Top 10 Must Have Eminem Songs In Your Playlist

Top 10 Eminem Songs

Top 10 Eminem Songs

Marshall Mathers has appeared on the charts with more than 80 different songs since debuting as alter-ego Slim Shady in 1997. He made a lot of waves with My Name Is way back then, but where does it rank overall? Here are the top 10 Eminem songs.

10. The Real Slim Shady

The first single from the Marshall Mathers LP, and the second-consecutive hit centered around identifying Slim Shady, it proved Marshall Mathers was no one-hit wonder.

9. Mockingbird

A powerful take on a familiar lullaby, Mockingbird was one of 5 hits on 2004′s Encore.

8. Sing For The Moment

A brilliant collaboration, this song features the chorus from Aerosmith’s Dream On.

7. Love The Way You Lie

Eminem rapping and Rihanna singing. Two of the best in the world then and now.

6. When I’m Gone

A touching song about Eminem’s relationship with his daughter.

5. Stan

A collaboration with Dido, it’s an emotional song that examines a dark side of stardom.

4. The Way I Am

Eminem focuses on himself, rather than the world around him, in this introspective hit.

3. My Name Is

A little controversial, maybe, to rank it this highly (My Name Is reached only number 36 on the US charts), but this song launched the career. “Dre sent [him] to [tick] the world off,” remember?

2. Not Afraid

The lead single from 2010′s Recovery, Not Afraid hit number 1 on the Billboard charts. The song features an uplifting message about facing challenges and helping one another; it has sold more than four million digital downloads.

1. Lose Yourself

The biggest hit of his career, no list of the top 10 Eminem songs would be complete without this Oscar winner. (It won for best original song as part of the soundtrack of the much less-impressive “8 Mile.”) With a positive, inspirational message, Lose Yourself spent 12 consecutive weeks at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

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