How To Make Origami Stars

Folding Instructions: Origami Star

Material: square (colored) paper, (ev. Needle & thread to hang)

Level of difficulty: difficult

Time: ca. 10-15 minutes

Fold first the basis for this star, the bird basic form.

Origami is the art of paper folding. Therefore, you can be sure that you have arrived here at the craft instructions for professionals. Also Fröbelsterne and poinsettias in 3D format require a steady hand and a dedicated hobbyist.

The results are poinsettias, which create a festive atmosphere and make a good impression both on the door frame as well as a window decoration.

With our extensive collection of craft instructions on various origami and stars as well as to other, creative 3D stars fold with a little patience and tact gorgeous poinsettias to the one you are guaranteed envy.

Origami – folding instructions

Folding instructions: Stern

1. Fold out the upper right to the lower left corner, the sheet open again and fold the upper left lower right corner on the back and open the sheet.
2. fold Now the top to the bottom edge, the blade open again and fold the right on the left edge. With these fold lines can now fold a square, in which the four original vertices face each ..
3. Fold the lower now (open) edge toward the center.
4. the last flap folded wings back on and now prefer the bottom corner upwards.
5. Fold (along fold lines from step 3) the character to a diamond. The two outer corners as shown in Figure 4 do encounter together in the middle of the figure.
6. Repeat Step 3 – 5 for the back of the figure, and then flap the upper tips downward.
7. Fold an auxiliary line as shown on screen. 7

8. Now pull on two opposite peaks until the character appears.
9. Press the center of the figure between the tips into it – use it already pre-folded lines. Flap all tips downward – it creates a triangle.
10. Fold now the tips upwards. The edge should be at the level of in step 9 pressed down center.
11. Fold now along an assumed line linking the former center and the right (or left) top corner of the edge formed in step 9 upwards.
12. Repeat step 10 and 11 for the back of the figure and then flap already folded pages in the middle together.
13. Now you can repeat insides for the (intermediate) step. 9 and 10
14 flap the star apart now. The front is already completed ..
15. The back will now be even more decorated. Folding along a side and bending it to halfway.
16. Open the fold again and bending the edge along fold lines to the outside.
17. Repeat step 16 for all 4 edges.
18. If you’re a small hole through one of the spikes sting, and a ribbon druchziehst and verknotest, you can also depend on the star then your Christmas tree.

Even at Christmas time, these origami star is a beautiful tree decorations.

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