How To Make Origami Heart

Folding Instructions: Origami Heart

Material: square (colored) paper

Level of difficulty: very easy

Time: ca. a minute

Quickly and easily can fold this cute origami hearts which are great as bookmarks. Certainly a nice little gift idea, right? You can easily share it with my guidance imitate.

You need to nothing more than a square piece of paper. I have cut from magazines and wrapping paper which used and notepad paper. How large the squares are, in principle up to you. Mine are about 9 x 9 cm.

Fold the paper once the center from top to bottom and fold it back on. The same you repeat from left to right. Your paper should look like in the picture above.
One need square paper, which is either (at least on one side) is already colored or painted by you arbitrarily. The heart is at the end about 1/4 as large as the sheet was originally. You put the sheet down so that the colored side is at the bottom and fold it in half to get it then fold in half one more time. Open it again.

Fold the bottom edge of the paper to the center.
The lower edge will be folded to the horizontal centerline. Then you turn the blade so that you can see the colored side and the short distance of the sheet above. The top corners are folded toward the vertical center line, and in a way that the upper edges are located on the line (as you would a paper airplane tinkering).

Turn the sheet again to (the front should now be at the bottom) and fold the bottom right corner to the center.

Repeat the step with the left corner.
The Journal now has to be turned around again so that the colored side is at the bottom and the top is also down (this is a flap and is later again important). The vertical edges of the top left and right are folded to the vertical centerline. Is this done, you have colored on both sides of squares, which you now fold over diagonally.

Turn the page over again.
So, now the possibly for beginners somewhat tricky part. Transfer the upper tip to bottom, so that it lies exactly on it. Something is up from .. You push the edge up together without Protruding take up. Now presses pressing it firmly this with colored triangles which have a horizontal line. The must be at the same height as the solid, uppermost edge. It’s hard to explain, so best guided by the pictures … All press firmly beautiful, and then insert the tip into the bottom tab (on the top of her lies straight).

Fold the tip up to the edge.

And again turn the tide. It should now look like in the picture.

Drive with your finger in the left tab and bending on careful then press them flat to form a triangle.

Repeat the step for the other side.

Creases the corners to triangles.

Fold the lower tips upwards.
The almost-finished heart must now be reversed. Top left and right are white squares that need to be diagonally folded inwards. This results above two tips, which will now be folded down (until the next horizontal line).

Fold the sides toward the center.

Turn around and even the heart is ready. One can now customize or create something so, hide or combining a small secret message in it. The left and the right half of the heart are each small “pockets”;) And tadam, you’re done!

Did you fold you such heart bookmarks? What do you make of it?

The heart can also be used as a bookmark by the two upper bent-over triangles are pushed from the heart behind the book.

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