How to Get Your Blog Commented On More

blog-commentingEven in the age of likes and tweets, comments are still important. Comments are the real proof that you write about something worthy and you write it the way people love to read it. Comments boost your self-esteem as a blogger. And what is more, comments are the attractor for even more readers, as noone wants to read and comment on the blog without any comments and likes.

The more actual readers you have the more  your blog is commented on – this is a must. But how to encourage people to comment more? Check this list – and try something that would be the best fit for your blog:

  1. Ask your friends to comment on your new entry, and promise to do whatever they want in return. For the newbies it’s something they should start with. Even 5 comments under your post are better than nothing, so don’t be shy to ask for help at the beginning.
  2. Comment on other blogs. This is not guaranteed, put is quite possible that if you leave your comment on someone’s blog with the similar topic, this person would also wish to check your blog and comment on it. Networking is always useful when you’re in the blogging sphere. It doesn’t mean that you ahould spend hours commenting on any blog you can find though.
  3. Reply on your post comments. Engage the readers to have a conversation. Maybe, sometimes you can find it tiring to think over the witty answer fo each your blog comment, but not replying the comments means to lose readers for sure.
  4. Ask for help or for someone’s opinion on the ticklish matter. People love sharing their stories or giving advice. So, make some of your post open, asking for readers’ reaction. Most likely you will get it.
  5. Congragulate or simply devote the post to somebody known in your blogging community. This will make the readers think that you are more than just another blogger keen on his own popularity only. Also, the person you’ve praised will probably answer with doing something good for you.
  6. Disappear for a while. If you are one of the conscious bloggers who is stick to his blogging schedule, then just forget about posting for a week or two, depending on how often you post. And then come back with something really interesting and worthful. Your constant readers will miss your regular posts and meet a new one with the ardour.
  7. Write about your dark side or your bad times. In spite of the fact that most of the people love success stories and happy endings, they are also excited to know about someone’s skeletons in the closet. So, write about your fears, about some failures in your life and how you overcame them, or about something you feel shame for. By writing something personal, you appeal to your readers’ personalities and courage them to share something similar in comments.

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