SEO Secrets and How Anyone Can Do It the Easy Way

SEO Secrets and How Anyone Can Do It the Easy Way


Search Engine Optimization as the name suggests, is optimizing your website or blog to be shown in the top pages of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Although SEO is one of the most advanced technical aspects in online world and is not easily understood by all, it can be attempted even by the novices with a considerable level of success.

This blog post deals with some of the most basic things which can be easily done by the beginners in optimizing or making their site preferable by the search engines while showing the results to the online users.

The first and foremost thing to be taken into consideration is the content which you provide on your site. If the content is not unique and useful, no matter how deep you go into SEO, it will not help your site to rank in the first pages of the search engines. Search engines run on the basis of algorithms which are like equations to sort out the most relevant sites having the keywords which the user has typed in the search box.

The search engine will begin its work from taking into consideration the domain name of the site. Say, if the user has searched for the keywords ‘easy weight loss’ in the search box, the search engine will show him content from domains which have similar keywords in the url. Yes, you guessed it right. A domain name like,, etc will be shown in the top search results of the engine.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t depend just on the domain name you have. You may have totally unrelated or generic domain name and yet rank high on the search results. It depends on the quality of content which the search engine spiders are crawling up for showing to the users. There are some of the on-sight optimization strategies which will lead to better page ranking in the search engines.

Since there are millions of websites now, it becomes apparent that we make our site easily crawled up by the robots of the search engine. These robots do the work of indexing the content present on your site. When a user types keywords which are similar in your site, the search engine will show him results in the order of relevancy. Our job is to make it easy for these robots to crawl our website.

The companies which specialize in SEO often recommend the webmasters to place a site-map on their site. A site-map will help these crawlers to easily index the site and place it higher in the search engine. Some SEO specialists argue that it will not help in getting higher ranks in the search engine but will help index most of the pages on your site which would otherwise be left out and hidden from the view.

There are various plugins which do the work of optimization very easy these days. Apart from the site-maps the webmaster should also do some tweaking in the content provided on the site. SEO specialists recommend that the content and posts done on the site should be inter-linked wherever applicable. This helps to connect all the old and new posts and give them maximum readership. As your site gets old some of the most rich and value adding posts might get hidden in the labyrinth of your website. This technique gives you scope to bring them up again and again and keep them fresh with the growing web content.

The websites, to be called optimized, need to be careful regarding the amount or percentage of keywords being used in the posts. The rule of thumb is to have a 2% keyword rich article or blog post on your site. Although we cannot manually measure the exact keyword density and then place them properly, we can understand that the keywords should be neither used redundantly nor sparingly. It is in our best interest to not spend too much time in SEO and neglect the real work.

There should be a balanced approach in making use of keywords to make the post rich and ready for being preferred by the search engines. The best approach is to just write the content naturally and not bother too much about optimization. The natural writing will always have the keywords properly placed and will be relevant to the context. Too much of SEO will lead to your site being tagged as a ‘keyword stuffed site’ which is not good for your site’s reputation.

The website will also rank well in the search engines when many other websites are linking to it in some way. When many related sites connect to your site, naturally, your site’s perceived value will be more and will be ranked higher. Your outbound links should also be taken care of as they are monitored and your credibility is attached to them. If your site is linking to some illegal or harmful sites you can bet that your site’s ranking will slash quickly.

These were some of the basic and easiest SEO strategies which can be implemented by almost all the beginners and see some fantastic results in the search engine rankings.

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