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There are good reasons for the exercise of homework, among others, the flexible scheduling and saving long journeys to work. What is often touted in print media or on the Internet as a serous homework, sometimes it is not. There are a few key points, distinguishes the reputable homework by dubious offers. The following list contains ten characteristics that constitute serious homework.

  • 1. Serious homework is characterized that the supplier in his tender calls his name or his company.
  • 2. For each job offer for serious homework include the naming of a specific contact person.
  • 3. untrustworthy therefore are deals in which only an email address is named that does not allow to draw conclusions about the company or the supplier.
  • 4. serious homework is not even if enormous earning potential are touted with a percentage increase in profit.
  • 5. untrustworthy is available for homework even if initially a starter package must be acquired for consideration.
  • 6. must first expensive equipment or additional training courses are paid, it is also not about serious homework, because serious homework brings you money and does not take it.
  • 7. A vacancy for serious homework describes the choice of activity. Reduces the offer only empty words with empty promises, then it is untrustworthy.
  • 8. Inform yourself on the Internet. While you research the provider of homework Find anything, you can assume that it is not serious about working from home.
  • 9. untrustworthy may also be deals that require its own PC, an Internet connection, a landline and an email address. Remember, though, that you then must also disclose to third parties such data.
  • 10. providers who promise instant riches, are fundamentally unsound.

Respectable Homework shall provide information about the nature and the level of activity, the company’s name and a contact open and is not regularly associated with cost. If you want to play it safe when it comes to serious homework on number turns to consumer centers, lead the whole lists of dubious providers of homework. Sometimes it is worthwhile to address the current employer to see if some of the work could be done from home.

Here you will find a homework-offering that meets these requirements: click here

These 5 Home works are reputable

The advantages offered by home working, are not to be overlooked. Free time management, ability to work independently and a lot of time saved because chore paths disappear, just to name a few. But unfortunately, not all offers, which can be found in newspapers or on the Internet, reputable. Many vendors use the popularity of the work in their own homes from their own interests. We have therefore put together 5 home work, their professionalism you can rely. We also clarify about on of which offers you better stay away.

Serious work from home

Those who decide to work at home want home use his time wisely and improve household incomes in the best case. There are a few good options, since homework is becoming increasingly popular – not only among homeworkers themselves More and more employers store certain activities and employ homeworkers..

Yet lurking – just on the Internet – providers, the cost of their employees more money than to give you that. Therefore, we have put together five home work, with which you can easily earn money and also those from whom you better refrains.

1. Online Surveys

This type of homework is not only particularly lucrative, but also especially popular. Because everyone can participate, provided it has an Internet-enabled device.

This work is working by market research institutes make surveys available on the internet, the answer to which will be reimbursed.

Participants will be invited to the polls in general e-mail, which they do not always match the desired target group. So who logs in to several institutions greater opportunities to generate a considerable amount.

In this way you can not only improve their household budget, but also help to improve its products and services sustainably.

2. Working as a blogger

A blog is nothing more than a virtual diary. Here you can write about a topic chosen and freely dispose of how many entries you posted.

The homework as a blogger can completely customize free, but requires a high level of dedication, commitment and perseverance. One should choose for his blog an interesting topic, which for the reader not only offers added value, but is also so exciting that you like writing about the long term.

, Is that one has an interesting writing style and at least basic grammar and spelling knowledge The only requirement for a successful blog.

To earn money, bloggers can switch advertising. By selling advertisements good monthly earnings can be achieved, provided that the blog can show sufficient reader.

3. Virtual secretary in the home office

A virtual secretary handles all tasks involved in normal offices. However, virtual secretaries do not work directly in front of the office of her boss, but from the comfort of home. The contact with the customer takes place exclusively via e-mail, phone or chat.

Tasks include, inter alia, the telephone correspondence with customers, writing and replying to e-mails and letters, customer service and appointments.

By working from home, it is possible to work simultaneously for several employers. Depending on the skill hourly wages are at work possible up to 16euro as a virtual secretary.

4. Homework as childminder

Working as a Nanny is a very responsible part-time job. Here, one or more children in their own home care, supplies and promote age-appropriate. To be allowed to work as a childminder or day course Father is necessary special care permit. Job-related training can be helpful in order to shorten the time of the course under circumstances.

You can either make its offer even publicized or can be conveyed by the Youth Welfare Office. The merit is dependent on the workload, ie the care period and the number supervised children.

5. Sale of own produce

Who wants to work completely on its own can own, produced in homework, sell its products. Whether knitted sweaters, crocheted hats, jewelry or even designter tinkered decorative objects – the imagination knows no boundaries.

However, a certain talent for the corresponding idea of ​​advantage. If you want to design and crafts such as jewelery, should be sent craftsmanship. In addition, of course, a great deal of creativity is required.

The products can then be bought and sold at various online auction houses, flea markets or on a dedicated website. Here it makes sense to put the right products in the limelight and to present it attractively. In general, however, that everything that represents an added value for the buyer, also finds buyers.

Dubious Home Working

Here cavort on the Internet not only reputable providers. Again and again, new cases are known in which homeworkers were cheated out of their money. We have therefore put together classical forms of dubious homework.

Generally, people who would like to work from home, pay attention to certain features, often expose the deals as untrustworthy. Particularly striking are unrealistic earning potential, ie jobs where you supposedly earned several hundreds or even thousands of euros in a few hours. With honest work these deals usually have nothing to do.

The same is true with offers where those interested only have to pay in advance and have to pay for materials. Of these jobs you should keep your distance. The same is true for demand Paid information providers or the filing or a placement fee.

1. Fill Wundertüten

The filling Wundertüten was long regarded as particularly popular because it promised a good merit and did not require any prior knowledge or technical skills. The job description was simple: you just had to display all required materials supply, fill the Wundertüten a manual accordingly, seal it and send it back.

However, the client demanded an advance payment, which they justified as a nominal charge for the supplied materials. The result was that either carried no supply or homeworkers nothing heard by the client after delivery of inferior goods.

This type of homework is accordingly completely untrustworthy, eventually you want through homework generate profits and recorded no losses.

2. Mount the ballpoint pen

Companies that sell the assembling of pens as homework, a similar system make it their own, as applied for the lucky bags. Behind the authentic-looking facade of authority, however, hides usually nothing more than a kind of letterbox company.

Anyone interested in the mounting of pens in homework, can request for an additional fee information. The inferior information, unless it is because ever delivered, at most enough to make a campfire, because of the work done in advance sees nothing again.

This type of homework there so unfortunately just as the filling of Underwritten.

Sort 3 Stamps

Recently recruited some companies with a new way of homework: The Order of stamps. Many lovers sensed their chance here on the perfect job from home.

The task should consist of creating stamp display units. These are to films on which the stamps may be using another precisely placed foil fixed. So far, it is in fact not possible to manufacture this machine, which is why the process is often outsourced and transferred to homeworkers.

Basically, this explanation sounds plausible at first, you should be careful. It is namely closer to the films can be produced in low-wage countries, especially if they are required in large quantities.

On an offer of this kind, they should therefore also do without, if they pay in advance for money and have to pay in any way, rather than what to get.

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