Sub-domains – How To Make Their Best Use In Internet Marketing

Sub domain Strategies

Sub domain Strategies

A sub-domain basically is a part of main domain name. So say for example: is the domain name then a sub-domain may be anything before it. So say, will be a sub-domain for my main domain.Sub-domains are one of the most powerful tools in the hands of webmasters when it comes to internet marketing. It is always advisable to choose a hosting plan which gives you unlimited sub-domains and email accounts. Of course, the monthly fees will be slightly higher than a single domain hosting account. But the benefits which you will receive far out-weigh the cost incurred.

When it comes to talking about internet marketing where you want to focus on a particular product or market it is always recommended that you buy a keyword rich domain name. So, say, for example, if you want to get into gaming market, your domain name would be something similar to,, etc. Of course these domains would be already taken. But let’s, for the sake of example, consider them available. Now, if you have a generic name as your domain name you can enter into any sub-market of your choice without irrelevancy. Taking the above example, say, you have got a domain as you can have sub-domains as,, etc.

When you host your domain with a hosting provider which gives you unlimited sub-domains and email accounts you can create sub-domain for each one of the new games which come out in the market. This helps you to focus an entire section of your website on a particular product without spending anything extra.

A plus point for this kind of strategy is, it will lead your domain name seen on the search engines quite higher. If you have developed your website for quite some time, then, your site commands some amount of authority in the niche. Authority sites are loved by the search engines. These are the sites which are very resourceful and have a lot of useful content on them. Basically, there is a lot of activity going on in these sites.

So, when you add a sub-domain to it, it will draw quick recognition in the search engines and probably higher ranks on the Google search results. A quick look at the Google search for any specific product will give us proof that sub-domains have a huge impact on the search engine rankings.

Say, for example, a new product launched in the gaming industry is the latest version of Desert Storm Series. Let’s say Global Storm is the latest version of that particular game series. Now, the keywords which anyone would type in the search box would be global storm to know more about it and whether it is worth buying. People generally try to get a review about the games before they spend money on that.  If you head over to any of the review sites, there will be certainly some screen shots or some Youtube videos showing someone playing a particular level. The same applies to other markets as well.

In fact, after some days of the launch of the product there are bound to be many videos on every level of that particular game and some cheat codes or trainers made available to you if you purchase through a particular link. Some affiliates go to the extent of purchasing a product just to write a review about it and prove to the viewers that they are honest reviewers. Well, maybe they are honest, but, more often than not, you will find a positive review with a link on the below to purchase the product.

Coming back to the sub-domains, when we use a particular product’s name in the sub-domain, it shows more relevancy to the search engines and will lead to higher ranks. Secondly, when you dedicate an entire sub-domain to the product, your conversion rates are bound to go high. You are focusing all your attention on that product. There is no scope for any distraction to your visitor. You may make use of many ways to keep your readers engaged but the ultimate aim of that sub-domain will be to make an affiliate sale.

The sub-domain can also be used to focus on a particular aspect of an entire market. So, say for example, you want to enter weight loss market and buy a domain name as, you may further segregate your website and create sub-domains for males, females, elderly people and children. A sub-domain in this case would simply be, etc.

This kind of strategy is possible only when you have an unlimited domain hosting account.Hostgators are the best when it comes to domain hosting services. They have got various plans to suit the needs of every user. Domain names can be purchased from Godaddy.

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