Importance of Writing Blog Posts in a Friendly Tone


Blogs are generally casual but effective way to communicate your ideas to the mass. Blogs are the representation of your brain which shows your talent, ideas and your thought process to the readers. It reflects more about you and about your view point regarding an idea and topic. However, being a blogger you cannot deny the fact that your visitors are like friend to you. You cannot hold the crown with a rude or arrogant tone blog posts.

There are many blog posts which are written daily, and all are generally made in a friendly and cheerful way. The readers must get the message that posts are written for their benefit and for their well being. So if you own a blog and making it too difficult for the readers to understand it at first instant, then making a long term fan base for your blog would be complicated.

The importance of friendly blog posts are listed below-

Not all your readers are from Oxford

Make your blog posts look elegant and simple, ornamenting it with difficult words will not provide you traffic. You must make your posts in a simple manner, so that readers of every genre understand your message and make use of your post. For making your readers comfortable, you must write blog in a friendly tone, so that your readers find it interesting and use the posts in effectual way.

Captivate your readers

You will surely agree with the thought, that you cannot captivate your readers with the bore and arrogant type of posts. Imagine a blog posts written in an army general announcing way. If you are blogger, you must introduce friendly tone for your blog posts to keep your readers captivating and motivate them to visit you daily. Simply, put your words in a friendly way to show your attitude and gratitude towards your visitors.

Your visitors are your friends

Most of the blog posts we come across are of topics that we share with our friends. The key of writing friendly blog posts is that you consider your readers as your friends, because you are sharing your views and ideas with the people of like interest. Plus, it is also very true to say that your visitors are your potential friends. Hence writing in friendly tone will help you reach out more of people rather than writing in a directing and dictatorial way.

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