How To Start Your Blogging Life?


“When you want to get good at something, how you spend your time practicing
is far more important than the amount of time you spend.”

So you’ve built your blog or website and everything is looking great. Excellent news! However, in order to build your business into the powerhouse you know it can be, you need to have something very important – content. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your blog is, if there’s nothing to read.

Relevant and useful content is what entice readers to come back again and again, so of course this is your goal when writing posts, updates and witty paragraphs. If you’re just starting out however, this may seem a bit daunting. To get started, try writing 6 – 8 blog posts about relevant topics you find interesting and about your blog. This way, if you have a few posts by the time you start promoting your site, your audience will be able to see what you and your business are about and what you’re trying to achieve, and this in turn helps them decide whether they are interested and would like to see more.  Keep in mind; you need to stay focused on your blog aims and goals when writing these posts. The whole aim of this platform is to further your business, and you need people to take you seriously. For instance, if your business concerns digital marketing, you wouldn’t want to do a serious of posts on how to make the perfect apple pie.

The main obstacle most people find when starting out is inspiration. The advice here is to just start. Write the first post. Once that first blog post done, you’ll be surprised at how easily new ideas come to you, and you’ll have those first 8 posts up in no time. Just remember to keep it relevant to your business!

Another obstacle aspiring bloggers have is that they worry that they are not good enough. By constantly practicing and typing out your posts, you will soon see an increase in the quality of your writing and will laugh at the fact that you ever thought you weren’t good enough. Practice and routine is the key here, so you should be aiming to write a post every day, at least. For inspiration, looking at your favorite blogs and analyzing what they do wrong or right, badly or well may help you. What separates experts from the rest of us is that they tend to engage in a very directed and focused routine. You have to put in the effort and time to become one of the greats.

One last piece of advice: your blog is a place to show off your skills, to connect with like-minded people and develop your internet presence or business. In such a space, creativity is always admired and encouraged. Not, however with spelling. Always remember to spell-check!

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