to the Marketplace site of Nestlé. Here you can then just click on “Get Involved” and then on “product testing” click and already takes the process run its course. At the end you have to only register for the product tester newsletter, which regularly invites to new tasting. So we get the info first hand. On the tasting invitation one must then only apply yet to be chosen with a little luck for the test.


Testing beauty products: To be product testers for Olay

Another extremely interesting opportunity for product tester offers the beauty products manufacturer Olay: Whether face creams, nail polish or mascara and co – who will be product testers for Olay, the products that he is testing for the company and rated the reserve end must … And as you probably know are not cheap!

The tasks as a product tester for Olay

In the field of Beauty everything imaginable can be tested. From hair care to hair removal on skin care to the oral and dental hygiene. For its products, the company Olay regularly check for new product testers, or for new product testers – for Men products are not offers to Olay unfortunately. What therefore only counts is the opinion of women. Task of product testing is to test the beauty products over a specified period of time and apply to subsequently make an opinion that is communicated to the company.

How to become a product tester for Olay?

On the homepage of Olay can log in Olay Club is easy. As a member of this club you will be informed regularly about the latest promotions. Thus, you know one of the first people the communication to know when another beauty Test pending, are needed for the whole range of product testers. Of course it is important to match the target group of tests.


Testing Budget: To be product testers for Henkel

Also for the budget there are plenty of products – and year after year are added a number of new. Clearly the major product manufacturers like Henkel also want to know how to arrive the household products and for this reason are looking for product testers.

The tasks as a product tester for Henkel

Behind the manufacturer Henkel are several well-known brand products hide from the budget: Record Henkel has washing powders and detergents, cosmetics and adhesives Bref, about Perwoll, Pril to Spee. Regular line extensions are put on the market, which must of course previously made before the product testers in practice. Henkel therefore sends a to the corresponding products. These are then used properly by the product testers and finally evaluated after the test phase. The thank you for the effort is the product itself, which one gets left entirely free of charge.

How to become a product tester for Henkel?

To be allowed to test household products for Henkel have to register on the website of Henkel. In addition to numerous advantages, such as discount coupons for the next purchase, this results in the opportunity to participate in various product testing company.


Testing beauty products: To be product testers for Garnier

Another well-known companies, for which one can be active as a product tester, is the beauty product manufacturers Garnier. Garnier has in its range of products for the most part of the skin and hair care and cosmetics.

The tasks as a product tester for Garnier

As product tester for Garnier can test products in the category facial care, body care, hair care, deodorant and Coloration. The number of products that you get sent as a tester, can vary from test to test. If you are chosen for a test product of Garnier, it’s your job to the product promises pronounce Garnier to learn on your own body and leave at the end of this test review.

How to become a product tester for Garnier?

The application process for the product testing is similar in Garnier as in the product tests of other manufacturers: First to sign up on the Internet platform “Discover Garnier” to be regularly informed about upcoming product testing. Participation is completely for free and also no way obligated to purchase the products.


Tablets and more test: To be product testers for Microsoft

Even for the largest software manufacturer in the world must be tested from time to time new products. For the own product testers but Microsoft holds a surprise of course: A special program, the testing should be even better …

The tasks as a product tester for Microsoft

As product tester at Microsoft has the opportunity to test a variety of Microsoft products, and then to evaluate. For example, tablets!

For the opinions and impressions that arise from the test, there is a special product tester platform. The final test results are uploaded to the platform and thus are interested. For this effort, there is Microsoft at the end of course, a small “thank you”. Special skills are not required, however, as a tester for Microsoft. After all, the whole purpose of the exercise is to make the products as consumer-friendly as possible.

How to become a product tester for Microsoft?

Even at Microsoft you should subscribe to the newsletter to be always up to date. By registering, you can then unlock for upcoming product testing. However, this patient is asked: After all, a company does not bring out a new product every day.


Branded products from Perfumes and Cosmetics Testing: To be product testers for Douglas

One of the best known companies in terms of perfumes and cosmetics in this country is Douglas. And Douglas initiated product testing on a large scale: Various fragrances, toiletries or shaving …

The tasks as a product tester for Douglas

Even as a tester for Douglas you have a mandate to learn the different beauty products firsthand. For this purpose simply use the product for a period previously agreed. As with all the usual product testing and an evaluation of the subject will be written at the end of the test period. As a thank you to the testers must keep the product at the end of course.

How to become a product tester for Douglas?

For the product testing in Douglas should apply via Douglas website or fan page either. For here a new series of tests are advertised regularly. Of all applicants then the people will be drawn, who may participate in the product tests.


Perfumes from different vendors to test: To be Parfum Tester

Who does not want to nail down to a particular company, but every now and then just want to participate in various product testing category “perfumes”, should heed the following tips.

The tasks as perfume testers from different vendors

In essence, the object is still in it, scents that are sent to the tester for testing, to wear over time and evaluate this afterwards. The thank you is at the end of the test is that the product tester may simply keep the sent perfumes.

How to become a product tester for perfumes?

Who wants to be product testers for several perfume manufacturers, which should also register for this same from several companies. The following companies could in this case be of interest:

  • PineCone Research
  • Shepherd Market Research GmbH
  • Parfum Test Action


Cosmetic products from different suppliers to test: To be cosmetic testers

Especially in the diverse beauty department, there are lots of new products that have to be tested. Again, it may prove useful to specialize not only on a test mark, but to put on the same product testing several manufacturers.

The tasks as a cosmetic testers from different vendors

Of course, the cosmetic testers several product manufacturers will still encounter a lot more selection of products in the field of cosmetics, as the product tester a single company. The chances of being able to take part in a product test, to rise. However, the tasks remain the same. The cosmetic products have to be tested over a pre-agreed period of time and then evaluated.

How to become a product tester for cosmetics?

Also for the product tester applies several brands: Sign in at many different publishers of product testing to be as often as possible informed about new product testing. The following companies offer themselves for this purpose:

  • Beautytesterin (a trademark of Beauty2U®)
  • ARTDECO – Friends of Beauty
  • Garnier
  • Nivea


So do you apply best to a product test

The company, which causes the test is interested in the rule that reliable and really interested persons to participate in the test. In addition to that, you should of course match the target group for the test, and your cover text should be aptly to the test company.

In most product tests the question is asked, why do you apply to the test. This is your chance to send a short, crisp but meaningful message to the company.

It improves your chance tremendously when you log in to the short text that you would like to deal, for example, even at your leisure with similar products. It is important in any case that you paying attention on your speech and spelling. Although these are small things, but they play in the selection of product testers an important role: On the basis of spelling, word choice and course content is interpreted in the selection process, whether it is a reliable candidate or not. For online product testers portals, this is not usually necessary.

Premium product testers portals



Toluna is an institute which has about 4 million members. In each poll Toluna is where you pay to participate. Special:  Many surveys, high remuneration and fast payouts.

GlobalTestMarket (recommendation)

 GlobalTestMarket is one of the survey institutes, which has already paid out a total of over 22 million euros to its members.  Special:  Many surveys and high remuneration.
GETMORE - your Social Selling Community! 2015-05-30 16-10-24

Getmore (recommendation)

 About GETMORE You get cash by collecting commissions on statements by recruited friends and even friend-friends, as well as saving on your own purchases. Special feature: live time commissions for recommendations.
Nielsen trustworthy

Nielsen (very high remuneration)

 You get a free hand-held scanner with which you can scan your purchases. These are transmitted to Nielsen and you will ensure very high remuneration. For under  29 years  possible. 
earn money valued opinion

Valued Opinions (recommendation)

 Valued Opinions, formerly known as Valued Opinions is a survey Institute, which you pay after each completed online survey. Special feature: Many polls, quick application and high remuneration.

Test household productsRating

Listen To Your Senses is a special poll-portal of Toluna. Here you test after registration household products of any kind and are paid for it.

GfK (Society for Consumer Research)

GfK (recommendation)


 Meinungsort is a survey Institute, which you pay after each completed survey. You get points, which are then later exchanged for cash.
earn money

Nielsen NetRatings (Webtester)

To earn at Nielsen NetRatings, you have to register and download the free online app. After that, you will be reimbursed for daily Internet surfing by Nielsen NetRatings.  Very high remuneration.


Ipsos (recommendation)

 Ipsos would like to express the views of consumers in experience. You are paid for each attendance.
What is Trading

Homework as Trader


Money from home as a social Trader: How you can earn from home as a social traders make money online, you will learn in this article.

Opinion Place

Opinion Place

Review Place is a provider of market research companies. Registered persons will be invited without obligation to online surveys and get paid for each participating in a survey.


Pinecone Research

 PineCone Research conducts online surveys on new products. For each completed survey you will receive cash.  Women Only Mid 18  and 3 4 years possible.

Product Tester products by 2016

Make Money as a product tester

As product tester or online survey participants can earn money from home or keep the products tested. In this article you will find all important information. If you want to be product testers or want to earn with online surveys money, then you will find all audited supplier here: 

What responsibilities does a product tester really?

Get only the best perfume, the most delicious sweets and the most expensive cosmetics and sent free of charge to test? Unfortunately, this is only the imagination of many, but not the reality. Who wants to work as a product tester who is testing what the customer specifies. It may be completely different things, so that by the simple Tütensuppe up to the new computer game everything can be tested. Whether it corresponds to the personal preferences, it does not matter. It is also not always easy to test a product. Use the product, test and evaluate, and tick off the job as completed thus, can be implemented not always so easy. As a rule, it is also true that each product for testing came with a document which is explained in detail in what it should be noted that points are particularly important, and how the final evaluation will be made. Who is involved in software or games that must play through and analyze everything exactly. In addition, errors need to be found and detained. So it makes a big difference which product to be tested, because who hopes only on his desire products, which should be by the idea, product testers, better say goodbye again.

How to find a job as a product tester?

If you want to be product testers, then you must first of all find a reputable authority. Also, unfortunately, is not gold in this industry that glitters. On the Internet there are many platforms on which you can register as a product tester and login. Some of these platforms offer product tests on many different products, while others have specialized in cosmetics, electronics, food, baby food or another. However, a right to the sending of samples has nobody. As a rule must be created on the platforms a profile, by which it is the right product testers can be selected. Some vendors can be found here:

What is the merit as a product tester?

How much can you earn as a product tester, depends primarily on the particular product and of the scope of testing. For a simple packet soup is certainly less paid, as for the testing of a newly developed software program. Anyone who works part time as a product tester, can count on an average hourly wage of 8 euros. Often product testers but also paid a flat rate for a predetermined fixed price. Providers who do not use financial rewards, the product testers for offer a so-called point system. You will be credited for each test performed points In this system, you can exchange them for goods later. Anyone who works as a product tester in homework can contact different suppliers, and thus operate according to different systems. The earnings per product test may be even 15 euros or more, therefore, depending on the order.


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