Resourceful Websites – How To Create Excellent User Experience

Resourceful Websites – How To Create Excellent User ExperienceDesigning of the websites has been evolving ever since they were first built. As the trends changed various media could be integrated into the design of the web-pages to make them more interactive and attractive to the eyes. The content was being delivered not only in the simple text format but also audio, video and other animation formats. These days it highly important to make use of multiple media on your sites so that the content is more interesting and readers do not get bored quickly. The distractions are plenty and as such it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the attention of our readers and make them take required action on our site.

This blog post is dedicated towards making your website highly resourceful so that your audience finds variety and chooses that medium to soak in the information which they are most comfortable with. Moreover, the same audience might have different needs at different times of the day. Therefore it is apparent that you have to provide rich content using various media formats.

Elaborate text is the most basic format used on any website to explain or give information in a very detailed manner to its audience. Although text can be a very good indicator that the website is really interested in providing value to its audience, it can sometimes hamper the user experience on your site. People may feel monotony throughout your website and as such are unlikely to spend more time. Sometimes sentences can also be confusing and the audience may not understand certain concepts which are being explained in the paragraphs. But we cannot totally ignore posts which are in written form. The search engine loves content which is unique in nature. It strives to give the best user experience by providing search results which are varied and yet relevant to the keywords searched by the user. When your written posts match the user queries, it will fetch pages from your site and send traffic to your site.

Images are the next in our list to make our website resourceful. We can explain a certain process through a single image which would otherwise have taken paragraphs of explanations. But it is often found that a single image on its own can have different interpretations by different individuals. Any abstract image will never have uniformity in its interpretations. We, as webmasters, should be careful that the image does not connote some negative meaning. Therefore, if we make use of images in conjunction with text while explaining our stand, it becomes more clear to our audience the ideas which we are trying to drive across.

Audios have an upper hand when it comes to delivering our content to the target audience. Most of the people do not like to read a lot of texts to understand something. They would love to hear someone talk them through the entire process and make the things clear. This has a two-way benefit to both – the audience and the website owners. The content creators are not required to put their thoughts into countless hours of typing and editing the texts for simplicity, and the audience gets the liberty to download the audio files and listen to them at any time through their mobile devices. Podcasts are very popular throughout the web and many people prefer to listen to an audio of 30 minutes than read an e-book of a few pages.
Step by step video tutorials are one of the most favorites of the audiences. They spend a lot of time on the websites which give such video tutorials. The search engines, apart from the content on your site, also calculate the average amount of time a visitor spends on your site. The usual assumption is that if the user is spending more time on your site, probably it is very rich with valuable content and is giving its users high value for their visit. This will have a favorable outcome in your search engine rankings.Next in our list is a video which can keep the audience hooked to your website. If you can create a short video for demonstrating something, people would love to see you do it rather than try on their own and fail in the beginning. When you, as an expert, are showing them how to do something, it adds credibility to your reputation online. You are viewed as an expert who practices what he preaches. Say, for example, you are promoting a software program. So, if you can make a short video on how to use it and what benefits you are deriving from it, the audience will be more likely to consider buying that program. The same applies to other markets as well. If you have used a membership site and have gained tangible results from the information present in it, make a video and give them a teaser as to what they will find there if they decide to join.

You can also make your website resourceful by adding some interactive scripts on the web-pages. Some websites which teach html or some programming languages usually have a do-it-yourself scripts installed on their websites. The newbies can try their hands on these scripts and see the results in real-time. This is a best way to keep your audience engaged and make their stay enjoyable.

You can also make use of content from other websites by embedding them onto your pages. Usually they will provide the code which you can copy and paste on the web-page. Depending on the code and your preferences you can either show a static or dynamic content. Youtube videos, power point presentations from various sites like, etc can be easily embedded on your web-pages by just pasting a line of code. They will then provide related content within that frame and keep the audience engaged. Thus, these were some methods through which you can make your website highly resourceful and add immense value to your users.

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