How To Get Deadbeat Clients To Pay Up?



I was engaged as a part-time servant and, from time to time I worked as a writer.  I like to remember that time, because of that time I become as an expert in this business. Nowadays I am a businessman and continue to work as a writer for pleasure.

From the very beginning, I created the system with all necessary detail and everything was all right till one of my customers didn’t pay for the order. I couldn’t believe that one of my orders wasn’t paid. I convinced myself that the customer just missed this field and pay soon.  I decided that my email didn’t work well. It vexed me to act in such way. I tried to remind me that my system must work without any fault, because I had a good experience as a freelance writer.

Here are some tips to get deadbeat clients to pay up:

Get it in writing

First of all one should get an agreement from the client before performing the paper for the customer. It is a very important moment, especially, if the client is unknown for you, or he is recommended by the neighbors and friends, written agreement is required.

Use an invoicing system

It is very convenient to use an online invoicing system that automatically sends the message to the customers about the payment.  After receiving these messages, some of the clients pay immediately and others contact me and explain what is going on with their payment.

Contact directly

Excepting the invoicing system, personal contact is required. Try to communicate with the customers via email or by phone. Prepare yourself for the conversation, write some expressions that one can use in different non-standard situations. For instance “The status of the order is Not Paid. Please, pay the order or let me know, if any problems arise.” Trust my experience, this system works.

Never suggest free drafts

If you are a fresh freelancer, you think that it is an advantage to provide the client with free drafts of samples of your works, but never do it. The only reason to provide the customer with a free draft, if the client placed the order, paid for it and indicated in the instructions that first he needs the draft. Only skinflints ask free samples, they hope to get the paper for free. If you are good at writing, never do it for free.

Stop working

For the lack of experience, some writers are continuing to make the orders that are not paid and, perhaps, will not be paid. Please, stop working on the paper for non-paying customers. Sometimes they promise time and again that they will pay soon; some of them tell the “fairy tales” that they paid the order and they do not know why we cannot see the payment. That is fine, but don’t start the paper until you received the money. Be sure, no one customer will complain this policy. I think it is fair for both sides.  Maybe it is not a perfect decision, but, in this way you can control the list of payments.

Keep calm

It is significant to keep one’s wool on, when you have problems with urgent orders or with a deadbeat client that cannot pay. Most writers have problems with finishing the paper on time, it is normal, we all are human beings. Besides, every of us can face problems with payment, or, there are some unforeseeable consequence, that is why do not lose your control and always give some time for the customer to try again (if it is a payment issue).

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