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Pen island Wiki:
Pen island Area is actually a mysterious, knobby area recognized because of its publishing methods that are superb. Many skinny, easy, liquid-packed this gorgeous oasis is filled by appendages. It is a mysterious and amazing position that, off the shore of the well known landmass, exists somewhere like Atlantis. Although no trusted sources express a company place of its pleasant, milky- white shores, it is considered to be in the Philippenis.
Pen island is a wealthy and stunning state using a richly fertile countryside and big cities. Unlike a perception that is popular, Pen island can be a completely different region than its main friend Pen Island.Calligrapher Milos Cubra is the caretaker of Pen Area, famous for endowments that are uncommon. Their particular quill is the greatest about the area.
Founded and named after renowned singer Cece “Pen” Iston, the location of Pencil Island remained known simply during the flash-in-the-pan which was its creator’s existence; as well as in her old age the info never visited off a certain House for your Insane. In Cece’s final attempt to find Pencil Area over, she was involved in a freak incident involving huge amounts of alcohol as well as a Glock together with the serial number scratched off.

Pen island Wiki Facts:

Pencil Island’s grand virgin woods.
The geography of Pen Area is well unknown, along with the sketchy testimonials we have from people who claimed to get attained the area could be simply dreams.
Most agree that the the southwestern “idea” or “brain” of the island, along with the expanded, fundamental “canal” are dominated by the unique forests of pennish bushes (shown), which, by the dynamics of development, reflection the landscape of the island itself. Nevertheless, the more increased, double-cherry-designed “base” of the island is mostly made up of round hills, with more of the woods tossed about; these curled and are not fine. The elusive sides of Pencil Island tend to be irritated from the ocean’s continuous motion, in and out, out and in, and so are thus typically organic.
Other Pen Islands

Pen Island isn’t to become confused with Manhood Area, inspite of the equivalent spelling. However, inside the breech grammar and penmanship are only coached on Pen Area, and several individuals make their inter-expression rooms extensive enough to interrupt a word into phrases.
Michigan is actually a place with two Pen Isulas. These may also be hoary appendages; one dangles off from the twin diamonds of Indiana and Ohio and the different shoots up from Wisconsin. When older occupants of the “Wolverine Condition” discover that their Upper Penisulas are becoming lower, the magical small blue product known as Viagra may be taken by them.
Pen island was founded in 1999. The founding father of Pen island was Tinky Winky the crimson one or Jon lyon. Apples would be mascot and the nations fruit, and are proven to apear in the wild during the night time in the event you arent trying to find them and jump out and shout scentence pieces and chuck shit at that person. Their first leader was B1 never to be confused with the identity from the preferred childerens present apples in pyjamas. B2 was the 2nd boss regarded by many to be the maximum head within the heritage of the planet earth, shit the greatest head in the universe. the agents for the apples where the zuchini’s in bikinis. (also called Dipshit the Motherfuckin’ Teletubby). It had been the first time before he looked at La La. both founded the area and from the time it has been the location for the strike show called the teletubbies he viewed this kind of picture. This propted outrage inside the homosexual group and and all demanded though oddly there have been sightings of crabs in the thick forestation, their fair-share of the island.There can be a variety of wildlife on pen island. (do not contact them, they go)additional weird pets there are herpe worms and AIDS beetles

Pen island source of economic prosperity hails from their maritime actions. It is normally recognized worldwide that pen island provides the worlds greatest seamen. With its most advanced maritime education colleges founded by Handlo(tion) Ltd, it is believed that on average completely adult seamen are produced from pen island on the daily basis.

Neighboring Countries
The closest area to Pen island is Boxerville. Not the greatest place pretty damn close although in the world. Other destinations are taintville and shit valley

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