How To Make Social Media Your Primary Traffic Source

Using social media as a primary traffic source is downright foolish in larger traffic terms. A search engine, or direct links, or affiliate advertising will always pull in more traffic than a social media source. However, if you are not looking for a large traffic number, if you are just looking for a few visitors per week, then social media may be right for you. Your small traffic numbers also come with the assurance that no Google penalty or Google update is going to damage your traffic numbers because you do not rely on search engines.

Social media involves lots of sites

This alone is a nice fact about them, because if it involves a lot of sites then there is a good chance you can pull a bit of traffic from at least one of them. You may even get lucky and pull in a bit of traffic from each of them (although it is a lot of work). Still, if you are not devoting hours to SEO and direct links from other domains, then you should have the time to spend trying to make an impact on the many social media websites.

Easy to integrate on your site

The most common forms are remote forms. This means getting your website pinged or getting it tweeted about. It also means getting people to talk about you on social media or clicking the “like” button on your posts that link to your website, or even clicking the “like” button on the pages dedicated to your website. You can also add widgets directly into your website so that people can “like” things on the page, or tweet things on the page, etc.

The traffic from social media is not massive

This is something you need to be aware of and appreciate. On the one had it means there are far better ways of getting traffic, and on the other hand it means that you should treat your social media traffic with care. If there is less of it, then it is up to you to work to keep that traffic as much as you can. Think hard about ways of making people become fans of your website and ways of making them want to return again in the future.

Attract Users with Social Media Profiles

If you do want to draw traffic from the social media networks then you need to keep people coming back. Doing that is more difficult on some social media networks than it is on others. It is quite difficult to get people to come back repeatedly on something such as Pinterest or Instagram, but it is very easy to get people to come back for Twitter because people are able to follow the profiles they want to return to. If you use your social media profiles as if they are blog posts, then people may return in the same way they would with a blog.

Give a reason to return to your social media profile

This is an important factor when it comes to pulling traffic from social media. You need to examine why people are returning to your profile. Your job is also to get target consumers to return to your social media profiles. They are the ones that you are trying to get onto your website, so think long and hard about why such people would ever bother to visit your social media profile again. Think of their motivations and their needs and provide content accordingly.

Provide social media exclusive discount

It’s a wide swipe with a blunt sword, but it still works on a basic level. Give people discount codes but instead of making them log on to paid sites to get the codes, you give them a discount that is exclusive to your social media profile. You can also put in on your website, but this will remove the need for people to keep checking your profile to see what discount they can get. Make sure that the code is not everywhere, or people have no reason to visit your social media profile over the other places with the code.

Give people up-to-date information

Some people will simply crave information, which may be why they keep returning to your site. They may want to know when the newest Smartphone has fallen into their price range, or may want to know which tablet screens turn yellow after six months. They may want to know if your stock price has plummeted or of your managing director has run off with the

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