What Exactly Are Landing Pages?

Landing PagesLanding page is a destination on your website or blog where you send your visitors from various sources of traffic. Usually a landing page will have only one call to action from the visitors. But there is no hard and fast rule as to how many call to actions you place on your landing page. The visitors are often given a free gift and are asked to sign up to the newsletter for communicating with them in the future.

Some blogs may just ask the visitors to sign up to keep them updated with the latest content being shared on the blog. However, majority of the online business owners use this page as an email capturing tool. When the visitor enters his email address in the contact form he goes through a registration process on the website. He is usually sent a verification mail to check the genuineness of the request made on the website. Once he verifies he is added to the database of the website and is contacted frequently with latest news, updates, offers, recommendations etc.

A landing page plays a very important role in any business model. There are several business models in online business. But all the businesses have one common rule of thumb i.e. ‘more the customers, more is the business and more is the profit’. Therefore, any business owner understands that he has to get major amount of online users to visit his website. When they do, the landing page will give them some incentive related to their interest and will ask them to enter their details. This is a sure-fire way of keeping your customers and trying to get business from them in the long run.

Some online business owners get a ton of traffic but fail to capture any detail of the visitors. If the visitor is not willing to spend money at the moment or if he is not interested in the offer, he clicks away and will never come back. The efforts put behind generating traffic and getting the visitor to your site goes waste. Therefore even if the traffic being generated is not getting converted in the short term you can always do email marketing and try to generate sales in the long run. Moreover, when you keep in constant touch with your subscribers they will start recognizing you as an authority in their area of interest and will be more likely to buy from you in the future.

Some webmasters try to put advertisements throughout the landing page with a hope that they will earn some money by pay per click. Although this is a type of business model where the owner gets paid if the ads are clicked, it is highly detrimental for the business as a whole. The visitor will get distracted and clicks away. The owner may be satisfied with the pennies generated by the sponsored ads but his visitor could have paid him in dollars in the long run.

Most of the successful online business owners value their customers in dollars. It is said that the life time value generated by any visitors will always be greater than what you have spent in acquiring him. Apart from that, you are also retaining a customer who can be your repeat customer in the long run.

When the details of the visitor are taken he may be directed to a sales page where he can make a purchase. You may either sell your own product or be an affiliate to someone’s products. But the successful people online advice that the visitor first be sent to a resource section on your website where he can learn and increase his knowledge on a particular aspect. The more value you provide, the more likely it is that he will spend money to buy products recommended by you. A blog will help you to be resourceful and show your expertise in any particular niche. An ongoing interaction with the customers will build a trusted relationship and will ultimately help you in growing your business exponentially.

We can use landing page in any manner we wish, but it is always better to emulate the successful business owners online and follow their footsteps. When we reach a considerable level in our online business, we can reinvent the wheel, if we feel so, and create a unique reputation in the community. Until then, we have to do what successful people are doing and analyze why something works. We may also have to test many things to gain a first-hand experience from market which will help in our online marketing endeavors.

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