How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Getting traffic to your website or blog takes time and hard work.  Some webmasters fail to market their website leaving them a question whether to continue or drop the website! There are a lot of marketing methods that help you to end up in a good decision to keep your website going!  Paid advertising is a good idea if you run an ecommerce website or if you have enabled some methods to generate a good income from that traffic. If you are just beginning and confused about how to get more traffic, never go for paid methods! Below given are some of the best marketing methods to get traffic to your blog or website without spending money!

Submit To Search Engines

Submitting your site to search engines is the most important thing once you have started your website or blog. By submitting your website to search engines, it will help them index your website much faster. If you submit a sitemap, search engines will crawl your site often which leads to more search engine visibility. You don’t need to submit your website to every search engine on the web.  Just submit to major search engines. Beware of low quality search engines because they will spam your email with unwanted newsletters! Yes, I mean it!

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another good method to get traffic and build backlinks to your website. Submitting links to popular social bookmarking sites can bring you targeted traffic. Some sites allow DOFOLLOW backlinks along with the bookmarks which helps you in SEO. Do not try to spam social bookmarking sites because they will remove those links and you get nothing in return.

Embed sharing buttons

Sharing buttons on a website play a major role in bringing traffic. If a person likes your content, he or she will share it to his friends through several platforms like facebook, twitter, email etc. This can bring more visitors to your site. Most of the Social sharing plugins are free to use. They can be found easily from sites like AddThis, ShareThis etc.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is really an effective way to drive traffic. You can write a keyword optimized article and submit it to a popular article directory. Our benefit is that we can add an author bio at the end of the article with one or more links to your home page. This is good for SEO and traffic. Submitting software generated articles to Auto approve article directories will not be a good idea for SEO.

Press Releases

If you have an update about your business, launch of a product, service or website, Press releases will be a major benefit for maximum promotion. Sometimes this is a hard task! Your press release should be a professional one. Otherwise press release sites won’t approve it. If you own a business or a company, it is better to depend on a Press release writing company so that they can do it better.

Guest Blogging

This is the most popular marketing method that everyone uses today!  One of the advantages of Guest posting on a blog is that they give you an author bio which displays below every post you wrote. It can include links too. This is a high quality link in Google’s eyes. If you write a stunning guest post, it can bring you a huge traffic. Today a lot of blogs allow guest posting. Make sure that you can write quality content according to their guidelines.

Social Media Promotion

As everyone moves to Social Media, it is being a wonderful tool for us to market our websites. For example, Facebook fanpages are helpful to make your customers or readers stay updated. Facebook groups are useful for mass promotion! Social media promotion doesn’t end up in just Facebook! Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace and even Social bookmarking sites are now grouped as Social Media.

Forum Posting

If you can help others this is a good method for website promotion! I know, you are confused about what I said! This is one of the best method  and answers How to Get More Traffic questions. Some forums allow signature links in your threads and posts. But people won’t visit links in every thread or post in the forum. If you are posting useful content on the forum, your signature links be valued much better.

Getting traffic to your website or blog is really easy if you have useful content, services, products or free tools for visitors. Build a high quality website and visitors will come!

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