Top 5 Web Designing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

Web Designing Tips to Boost Conversion RateVisuals do what text alone cannot do, cognitively or emotionally. We, as humans can’t ignore the fact that visuals are processed much faster by the human brain than the text it reads. One of the main reasons is because visuals are read simultaneously whereas text is processed sequentially. The same perception applies when you design your websites. Snaps, visuals or graphics popping up on the page helps people depict the true idea of that site or business goal or mission. All these insignificant issues make a difference therefore, are thoroughly considered by ingenious web designers or developers.  It is best advised to get your websites designed by a reputed web design agency.

Recently at Searchlove, new ideas were proposed, saying about what websites should look like to attract as much consumers as possible within less time. Experts at Searchlove conference related these new ideas with the recent research discoveries on Neuro-Web Designs, discovered that attractive websites help customers believe what they look at. You cannot convince them for business until you show them how will it turn out which is only possible when your website highlights that you have taste, sense and a style that matches them.

Before you opt to design websites, you should be aware of your audience’s instincts. Most decisions are quick decisions based on visuals given on the websites. In short, you have fractions of a second to motivate or demotivate your customers.  It is believed that equitable decision depends on the equilibrium between cautious and instinctive thinking. Therefore, it is very important to call to their most impulsive level.

Below are the 5 tips for a good web design:

Directness, the first and the foremost

When we see something unknown, the first questions that hits in our mind is what is it? What is it saying? Why do I need to stay? Is relevant to what I am looking for?  And the foremost question is, what information is it providing?

In accordance to the above questions, your website has to be designed to answer these in the first glance, that’s what is called interactive, instinctive and attractive.  Be Direct and simple to convey what is it all about! Never use difficult slogans as your language is not everybody’s niche. Thus, Clarity comes first when you begin to design websites

Visual Bid

First impression is the last impression is a phrase that fits best here. When a customer opens your website, you throw a visual bid. Experienced digital agency works on developing visual appeal when it is first seen. It is believed that visual impressions last longer and easily recognizable than user’s experience. Make it familiar to your target market and best to keep user-friendly and attractive homepage.

Align strong visual order

Aligning visuals in sequence is a task to work on. Keep your biggest target, THE BIGGEST! Mention your core in the forefront and keep it eye-catching.

Attention Preservation

At search love conference, the connection of neuroscience with web designs explained that putting up overlarge, eye-catching pictures works best in preserving customers’ attention. Interactive Agency believes that human photography with optimistic impressions like smile, eye contact or a confident human look connects costumer to the website. EBay recently changed its products’ picture gallery and admitted that putting easy-to see large product’s pictures has helped in increasing revenues by 25%.

Focus one primary goal per page

Building customer’s interest is your primary goal when you design a website.  Sign up FREE, is way too old to hook customer’s attention. Try something different and let customers decide. Address one primary goal on one screen to hold customers for their primary need.

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