How to Index Backlinks Much Faster

How to Index Backlinks Much Faster

Backlinks are effective to give traffic to your blog and make them SEO friendly. You can create quality backlinks with tools like RSS feeds, social media networking, google plus, guest blogging, document sharing, Video Sharing, Press Release Distribution, blog commenting and much more. These links help you to leave your important links behind, which people can follow and reach your blog. The backlinking activity is simple yet it requires lot of planning and precision, so that your links are not spammed and go to trash. However it is advisable that you index your backlinks timely for better and faster results in search engines.

There are many ways in which you can index your backlinks. Some of the helpful ways of getting backlinks indexed faster are-


The best and fastest way to index your backlink over Google and other search giants is to add your links in the social bookmarking sites. The search engine loves the content which is spread over the network, and shared by number of people. For this technique you need to find a dofollow social networking and bookmarking site which gives you fast result and index the links in the search engines. This technique works for all site owners and bloggers.

Use WordPress for SEO Friendly Blog

This tip is not the best one, but it is a good method to index your blog and backlinks on search engines faster. You can create WordPress blog as they offer Google Bot crawling very often and when you post on your blog the links get updated and indexed within few hours. It is advisable that when you update the post on you blog, ping them to popular search engines. The strategy lies in the fact that when you notice frequently crawling of the google bot, update the backlinks and keep posting to your site with quality and good contents.


Pinging is the most effective way to index your backlinks and notify the search engines that you have created and posted fresh content to your blog. There are several pinging websites which update your backlinks and you get rewarded by updating the search engines. There are various pinging services online that helps you to ping thousands of bulk backlinks with great ease. Just copy-paste the URLS and keywords relevant that you want to get index, then ping them. You can also ping the directory submissions and blogs where you have left backlinks in the blog comments, as this also helps you to update the indexed back-links.

Hope you’ve understand How to Index Backlinks much faster. if you have any thoughts on this please do share with us.

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