Ways to Monetize your Blog for Money

Blogging is not herculean task, although you need certain tips that will help you to monetize your blogging experience. Once you have targeted audience for your blogs and quality readers, you need to put efforts that will help you earn some money. But before you go for earning from blogging, you need to invest a little. A good paid hosting account, great theme and quality content will help you to earn reputation among the readers and you can start selling on your blog. You must understand that blogging alone will not help you to earn money; you need to use some techniques which will help you to monetize your blog.

Here are certain ways which I use to monetize blogs, try combination of these-

Ads on your blog

Google adsense is the most effective way to make money from blog. But it requires huge targeted traffic to your blog. If you are having great traffic then Google adsense can help you to earn decent amount of money from your blog. For these you need to put into efforts and create lot of traffic for your blog. another alternative is to sign up with Chitika ads, which is quite similar to Google Adsense, but only show up ads when the readers are from search engine, hence your regular readers are not disturbed with ads.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something very common yet effective way to make money with your blog. Get huge traffic for your blog and sell them products which relevant to your blog niche. This type of marketing is easy and helpful, as you need not keep the stock of the product, nor do you need to make any advance payments. Simply use the merchant links in your blog and if your readers buy products using the link, you will get marginal commission on the same. This is the fast way to making money through your blog.

Selling an E-book

Selling ebooks on your blog is a new concept which will help you to earn good amount of money for your living. E- books are easy to create and generally does not require huge amount of money to be invested to create an e book. You may design and publish your e book with facts and figures of the success that your blogs have offered to the mass. In such a way you can attract and motivate your readers to have a look at your e book and buy them instantly.

Selling WordPress Themes

This is something I call making fast money with your blog. Selling WP themes is not difficult, simply review the theme in your blog and motivate your visitors to have a look at the theme and show them how they are effective. Once they decide to buy the themes, you earn your commission. And even if they do not buy them, you can earn good quality back links for your blog and hence generate traffic for your site that too for free.

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