How To Create A Professional Blog With Zero Technical Skills

How To Create A Professional Blog With Zero Technical SkillsBlogs are one of the easiest ways to showcase your knowledge and gain readership. Some people have taken up blogging as their sole profession and making a lot of money from it. Unlike any website, a blog is easy to set up and has a higher degree of interaction with the community. It gives a virtual meeting place where people from any corner of the world who have same interests can discuss on variety of topics and comment on the posts. When compared with a website which is static in nature, a blog is highly interactive and is updated regularly with fresh content related to the community.

Any person who is interested to reach a large group of individuals, who are interested in similar topic as he is, will create a blog and try to spread the word to maximum number of people. The viral effect is sought by all the blog owners. The content starts spreading so fast and in so many directions that the number of visitors to the site goes on increasing and the followers of the blog increase exponentially.

Creation of a blog these days is very easy as it requires no particular technical skills other than basic computer literacy. The user must know how the things work online to set up a blog. To get started he may choose a free blog provided by either or The one you are seeing here is a wordpress blog but not a free one. A free blog provided by these companies will have a attached to them. It means, if you want to set up a blog with your name in it, your url will be ‘’. But if you purchase a domain name you can install a wordpress or blogger script on it. Now you have a professional blog with a url like‘’.

Any blog will have a user-friendly platform to post the content and make some basic changes. Most of the blogs give their users a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) interface. The posting, formatting, adding media files etc works just like any word processor program we have. If you want to change the look and feel of the blog you get readymade templates with a variety of options to customize it. Moreover, there are millions of plugins which you can use to get the exact thing done on your blog. The same thing to be got done on a website would require you to be a professional coding genius. Say, you want your content to be easily shared on all your social media sites, you get a plugin and enable it on your site. Say, you want related posts to be shown on the blog post, you install that plugin and the work is done.

In the image above you can see that there are two plugins installed which are shown below every blog post and pages on the site. The first one gives the option to the viewers to share and like this content on their favourite social media site. This gives a lot of potential viewers to see and spread the content to their friends and relatives. The second plugin automatically provides related blog posts to the post being read by the viewer. This makes your blog more engaging and all your blog posts, no matter how old, will get plenty of exposure. As you go on writing and posting on a regular basis these plugins will learn and improve on the results they provide. This leads to better selection of related content so as to keep the viewers engaged and interested on the site.

Apart from these visible plugins there can be various plugins which work in the background and provide value to the user. Some plugins make the blog more search-engine friendly by tweaking the contents and structure of the blog. This is known as SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Some plugins do the work of automatically informing other sites and content directories to index the blog’s newest content as soon as any post is done. The plugins have thus become the greatest friends of any blog owner. But a word of caution – too many plugins enabled for no reason will lead to delayed loading of your site which is detrimental to your site’s popularity.

Thus, creating a blog is a piece of cake and anyone can start blogging in his/her spare time. In fact, most of the companies today have a blog along with their official website. They engage the audience in interesting discussions and make them their prospective customers. To make a regular income out of blogging you have to spend some time in creating and filling it with value adding posts. When you create many such blogs they will all start creating multiple sources of income for you.

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