I also wanted to give my contribution to the Valentine’s Day, and since I have by following article inspired. Here I have given you the 50 most favorite quotes retrieved from films that I’ve seen:

  1. Casablanca: “I see you in the eye, little one.”

  2. Four Weddings and a Funeral, “So in short, summarized, in a clearer version … with the words of David Cassidy, when he was still with the Partridge Family: I think I love you, and uh … no, no, forget it. It was stupid of me. “-” That was very sweet “-” Uh, yeah. I’ve previously well considered what I want to say that I find the right words. “

  3. How do I get rid of it in 10 days: “In love and in the game, everything is permitted.”

  4. Avatar: “I see you.”

  5. 10 Things I Hate About You: “I hate the way you talk to me and your ridiculous hairstyle. I hate how you’re going car and all your macho tour. I hate your kind, to stare me and … and you suck up constantly. I hate it so much, I have to almost throw up, even more than in these rhymes. I hate it when keeping your right and your Lügerei. I hate when you make me laugh, even more than my Heulerei. I hate when you’re not there, and that you did not call me. But most of all I hate that I can not hate you. Not even a little bit, not even a little. Not even nearly. “

  6. On a new: “The important thing about love is that you really can make an ass of yourself.”

  7. Before Sunset: “No man is replaceable. Each consists of beautiful small details. “

  8. Dracula: “Our love is stronger than death”

  9. Braveheart: “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow him.”

  10. Casino Royale: Vesper Lind: “You can no longer ran me to you. You step back in your arms “James Bond”. I have no armor. You’ve stripped me. What’s left of me, everything I am – is yours “.

  11. The bride does not dare: “I guarantee it will come perilous times, and I guarantee it happens that one of us or both wants to get out of this thing, but I also guarantee you if I’m not asking for your hand, then I will regret it for the rest of my life, because I know in my heart, you’re the one for me. “

  12. Amélie: “Without you, the feelings would today only the empty shell of the feelings of that time.”

  13. My Best Friend’s Wedding: Julianne: “George! I’ve never told you that my dress is purple “George”. Suddenly a familiar melody. And now you’ve collected from your chair with a elfin movement. Interrogative! Searching! You lift her head, sniffing. Scenting like a delicate doe. Did God your little prayer answered? Will Cinderella dance again?And then, suddenly, the crowd divides. And since he is dashing, elegant, with a radiance to your knees. “

  14. Two Weeks Notice: Lucy: “You are the most selfish person in the world!”
    George: “How foolish, as if you know all the people …”

  15. Indecent Proposal: “I’ve already said that I love you?” – “No?” – “I do though!” – “For how long?” – “Forever!”

  16. Parenthood: “He told me he loves me.” – “Men say such a thing. All men say such a thing. Then they come. “

  17. She’s All That: Laney: “I feel so much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Only that I do not go to the bar. “

  18. Simply irresistible: “To love is always better than to fall in love.”

  19. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, “I have loved you more than any woman ever loved a rabbit!”

  20. River of No Return, “Love is a traveler on the river of no return.”

  21. Forest Gump: “I am not a great man, but I know what love is.”

  22. Dangerous Liaisons: “To hope to be made ​​happy by love, is a secure source of sorrow.”

  23. Gladiator: “A hug would be in my heart forever the sun shine.”

  24. Keinohrhasen: “No guy in the world can make you happy when you’re not there already! You have to take care of it yourself, that you will be happy. This is pure selfishness, if you get frustrated at home sit around all day and you expect from someone that makes you the permanently happy. Also, it’s normal that one is sometimes unhappy. I also nich running all around and say: ‘Hey, life is cool!’ Why always expect all said they are happy every day? “

  25. Harry & Sally: “I love you for that You’re cold, when there are 25 degrees. I love you for that you need a half hour to order a sandwich. I love you for that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you look at me like that. I love you for it, that I with you your perfume can smell on my clothes after a day still. And I love you too that you’re the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep night. And that’s not because I’m lonely and that’s not even the fact that New Year’s Eve. I like treason, why I came here tonight. If you understand that you want to spend the rest of their lives together, then you want that the rest of life begins as soon as possible “

  26. In July: “My sweetheart, I’m thousands of miles gone. I have crossed rivers, moves mountains. I’ve suffered and I’ve let agony wash over me. I resisted the temptation, and I followed the sun to face you can and tell you: I love you “

  27. The Holiday: “In matters of love – I do not understand much of it – but when it comes to love a fling is nunmal totally unacceptable.”

  28. Love in Thoughts: “Love is the only reason for which we are ready to die.”

  29. Love Story: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

  30. The Last Song: “Sometimes you have to be separated from a person whom you love, but that does not mean that you love that person less. Sometimes you love it then even more so. “

  31. Moulin Rouge: “Love is like oxygen. Love has many wonderful sites. Love lifts us up to where we belong. All you need is love! “

  32. Out for a Night: “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – That saves a lot of time “.

  33. Notting Hill: “I’m just a girl that stands in front of a boy asking him to love it.”

  34. Only with you: “Our love is like the wind, I can not see it, but I feel it ..”

  35. Pearl Harbor: “I grew up as a bird, but I never heard her singing. My life was a winter, in the spring came through you. “” You are so beautiful that it hurts already! “

  36. Meet Joe Black: “Love is passion, dedication – someone, without which one can not live. Pick someone, after you’re crazy and loves you just as you see him. How do you find someone like that? Forget the mind and just listen to your heart. “

  37. Real Love: “I’m nothing special. It’s nothing special. Together we are what. “

  38. Sleepless in Seattle, “I’ll get up, and indeed each morning. And I will breathe in and out, all day long. And then, after a while, I will no longer have to remember to get up and breathe in and out each morning. And then, after a while, I’ll no longer need to think about how beautiful and wonderful I had once. “

  39. City of Angels, “If I am asked what I liked best, then I say that you were.”

  40. Pride and Prejudice, “I should tell you that you have enchanted me completely and that I love you, love, love.”

  41. Sweet Home Alabama: “Why do you want to marry me?” – “So I can kiss you whenever I want!”

  42. Love Actually, “It seems to be everywhere the opinion spread that we live in a world of hatred and greed – I see it differently – I think that love is everywhere …”

  43. The Notebook: “You are the fulfillment of all my prayers. You’re a song, a dream, a whisper, and I do not know how without you I have so long to live. “

  44. The Village: “The love shows her the way. The driving force in the world is love. It kneels before it in awe. “

  45. Titanic: “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

  46. True Romance: Clarence, somehow I barely trust myself to tell you that after we know each grad times a night, also I was a call girl, but I think I love you!

  47. Redirection: “I was a very ordinary, normal man, and she was a very ordinary, normal girl, and if you add up two and two, which gives a very ordinary, normal relationship. An ancient history, certainly, but somehow the most wonderful thing in the world. “

  48. Never Been Kissed, “The right guy is waiting out there somewhere, I just do not want to kiss a bunch of loser before I get to know him. When I am finally kissed right, then I know it! I’ve never felt this certain something. That certain something, that moment when you kiss someone and everything suddenly becomes blurred around you.And the only thing that is sharp, are you and that person, and you realize that this person is the only person that you should kiss for the rest of your life. And for a moment you get this amazing gift. You want to laugh and you want to cry. You’re so happy that you have found it and you’ve got so afraid that it is taken away you again. “

  49. Vanilla Sky: “One day you’ll know what true love is. It’s the sour and the sweet. And the acid I know, so I appreciate the sweetness. “

  50. Serendipity: “to meet the love, is one thing. You find again, is quite another. “