The Working Of Domain Names Uncovered

The Working Of Domain Names UncoveredDomain names are the addresses where your website or blog resides. The name is what is visible to the eyes of the visitors whereas the systems and servers look at the internet protocols (ip addresses) to reach the destination. Although domain names can be cheap enough for a seasoned internet marketer it can be quite expensive for the novices. Here are some insights into how the domain name works and the best practices in buying domain names.

Domain names come in various sizes and extensions. Depending on the requirements of the user, he can choose a general market/niche name or make the domain more specific by naming it close to the name of the product in a particular market. A domain with a ‘.com’ extension is usually the most used and expensive in all the available options. The user can choose a ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.in’, ‘’, ‘.info’, ‘.biz’ etc as his domain name extension. Therefore the domain name or the url will look like ‘’.

There are three components in every domain name. The first part is www which means ‘worldwideweb’. It indicates that the website or webpage on this domain name is visible throughout the web. The second part is the domain name which is unique. This is usually translated into i.p address by the server. Again, the i.p address is also unique to your website. The third part is the extension with which your website is recognized. The user can choose from various options offered to him by the registrar of domains. Usually a ‘.com’ extension is advised as it gives a sense of genuineness to the visitors unlike ‘.biz’ extension.

Internet marketing can be done best when the domain name matches or hints at the market in which the user is working. This means, if the user wants to enter a different market with an entirely new product, a new domain has to be purchased for effective marketing. Say, for example, the user is marketing a product in health section for weight-loss and he has chosen a domain name as ‘’. Now, if he wants to shift his focus from weight-loss to height-increase he has to get a new domain bearing the name or keywords of that market like ‘’. He cannot use his existing domain name as it will prove ineffective and irrelevant to the market.

Web pages are fetched by the search engines taking their keywords into account. Therefore, a domain name which is highly relevant to the search keywords provided by the visitors will be shown at the top of the results and other web-pages below them in order of their relevancy. Say, for example, the visitor has typed in the search box “how to lose weight quickly” then the search engine will show him web-pages from domains like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and the like at the top, followed by other websites which have some content on weight-loss. For ex – ‘’, ‘’ etc.

It is always better to decide upon the market in which you are going to work and then try to focus on a particular aspect of it. Once you choose a niche or micro-market, you can contemplate a domain name to match that micro-market and buy it. An example of micro-market is – if the market is dog market then micro-market will be dog-food, dog-training, dog-vaccination, dog-health, dog-accessories etc. This practice will lead to better search engine results and a better sales turnover for many years to come.

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