How to Get More Followers on Twitter


Twitter is big hit when it comes to micro blogging. The social media marketing over Twitter is the newest sensation where you can let people know about yourself and about your blogs with selected simple words. This micro blogging website is just simple and powerful tool to advertise your blog and receive more visitors every day. Some says that number of followers does not matter, but in our view, followers and number of followers are very important. More followers ensure that you have online presence and social authority.

There are several dubious methods which are considered fast and short cuts, however we do not recommend such blackhat methods. The illegal and wrong acts only bring bad reputation for you and your blog. The best ways to increase your twitter followers’ are-

Create interesting profile

The twitter offers you to create short but descriptive profile of your blog which tells so much about your blog. You can create interesting and brief profile for your Twitter account which tells more about your blog. You can also add profile picture that relates with your blog so that you get noticed among the mass. You must add bio of your blog and tell everyone what you offer in your website.

Post the same link multiple times

Many bloggers make a customary mistake to post the link of the blog once or twice while the experts of the media marketing suggests to post same link multiple times keeping an interval. The reason behind the concept is to make your presence among your twitter followers. They must not be able to forget you. By posting same link multiple times, you can keep them on the roll, and never give a chance to your followers to miss your tweets. The more you post tweets, the more readers will it attract. You may also post tweets in different time zones to let people all over the world to understand your tweets.

Interact with your followers

Interaction with your followers is very important. If you do not interact with your twitter followers, they will forget you and ultimately your blog. Tell them the latest with the blog, ask for feedbacks and give response to their tweets and re tweets. You may also encourage them to re tweet your tweets, which will make your links viral and you can attract more readers to your site. You may also tweet little whereabouts about your blog and about yourself, to make them feel like friends.

Follow your followers

You are on twitter for a reason; it is same thing with your followers too. You must follow your followers back so that they get motivation to visit your twitter account repeatedly. You must also follow them to their social media to check them out and create a personal yet distinctive relationship with them. Make them feel that you are alive and active on twitter. By adding them on facebook and linkedin, you can tell your followers more about your blog and motivate them to share your tweets and blog links to others.

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