How to Send MMS Marketing that Works

mms-marketingMany companies have adopted a mobile marketing campaign for their businesses and found it to be hugely successful. The evidence of mobile marketing as a strategy that works speaks for itself – particularly when compared to email marketing – so it makes sense that MMS marketing would be the next stage. So how can you incorporate it into your campaign to ensure you have maximum success for your business?

Spot the difference

There are differences between SMS and MMS marketing but these are not always apparent to the average business. Once you are aware of how different they are as marketing strategies, you can begin to create an individual campaign for each that could prove to be a success. MMS messages consist of the use of images or videos to supplement the text that goes in your message. An SMS message is just text and it’s important to remember that.

Adding images and videos to your messages can help the customer to interact with your brand and pay attention to the message you are trying to convey. You may also be using images to attach a voucher of some kind to your message. This can then be brought in by your customers who can then show it to you from their phones.

The right message

The information that you put into your message is incredibly important, if you want to keep your customers. When you add images and videos, the wording of the text is likely to change accordingly so think carefully about what you want to say. You will probably have fewer characters to play with so every word needs to count. Remember that you don’t want to bombard your customers with information; give them the key information and nothing more.

Ensure that you have included a call to action within your message, otherwise the whole campaign might be in vain. Tell the customers to come and visit you or go onto your website, don’t just assume that they will do that if you aren’t making it clear. An image of a new product might spark their interest but if you don’t actively tell them to visit the website, they might just read the message and then forget about it; the money you spent on the campaign will effectively have been wasted.


You also need to think about gaining new customers through your MMS marketing campaign, as well as keeping your existing ones. Gathering new customers can often come through word of mouth so you need to be sure that you impress the people already subscribing to your messages. It may be worth you having separate marketing lists so that you can send content tailored to certain customers. A clothing brand, for example, might want to send out information about a sale of their ladies wear but this text could be wasted if it is sent to their male subscribers. Being able to tailor your messages accordingly could see your customers value you as a brand and be more encouraged to tell other people about you, thus allowing you to expand your customer base.

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