Top 10 WordPress Plugins That You Need To Be Using In 2016


Since I am a big fan of Top 10 lists anyway I thought about me today, what are my current top 10 WordPress plugins and actually what plugins I would install on every new WordPress website. I hope my plugin list can help also other WordPress users in selecting useful plugins.

1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

To increase the loading speed of your own WordPress site to use a cache plugin. So compressed, static HTML pages of dynamic content can be created on the Web server, which can be loaded faster then when the dynamic WordPress PHP scripts. I use as a cache plugin always the WP Super Cache plugin. If you want to make changes in the theme files or CSS of the theme, but should the Cache Plugin temporarily disable in order to test the changes and the same can live.

2. Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack for WordPress in my opinion developed for more and more to the power plug, especially if you use WordPress primarily as a blog. The plugin offers almost all the features of WordPress version in a plugin package. So additional widgets, products Share buttons, an image slider Lightbox, spelling correction, short URLs and forms can be used, among other things.

Jetpack for WordPress

It is great that you can individually enable and disable each plugin elements. So you can only use the features that are actually needed. For the use of jetpack you have to link the plugins with a account after installation. If you still have no such account, you can at quickly set free one.

Some features of jetpack as the statistical tool and the newly integrated Comments feature should rather not be used due to the legal situation in Germany in my opinion, German bloggers but, since the features are passed on to third parties (at ,

3. WooCommercere

To find a suitable eCommerce plugin for WordPress that can be adapted especially for German online shops (eg with button solution, Conditions checkbox and Multilingualism) has hitherto not been easy. In my view, provides WooCommerce the best options and customization options.

In addition, the free plugin by any amount (usually paid) Extensions can be expanded and optimized. Together with WooCommerce I use also the plugin WooCommerce German (de_DE), which to complete and improve the German language file.

4. Contact Form 7


Top 10 WordPress Plugins Contact form 7
For forms, I always use Contact Form 7. It can be applied extensive forms that can then be inserted with the help of shortcodes anywhere on the website. An extensive and useful documentation for the plugin can be found on the website

5. Codestyling Localization

For the translation of WordPress themes is Codestyling Localization Plugin just awesome and I use it repeatedly during the creation of the German language files for our themes (the translation of plugins is possible with the plug-in). So much easier than working with PoEdit!

6. WP-PageNavi

Even forever in my “Top 10” is the WP-PageNavi plugin, which allows you to insert an extensive site navigation for your own blog. Too bad, though, is that you usually still need to add a snippet of code in your theme so that the plugin works. With our Premium WordPress themes I have this snippet therefore already prepared, so that after the plugin installation no longer needs to be adjusted in the theme itself.

7. AddQuicktag

With AddQuicktag Frank Bültge you can own buttons for visual and edit the HTML text editor in WordPress you.

My Top 10 WordPress Plugins

So you can code for h3-6 headlines create additional CSS classes or the like for example. I use the plugin for so long that I had almost forgotten that my buttons not by default be available at the WordPress text editor.

8. Akismet antispam Bee

In order to protect their own WordPress site from spam, is Akismet installed by default on WordPress. For German WordPress users but is probably the Antispam Bee plugin in question, since this plugin, no data will pass.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Akismet

9. All in One SEO Pack

I spend quite frankly pretty much no time with the search engine optimization on the Elmastudio blog. The All-in-One SEO Pack plugin but I have always installed. With the help of this plugin you can create the web page title and description text. This remains so get even with a theme change. On individual items and pages can also still create an extra title and description text, and keywords using the plugin.

My Top 10 WordPress plugins

10. Google Analytics for WordPress

Last but not least is Google Analytics for WordPress one of my standard plugin. With the help of this plugin you can easily integrate Google Analytics code snippet on your own WordPress site, so you can use the statistics from Google Analytics.

My Top 10 WordPress plugins

On the use of Google Analytics should be noted, incidentally, definitely in the imprint of the website (this more info on this Google’s website, see paragraph 8 Data Protection).

What are your Top 10 WordPress plugins?

What is your opinion about the plugins mentioned above and who are your favorite WordPress plugins? About your feedback and tips plugin I am very happy!

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