The Importance Of Making Your Facebook Timeline Cover The Right Size

facebook-cover-picture-1024x615Facebook has truly emerged as one of the fastest-growing social networking trends among individuals of different age groups. Whether it’s a teenager aged 13-16 years, an adult aged 30-45 years or a senior citizen above 60 years of age, Facebook has been successful in winning the hearts of millions of users who love to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. Mark Zuckerberg, one of the five co-founders of Facebook has been continuously exploring people’s expectations from the very-popular social networking platform. Facebook’s Timeline feature is one such innovation that’s resulted out of a detailed survey held amongst regular Facebook users residing in different corners of the world.

What is Facebook Timeline Cover?

Unlike the traditional Facebook profile, the latest Timeline version comes with a cover. The term “cover” refers to the large image (along with brief details about the account owner) that appears in the background of the timeline. This is the place, you can use for portraying the “creative” side of your personality and let your friends know a bit about you. As per a recent opinion poll conducted amongst Facebook lovers, it’s been found that people have a better experience viewing your timeline cover, which has unique and customized details about your persona.

What are the dimensions for Facebook Timeline Cover?

When it comes to choosing an image for your Facebook Timeline cover, opt for the one with dimensions 125px wide and 125px high. Since cover images tend to get pixilated, it’s recommended to opt for a high resolution image. To top it all, your cover must be at least 851px wide and 315px high (for more details, offering a perfect view in almost every device that’s able to load Facebook.

Why Re-size Your Facebook Timeline Cover?

Modification of image placed within your Facebook Timeline cover is an activity that requires intelligent thinking. You cannot proceed with simply changing the size of your timeline cover like that only, rather you must ensure to alter the image size to suit the set protocols.

Since cover images are public (by default) and can be viewed anyone visiting your profile, you should make sure to select one that fits your purpose of creating an account at Facebook. If you’re using Facebook just for staying in touch with your friends and colleagues then a personal picture would act as your best fit. While on the other hand if you’ve created the profile for business promotion then choosing a picture that’s related to your business undertaking (like your company’s logo, picture of people using your product etc.) would be more than sufficient.

With cover image being one of the biggest branding opportunities for entrepreneurs, special attention should be paid to every aspect attached to its effective management. Those of you who’re new to Facebook Timeline’s cover, here’s a screen-shot for your reference:

Facebook Timeline Cover Image


Someone has said rightly “A change is hard to live with and impossible to live without”. As of today’s trend, even Facebook’s Timeline Cover feature is a change, which people have embraced wholeheartedly. It will be acceptable if I say “Facebook would be dead without the Timelines feature”. Well yes, this wonderful feature has not only served as a special interactive tool for proficient Facebook users but has even prevented the intrusion by Facebook stalkers who tend to get completely confused about the utility tool. It’s an absolute Golden opportunity for you, Jump on board and become a part of many million Facebook Timeline lovers across the globe.

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