Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Bloggers?


Social media marketing is slowly taking over the business trends in the world today. Many business people are opting for social media marketing strategies to reach out to customers and clients as opposed to the physical methods of advertising and marketing. Around 75% of bloggers and small business currently employ the use of social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

With the increasing number of freelance writers who are active on social media today, it is important for bloggers to be more involved in Social Media.Social media marketing brought more advantages to a lot of bloggers today. Some of these advantages and the reasons why this trend is increasingly growing in popularity are explained below.

cheaper and more effective

With social media marketing, it is possible to reach a large base of existing and potential customers in the market, especially with the increasing number of social network sites in the world today. Many people are able to access social media sites such as twitter, Facebook etc for free of cost. The cost involved in online marketing is lower than that incurred when carrying out manual marketing procedures. The traveling expenses are cut down, since marketing is controlled from one central point of information.

Brand Easier

Social media sites offer the most simplified ways of branding products and services by bloggers. In addition, many people today rely on information on the social media site for making decisions on what to purchase, making product judgment and drawing conclusions regarding products. Research shows that about 80% of customer prefer using Facebook as a source of their product information, while around 40% show preference for twitter.

Attract more people

A bigger percentage of the population of the world today consists of registered social sites users. Approximately 75% of the world’s population use social network sites. This large number of people offer bloggers a high probability of increasing the number of visitors and customers. Increase in the number of readers could easily result in making more sales or more viewers of the written contents by the bloggers.

Direct Interaction with others

Reader relation is one of the biggest boosts to traffic. It is crucial that such a relation is constantly maintained for benefit of both the business or blogging. Social media, in this context offers a platform where bloggers can constantly interact with their readers at any given time. Sites such as Facebook and twitter offer ample grounds for meeting with readers and exchange ideas.

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