Top 4 Web Design Trends That Will Rule in 2016

Top 4 Web Design Trends in 2016After witnessing an incredible performance of different web design trends in 2015, its time to gear up and embrace the innovations that’ll bring in new revolutions in the website designing world in the year 2016. Well, I’m sure all you website owners reading this post must’ve definitely tried and tested a wide range of website designs that would’ve helped you gain instant success among your business competitors. Today, through this write-up, I’d like to make my readers familiar with four of the most popular web designing trends that’ll definitely rule in the year 2016.

Why following a trend is crucial for the success of a Website Designing Project?

Unlike following a monotonous web-designing technique, opting for a trend is what can actually boost up your website. Just like any other industry where visual features play a crucial role, the world of websites is also heavily subject to fashion. Its here when the role of website design trends comes to play. Yes, abiding by the current trend in website designs can always allows you to come up with a website that’s classy and goal-oriented.

Top 4 Web Design trends you’ll love to embrace

Flat Design

This website design trend is mainly suited for all websites that follow a 2D screen view. Whether you require minimal interface, creative typography or zero shadows and strong lines for your website; a flat design would help you achieve this in an easier manner. From a contemporary look and feel to the royal outlook, your website can get even more enhanced visual features. Below, is an example of how your website will look like after having chosen the “Flat” design:

Single Page design

With a gigantic population spending a lot of time online, website owners are trying every means to ensure that their site is being accessed in a thorough manner. Website visitors aren’t inclined towards wasting even a little time in going through multiple pages within a website. Considering this concern of online customers, Single Page design has been introduced. Designing a website using the “Single page” design trend allows the site owner to include the entire product/service information within a single page, thereby preventing the visitors from leaving the site at an early stage. Have a look at how a website, designed using the “Single page” design would be like:


Mix-and-Match Typography

The bottom line of designing a website is to please the customers. Each website designer has his/her unique preference for building a website. The fonts, layout, color schemes etc. used by one web designer are never similar to those used by a different designer. Hence, if you’re looking at adding creativity to your existing website then choosing the mix-and-match typography can always prove beneficial. By gathering feedback from your fellow web designers, you can easily mix and match several fonts that can provide a brand new look and feel to your website. Below is an example of how a website designed using the Mix-and-Match typography would look like:


Responsive Design

Today’s multi-device world expects you to have a website that’s able to load on almost every type of device that’s equipped with internet. Choosing a “Responsive” design is what can actually help you built a website that can run on desktops/laptops/tablets etc. Improved SEO and an increased conversion rate are two of the major advantages of designing a Responsive website. With more web-enabled devices coming up in the year 2016, it’d be beneficial for you to make your website compatible to almost every device that’s capable of loading websites.

responsive design


Choosing a particular web design trend purely depends upon your website requirements i.e. what all your website needs to focus on, what type of customers are going to visit your site etc. Now that you’re aware about the 4 best website design trends, I’m sure it’ll become convenient for you to opt for a website design that’s much closer to the type of website you intend to build. Hope you’d have loved reading this post as much as I’ve loved bringing it to you. Do feel free to share your comments/suggestions via the comments box below.

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