How to Use Facebook Groups for Blog Marketing?


Facebook is the amazing way to enhance your business and blog where you can create your online presence and attract number of visitors to your blog. Most of the bloggers participate in the facebook campaign, social media marketing and like other methods. But they forget the beauty of creating community of their brand loyal customers which facebook names as Facebook Groups. You can add these groups to your blog fan page and link your posts to the potential readers with great ease.

Groups in facebook can help you in more than one way, however, our social media marketing research team has squeezed out certain useful ways which can be helpful to you to attract more visitors and quality readers to your blog.

Targeted facebook groups

For participating in the correct group, you must ensure that the group members are of like interest that the ones of your blogs. You must study the likings of the targeted audience of the group who shall be more interested in your blog and assure that they will be encouraged to subscribe to your blog and fan page. There are several groups in the facebook, you can add groups to your blog facebook page so that your presence is felt for real.

Active and visible

If you are joining groups in the name of you blog then you must ensure that your presence is felt by every member of the group. You must be active in the group by sharing relevant and useful posts, photos and videos. You must also encourage quality discussion among the group members, so that they appreciate your initiation and look forward to read your ideas by way of your blog. Spend time in the groups and let the active members of the group understand your profile and cause of your blog.

Create facebook group of your blog

Adding other group is very important, but you must also create your own blog community. You must spread the word in the groups that you too own a group that consists of people of like interest and open mind. You must encourage them to visit your group and share their intellectual with others. This is very effective way to win trust of your readers and create a small but loyal fan base for your site. You can also optimize your facebook groups by engaging the members in the forums and ask them feedbacks about the site or particular posts.

Consider groups for your improvement

If you are considering creating and maintaining a facebook group just for attracting traffic to your website, then you are wasting your time in spamming your posts links. Many marketers agree that facebook groups can help you attain loyal visitors who are real and serious about the niche of your blog. For maintaining facebook group effectively, you must consider this group as an additional place of discussion and actively participate in the sharing of ideas and views. Facebook groups will help you better to spread your reputation among the mass than any other media.

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