Use Apture To Keep Visitors On Your Blog

When you visit a page, how much time do you spend on it?

If you are typical web user, you will jump to another page within 1 minute.

Keeping visitors on your blog is a difficult task and in this age of distractions, only killer content is not going to do it.

Meet Apture, which can help you to reduce bounce rate by adding many user friendly features to your blog.

How Apture Helps Readers

Here are some features that Apture will add to your blog to make it better for readers:

  1. Apture Bar: When a reader scrolls below the first fold of a page, Apture bar will appear above it. It has options to share article on Facebook, Twitter and via mail. There’s also a search box that will search for information from different sources around the web.
  2. Searching Via Highlights: This is a very handy feature. When you highlight a word/sentence, it is copied over to search box of Apture magic bar and you can search for it. Better than copy and paste! The search results include your blog, Google, Google images, Flickr and YouTube. Preference is given to results from your blog.
  3. Pop-ups Without Pop-ups: Here’s what I say: Apture’s pop ups are pop ups but then, they are not! Don’t understand what I am saying? Just click on any links with a small human form next to it, e.g. Twitter and you will find out! See, no new windows opened and still, you can see our tweets and follow us without leaving the page(good for us!)

How Apture Helps You, The Blogger

Here are benefits you get by using Apture:

  1. Content Embedding: Remember Zemanta, it was great! Apture can do the same thing. Additionally, you can also add custom content sources in Apture.
  2. Auto Enhance: If you install Apture after writing a lot of posts, you might be worried that older posts will not benefit much from Apture. But guess what, Apture has a solution for it. It can auto enhance existing links on your blogger and automatically add links. For example, I never linked bwsteam text in #3 above, Apture automatically linked it!
  3. Money: If you are interested in monetizing content, Apture can help you. It can automatically link to Amazon products using your affiliate id.

Apture supports all the major blog platforms and there’s also a WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, Apture is not available to users. To find out more, visit Apture’s website.

We installed Apture last week and are studying its benefits. In a couple of weeks, we will send our findings to newsletter subscribers. If you want to find out more, do not forget to subscribe.

Your Thoughts?

And do tell us in the comments what you think about this ‘magic bar.’

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